Golden Hour Elopement Ceremony in Malibu With Their Kiddos

Golden Hour Elopement Ceremony in Malibu With Their Kiddos

There’s nothing more quintessential California than golden hour in Malibu. The way the light spills over the Pacific Ocean is indescribable, and it’s the perfect spot for your elopement ceremony.

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About This Golden Hour Elopement Ceremony in Malibu

Photography by Safeena Noah

“And I know I say this a lot, but Bob and Jess are my people. They came to elope in Malibu all the way from New Mexico and met me at my favorite beach with their two beautiful babies and two best friends. The lot of us scrambled over some rocks to a perfect spot I’d found for them to exchange vows…

The beaches in Malibu have varying rules, since some of them are under city jurisdiction while others are under state jurisdiction, so always double check for your specific location. Many spots, including this one, don’t require a wedding permit if the elopement follows certain rules, such as fewer than 50 in attendance, no structures set up, and no amplified music. Photographers should contact Film LA for photo permits.” [Safeena, the photographer]

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Tips When Eloping at a Malibu Beach

“Be prepared to get wet! Dipping your toes in the water adds so much to the experience of eloping at the beach, and sometimes those tides come up a little higher than we expect…which makes for lots of fun and great photos. No shoes, pants that roll up, and lighter dresses are the way to go here. Also there are so many nooks and crannies to all of Malibu beaches, and it’s worth a little extra exploring to get away from the crowds and have a more secluded experience.” [Safeena, the photographer]

Tips for Eloping With Children

“For eloping with young children involved, definitely have a caretaker around to help out with the kids. That way, the couple and the photographer can take some time seperately for couple’s photos without being worried about the children’s safety or comfort. Also build in some time for informal and natural documentation with the kids! This is a new experience and new chapter for them too. Some of my favorite photos from the day were from those natural interactions–– their daughter being breastfed by Jess and their son scrambling around the rocks describing how he was having the best day ever. Also don’t get too worried or hung up on their attire…it’s going to get messy and that’s just the beauty of it.” [Safeena, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“Less than the details, I loved the simplicity of the day. It was one of the shortest elopements I’ve photographed, but so dense in pure emotion. There was a moment during the ceremony when Bob and Jess’ son picked up a tiny shell. At the end of the ceremony, he gifted it to his parents as a wedding gift. A funny little detail is that on the video microphone, you can hear Mia, the daughter, quickly whispering for milk through the entirety of the ceremony. That gave us a laugh when we were editing the video.”

Final Words of Advice

“I’ve often been intimated by the idea of elopements involving children, but there’s a lot of unmatched beauty in it. I’ve realized the best things I can do are to prep the parents to receive the inevitable bits of chaos with joy instead of being worried about keeping everything picture-perfect for photos, and giving the family space to be themselves with each other.” [Safeena, the photographer]

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