Fall Elopement in Telluride, CO Filled With Coffee Shop Adventures, San Sophia, & Bear Creek

Fall Elopement in Telluride, CO Filled With Coffee Shop Adventures, San Sophia, & Bear Creek

During this Fall elopement in Telluride, this couple celebrated their wedding day on two different days exploring a coffee shop, sharing coffee at the top of San Sophia Overlook, and hiking through Bear Creek.

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About This Fall Elopement in Telluride

Dina and Nicolò had a 2-day elopement adventure exploring Telluride. On the first day, they had their first look at downtown Telluride, rode a Gondola up for a sunrise picnic with fresh Italian coffee, and then later that day they hiked to a waterfall for an intimate ceremony and picnic. On the second day, they hiked some more and spent some time at a local coffee shop.

“You should break your elopement in to two days because it allows you to enjoy the moment more. Usually, my couples want to do a lot of things. Trying to go for a sunrise hike and sunset adventure is a lot to ask for them to do all in one day in their wedding attire. So splitting these activities in two days allows them to enjoy the time together and also not feel tired.” [Sam, the photographer]

Deciding to Elope

The couple tells us they loved the fact they eloped. They can’t imagine if they decided to plan a big wedding instead. With the help of their photographer, Sam, they were able to pick the perfect spots to explore. Sam was also essential when it came to the planning process such as timelines, location scouting, and even bringing some hot-hand heater packs for the couple.

“We love the idea of an elopement because it allows us to focus the experience on us as a couple. We both have big families because we’re Italian, so we didn’t want to have a stressful big wedding with hundreds of people. The experience of spending time together is very important to us, which is why an elopement was the way to go.” [The couple]

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Memorable Moments During This Fall Elopement in CO

From the photographer:

“The vibe of this Elopement was awesome. I love that they had a wide range of things to do. From sunrise on top of an alpine mountain… to exploring the waterfall in the middle of the forest… to running around in a cute little town drinking coffee. It’s just a vibe from Hallmark channel.”

From the couple:

“If I have to narrow it down, it’s probably the waterfall. It was crazy seeing a photo afterward with the sun peeking through the back of the waterfall and standing in front of it. It was just insane. And also the beautiful woodland vibe hike into the waterfall was very different from the desert in Arizona (where the couple is from).”

Advice When Planning Your Elopement Near Telluride, CO

“Honestly, I think you definitely have to hit up the sunrise spot at San Sophia lookout. That is easily the best place to go for sunrise. If you’re feeling adventurous, go out on a hike somewhere around the area.

Definitely take your time to get to know your photographer. Make sure that they’re the right fit to photograph your guy’s day. When you’re eloping, you’re not spending a lot of money on big venues, so invest in a good photographer. It will essentially make or break your experience because that’s the person that’s going to help guide you through the experience. Make sure they don’t just take pretty photos but also invested in your story.”  [Sam, the photographer]

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Photographer: Fearless Wedding & Elopement
Suit: Men’s Warehouse
Dress: Mariee Bridal

Photos From This Fall Elopement Adventure


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