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Elopement Planning

How to Choose the Perfect Elopement Location

How to choose the perfect elopement location

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar:

(1) You’ve decided to ditch all traditional wedding plans.

(2) You couldn’t be more excited to elope.

(3) You’re completely overwhelmed by the question of WHERE to elope.

The realm of possibilities is endless, and we understand that this is both thrilling and daunting – you could literally say “I do” ANYWHERE in the world.

So how do you know when you’ve found the perfect location?

We asked real couples to share how they chose their epic elopement locations, and now we’re passing their stories on to you!


Canada elopement location.

Tara Lilly Photography

Location: Mount Sproatt in Whistler, British Columbia

“Find something that feeds your soul and represents you and your partner. We are adventurous and outdoorsy people. Thus, we feel complete and relaxed in nature. We got engaged on top of a mountain on a rainy day during a New England road trip, so we felt getting married on top of a mountain would bring our journey full-circle. In Anton’s vows, he said, ‘As we stand on this mountain, which has endured eons of weathering, I believe it is no coincidence that this is where we are getting married. We have a love so strong, a bond unbreakable, that it is a fitting spot to begin together a new life adventure from this day on and all that will follow. I love you and look forward to getting old and weathered together like these mountains.’”

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mount charleston red rock canyon nevada winter elopement adventurous wedding

Kyle Loves Tori Photography

Location: Mount Charleston & Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

“We knew we wanted to be in nature but also wanted to be budget friendly… We did some research, got a few recommendations from our photographer, and spent the day prior to our wedding scoping out good ceremony spots and hiking… Choose somewhere you like to look at that you feel comfortable in! It will make for the best memories and photos.”

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3. “CHOOSE BREATHTAKING LANDSCAPES AND MAGICAL SCENERY”southern iceland waterfall elopement adventure weddingGabrielle Desmarchais Photographie

Location: Southern Coast of Iceland

“Laurent and I had always wanted to go to Iceland because of the beautiful places to explore and the magical scenery but could never find the right opportunity or reason to go… With its chilly weather and out-of-the-ordinary landscapes, we knew right away that this was the best place for our elopement… we absolutely loved the place where we did the ceremony, with the waterfall in the background – it was just like in a fairytale… Iceland has so much to offer in terms of scenery, breathtaking landscapes, and its never-ending daylight during the summer – it was a natural choice for our elopement as we knew would have absolutely gorgeous pictures.

[My] advice for couples who want to elope in Iceland [is to] be flexible with your schedule. Be ready to have to change your plans at the very last minute – Iceland is known for its constantly changing weather.”

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Bekah Kay Creative

Location: Misty Rocks State Park in Jarrettsville, Maryland

“We knew we wanted something outdoors in the middle of nature, and we are mountain people… We chose to get married at a state park, which was perfect because there [was] no renting of a space or making sure a date [was] available – we just showed up and got married. The hard part was we wanted to get married early in the morning, but the rangers don’t technically open the gates until a certain time. We had been to the park early several times so we knew that they are often open before their posted time. but we made a ‘Plan B’ option [on] the off chance our location wasn’t opened. It all worked out in the end, but I recommend having some backup plans, and be willing to go with the flow…

My advice is to pick a place that represents you as a couple. If you hate the woods, don’t climb a mountain just because you saw cute pictures on Pinterest. Be authentic to yourselves, and it will make your day all the more special.”

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yosemite national park california elopement wedding

Location: Yosemite National Park, California

“I knew for a long time I wanted us to share our sacred promises to each other outside in beautiful nature. I had a few places in mind, but after we visited Yosemite together, we both felt something special and knew that was where we wanted to be. My advice would be to stick to what you want and feel for your location because it is all about the two of you. Whatever location feels special to you is the right place!”

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great sand dunes national park colorado elopement wedding

Amy Bluestar Photography

Location: Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

“We love the sun and sand, but we had met in the mountains… When our photographer, Amy Bluestar, suggested the Great Sand Dunes, we looked up pictures and said, ‘Let’s do it!’ It gave us the best of both worlds, and Amy captured us and our story like no other person could! Advice? For us, talking with our photographer helped SO MUCH. My best advice would be to try and find a place that either has meaning to both of you or that has the potential of being a special place for both of you. Also, Colorado is one of the better states to elope [in] because you can self-solemnize!”

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treehouse wedding elopement

Location: Treehouse Point in Fall City, Washington

“We’ve always wanted to visit TreeHouse Point, so when we found that they offered elopements, we knew right away that was the perfect venue for us. Your wedding is all about you as a couple, so finding a place that really represents your relationship and makes you feel good is so important. After that, all the other details will fall into place. A huge benefit to our location was that it was all-inclusive but flexible. We wanted to use our own officiant and photographer, and the package provided flexibility for us to do so. This really saved us a lot of time and stress.”

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Thank you to Melissa, Kayla, Anne-Sophie, Meghan, Yen, Keara, and Katie for your insight!

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