Kayla & Jace’s North Idaho Fishing Elopement Adventure

Kayla & Jace’s North Idaho Fishing Elopement Adventure

If you’re looking for picture perfect photo inspiration for an Idaho elopement, this fishing elopement in North Idaho is it! Their intimate day in the forests near St. Marie’s Idaho, turned out to be a gorgeous spring elopement! Kayla and Jace wanted to include wildflowers, fishing, and their beautiful golden pup Clover (because what day isn’t complete with bringing your furry best friend)?! Get all their details from their elopement below.

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About This Fishing Elopement in Idaho

“There were so many things I loved about this elopement! One was the time of year. Kayla and Jace eloped in Mid-May and it was so gorgeous outside. There were dainty little wildflowers growing in the forest and it was a beautiful, warm, and clear day. I was obsessed with Kayla’s dress, her pearl veil, her floral boots, and her bouquet! I love that Jace wore the mountain tie bar that I sent them when they first booked with me. They included their dog Clover for their elopement too, and I love when my couples include their dogs! They even got Clover a cute bandana for the occasion. I thought the tree roots they used as their ceremony backdrop was so unique too.” [Karlie, the photographer]

Deciding to Elope

“We opted to elope instead of a traditional wedding for a couple reasons. First, was definitely the cost of a traditional wedding and how that was way out of our budget. Second, was that my husband and I are not ones who like to be in the spotlight! Eloping was the perfect way for us to share our love and be surrounded by those who truly supported us during our relationship. It also allowed us to plan our day for us and not everyone else. We definitely didn’t have a typical elopement either. We decided to have our ceremony with our closest family, go fishing and have a picnic just the two of us, then end our day with a small reception with the rest of our closest friends and family.

Choosing the location was easy for us. we were able to elope where we spend our summers together. The spot we chose is actually on my husband’s family property and it just made sense to celebrate our love where we love to spend so much of our time.” [The couple]

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Planning Your Elopement

“The first part of planning once we decided we wanted to elope, was finding a photographer that was right for us. I found Karlie through Instagram and instantly fell in love with how she captured everyone’s special day. I then reached out to her and she began to help us plan the rest of our day. She asked what we knew wanted to do for our day and helped us make a timeline and incorporate each special moment for us. Karlie was one of the biggest helps we could have had for planning our day. She determined what would be an appropriate amount of time for each activity, drive times, and she even brought different emergency kits for the day of in case we forgot something!

The rest of the planning I did my own of deciding what types of decorations I wanted for our small reception. I made our cake and desserts. It was a very simple ceremony and reception, and with Karlie doing the majority of the planning for us there was not much else to do besides hire a few others for things like flowers and catering.” [The couple]

Elopement Cost Estimate

  • Photography ~ $2,500
  • Small reception location~ $300 for 4 hours.
  • Professional bouquet and boutonniere ~$220.
  • Decorations and miscellaneous ~ $200.
  • Wedding dress and groom’s outfit ~$3,300

Total ~ $6,520 

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Top Tips to Elope in Idaho

“The elopement took place on their family’s property in St. Maries, so in this case we didn’t need to worry about permits for the ceremony. In other places I’ve photographed in North Idaho, if it’s taking place in a national forest I always reach out to see if we will need any permits or not. Most of the time we haven’t needed any permits since I photograph small groups.

This area of Idaho is absolutely gorgeous, with many lakes and rivers running through the area, and there are endless forests that make a stunning backdrop. This area of Idaho is perfect if you love being on the water or if you want a woodland feel to your elopement. There are some really cool lookout towers in this area too, and lots of opportunities to view some wildlife.” [Karlie, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“One of my favorite moments of the day was when we went down to the river for fishing photos. This activity is so perfect for an elopement in Idaho! They were really happy that they took the time to go down to the river to do one of their favorite activities together. Right before they had a little picnic with some yummy snacks in a gorgeous spot that overlooked the river.”

From the couple:

“The most memorable part was being able to spend one on one time with my husband after the ceremony. We had snacks and picnic overlooking a beautiful river and went fishing which is something we enjoy doing together. It was honestly the best part to break up the busyness of the day and really help us enjoy our special day.

Eloping was the best way I could have spent my wedding day. It made for an easy and carefree day spent surrounded by those I love and who love my husband and I. It was the perfect way to incorporate all the things we love to do in one day and have it captured.”

Final Words of Advice From The Photographer

“Don’t worry about what other people think about your wedding day choices. I told Kayla and Jace that people won’t remember if you were exactly on time for reception, etc. But you as the bride and groom will remember the things you skipped out on doing because of other people’s thoughts and opinions. Give yourself just one day to fully celebrate your wedding day, your way!” [Karlie, the photographer]


Photography | Karlie Larson Photography

Dress | Honest In Ivory 

Florals | Dragon Flower Design 

Hair & Makeup | @ashleycookhair.makeup

Nails | Nails by Ashlee – @nailsbyash._

Photos From This Idaho Elopement

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