Last Minute Change of Plans: KyAnna and Brooks’ Big Island Elopement

Last Minute Change of Plans: KyAnna and Brooks’ Big Island Elopement

KyAnna and Brooks originally planned their wedding day in Maui, but the fires had them change their adventure to the rugged shores of Kukio Beach in Kilua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii. This elopement, even though their location changed, unfolded seamlessly, showing other couples how important it is to be OK with a change of plans last minute and roll with it.

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A Last-Minute Change of Plans

Photography by KCP Creative Imagery

The original plan to get married in Lahaina, Maui, was disrupted by unforeseen fires, prompting a last-minute relocation. KyAnna, facing the daunting task of reorganizing everything in less than a month, found support from Katlin, the photographer. The switch to the Big Island was not without its challenges, but it was a blessing in disguise. The couple’s ability to navigate these unexpected twists shows not just their love but their resilience and adaptability.

Advice For Permits and Leave No Trace in Hawaii

Navigating eloping on the Big Island, Katlin shares some insight for future couples.

Check local guidelines and with officiant – It is always best to check with Hawaii DNR and what the officiant service recommends or can provide. They are the pros!

This beach is gated. You must get a parking pass at the gate and tell them what you are doing! 

During this elopement, there was a beautiful sea turtle and a monk seal laying down on the beach. We stayed CLEAR of it – DO NOT approach wildlife. We even changed the ceremony spot last minute to avoid the sea life!

All trash was minimal and carried out. This included the case for the flower crowns and leis, the box of cupcakes, the wine glasses and wine bottle. LEAVE NO TRASH. Hawaii is very strict about trash regulations and carrying out what you bring in!” [Katlin, the photographer]

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Top Tips for a Big Island Elopement

Katlin’s tips provided a roadmap for couples considering the Big Island:

Sunset Timing: Plan the ceremony photos toward the end, considering the unique strength of the Hawaii sun on the beach. Quick changes in weather and the swift passage of time make this particularly crucial.

Footwear and Lava Rocks: The lava rocks, though picturesque, are sharp. Caution is advised, especially during low tide. Wearing shoes for photos on these rocks is not just a suggestion; it’s a necessity.

Accommodations: Stay in Kailua-Kona in proximity to Kukio Beach. Airbnb and Turo offer flexible and local options, enhancing the overall experience.

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

Among the many memorable moments, the first look stands out, where KyAnna teared up, and the blessing of the rings, symbolizing a fresh start, added a beautiful touch to their ceremony. The family’s Zoom call, hosted by KyAnna’s sister, created a unique way for the couple to feel like their loved ones were there with them.

“The most memorable part was just coming to Hawaii & getting married there with a traditional Hawaiian ceremony. I had a flower crown and my husband had the nice Ti Leaf Lei. It made it so much more special and EXCITING to get married Hawaiian style. We loved every minute of it. It felt unique and rightfully so. We started our day together drinking coffee Oceanside & just listening to calming waves lap up on the lava rocks in front of our feet.” [KyAnna, the bride]

The details of getting ready together and the humorous incident when KyAnna’s dress got snagged on the lava rocks were details they are sure not to forget. Another memorable moment was the spontaneous decision to get into the water after the initial photos, capturing unfiltered moments of love, laughter, and playfulness.

Dealing With Unexpected Changes

KyAnna and Brooks’ elopement in Hawaii is a testament that love can weather any storm, even the unexpected ones. Their journey serves as a reminder that sometimes, the best moments arise when plans are rewritten. For couples contemplating an elopement, their story speaks volumes about embracing change, navigating challenges, and, most importantly, celebrating love in its purest form.


Photography | Katlin from KCP Creative Imagery

Videography | Rowan from KCP Creative Imagery

Officiant/Flower Package | Mike Eicher – Big Island Officiant
Makeup/Hair | Tia Yagi – Indigo Grace Artistry

Video From This Elopement

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