Janny and Loren’s Dreamy Oregon Coastline Elopement

Janny and Loren’s Dreamy Oregon Coastline Elopement

Photography by Venturing Vows

The Oregon Coast, with its raw beauty and rugged charm, served as the perfect backdrop for Janny and Loren’s intimate elopement. From the cliffs of SHB State Park to the serene views of Secret Beach, the couple’s day was filled with personal touches, making it a celebration to remember.

The Setting and Preparations

Janny and Loren began their day in a relaxed manner, getting ready at their vacation rental near the Oregon Coast. Their anticipation was evident as they exchanged gifts and heartfelt vows. The attention to detail was striking – Loren gifted Janny with a picture he drew of their proposal, and Janny had a guitar shipped to the photographer’s house as a gift for Loren. They even penned their vows on take-out menus from their favorite Seattle restaurant!

The Ceremony

The couple then proceeded to a cliffside where they had an intimate ceremony overlooking the vast ocean. Notably, they exchanged their vows twice. The first, a private exchange, allowed them to truly savor each word, making the experience even more profound. The second time was during their official ceremony with an officiant. Mikalynn, their photographer, beautifully captured this touching moment, highlighting the magical sunset that Oregon graced them with that evening. “The lighting was especially fantastic, and it really showed off the location,” she remarked.

Lunchable Delights and Sunset Moments

In keeping with their low-key and unique style, the couple enjoyed a Lunchable dinner. The day culminated with dreamy sunset photos at Secret Beach. Their matching hiking boots and Janny’s exquisite wedding dress were standout details, perfectly blending elegance with adventure.

Why Elope in Oregon?

For those considering a similar experience, Mikalynn advises, “Make sure you hire someone that knows the area. The Southern Oregon Coast isn’t well-documented online. Hiring a local expert can make a world of difference.” She also emphasized the importance of committing to a full-day experience to truly capture the essence of an elopement.

Choosing the Perfect Elopement Location

Janny and Loren’s decision to elope at SHB State Park stemmed from a Pinterest post showcasing the Natural Bridges. For Janny, an avid traveler, the choice was clear. The couple made the long journey from Portland to this breathtaking spot, a testimony to their shared sense of adventure.

The Couple’s Perspective

When asked about their decision to elope, Loren shared, “My priorities for a wedding ceremony were to have amazing photos, look good, and to be focused on my bride.” The traditional wedding setup, with its myriad of logistical details, did not appeal to them. Their elopement, costing around $9k, was a comprehensive package, encompassing photography, videography, officiation, accommodation, and wedding bands.

A Blend of Intimacy and Celebration

Their story didn’t end with the elopement. Nine months later, they celebrated with friends and family in a grand reception, cherishing both the intimacy of their elopement and the joy of a shared celebration. “We wouldn’t have it any other way,” they reflected.

To those seeking an elopement experience, Janny and Loren’s day serves as a testament to the beauty of making a wedding your own, infused with personal touches and profound moments of connection.


Photography: Venturing Vows
Officiant: Charles Wright (https://thewrightofficiant.com/meet-charles/)
Video: https://www.fontaine.love/#Films