Hailey and Cameron’s Wild and Rugged Knik Glacier Elopement

Hailey and Cameron’s Wild and Rugged Knik Glacier Elopement

Hailey and Cameron decided to bring their family along during their two part elopement adventure, featuring an intimate ceremony at Hatcher’s Pass and a private helicopter tour to explore the Alaskan wilderness of Knik Glacier. Get all the details from their elopement below.

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About This Alaska Elopement

“Hailey and Cameron wanted something that was a change of pace from their lives in the midwest – something totally epic and adventurous. They had done a bit of traveling, but they wanted to invest in a once in a lifetime experience. Hearing that, I immediately suggested Alaska. I knew it would be the perfect place for them, and it really was.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on an expensive venue, and dinner for a hundred guests, they took that same amount of money and put it towards the experience of a lifetime for themselves and their immediate family. They all spent the week exploring Alaska, taking epic excursions and knocking National Parks off their bucket list. Hailey and Cameron also invested in this gorgeous cabin that overlooked the same glacier that they said their vows on. These two really did things right.

Hailey and Cameron booked a 5 hour tour, so we had ample time explore really anywhere we wanted to. We decided to see a variety of landscapes. We stopped at a glacial lagoon, then flew up the mountainside to a hanging glacier above, with a waterfall cascading from the ice, down the cliffside. We explored a massive ice wall, and then ended on the Knik glacier exploring turquoise pools of water as the rain misted down on us.” [Carissa, the photographer]

Leave No Trace and Permits For Remote Alaskan Areas

“When taking a helicopter into the remote backcountry, the LNT rules are actually quite interesting (and different from other more easily accessible locations). In popular areas, it’s important to stay on established trails, but when you are in the remote backcountry (undisturbed locations), you actually want to do the opposite and disperse your path of travel so you don’t create a new trail! We were of course careful to avoid stepping on wildflowers, and tried to step on more durable surfaces too. It’s also very important to pack everything out. These locations are some of the most pristine, wild places, and we want to be sure that they stay that way by not leaving any trash behind!” [Carissa, the photographer]

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Top Tips For Your Alaska Adventure

“Invest in a helicopter tour!

I firmly believe that the best way to experience Alaska is from above. Nothing compares to the experience of flying over a glacier and peering down into the deep crevasses, or seeing a waterfall spill out from the bottom of a glacier from a bird’s eye view. We saw countless moose wandering through the marsh, mountain goats scaling the side of a cliff, and a bear running along a mountainside. Getting to access these places that so few humans have ever experienced is something you will never forget.

I also recommend investing in a longer helicopter tour! Hailey and Cameron chose to do a 5 hour tour, and this really gave us enough time to experience the full diversity of the landscape. We got to stop at a glacial lagoon, a cliff overlooking a hanging glacier, a giant wall of ice, and then finished by landing on top of the Knik glacier and exploring the turquoise blue pools. With 5 hours of time, we were able to see so much, and really soak in each location, rather than rushing from spot to spot!” [Carissa, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“The helicopter experience of course was unbelievable. I think it was the highlight of the day for all of us. There is just nothing that can compare to standing on a glacier in the remote Alaskan wilderness while the rain mists down on you, and waterfalls cascade down the mountainside in the distance.”


Photography | Carissa Marie Photography

Reverend Cian Mulhern / Celtic Ministries
Hair | Jenna Pitka / Hair by Jenna k /
Florals | Melissa Johnson / Honeybloom Florals 
Helicopter Tour | Outbound Heli 

Photos From This Alaskan Wilderness Adventure

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