Colorful Elopement at El Cosmico Near Marfa, TX

Colorful Elopement at El Cosmico Near Marfa, TX

Jake and Shannyn planned an intimate wedding day at El Cosmico after they had to cancel their original big wedding plans. They wanted something low-key, but also fun and colorful. El Cosmico in beautiful Marfa, TX was the perfect option for them. There was also a little chapel on the grounds of Faith Alive Cowboy Chruch where they were able to have their ceremony. Get all the details from their elopement below.

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Planning Your Wedding Day at El Cosmico

El Cosmico is a great area to explore for couples planning an intimate elopement together. This bohemian, desert lodging is also a 10-minute walk away from Marfa’s art galleries and dining. We love this place because there are multiple options from teepees to vintage trailers.

Jessica, the photographer, recommends planning your wedding day during the cooler months of Texas to avoid the heat of the summer. Fall and spring are a lot cooler, and you’ll both be more comfortable as you explore. However, her biggest tip for any elopement location is arriving early.

“I would definitely advise getting there at least a full day in advance if possible. If it is a location that you have never been to, it really helps to be able to drive around and get familiar with your surroundings. I was able to visit the location for exchanging vows beforehand along with checking out all the restaurants and bars. You definitely feel more prepared and less nervous having scoped things out beforehand.” [Jessica, the photographer]

Deciding Where To Elope

Jake and Shannyn were overwhelmed with uncertainty when they were planning their traditional wedding and felt burnt out. Once they found our Shannyn was pregnant, they decided the stress of planning an event was too much, especially during a pandemic.

“Opting for an elopement seemed to fit the bill for a low-stress event, but when all was said and done, it far exceeded our expectations and ended up being absolutely magical in the process. Marfa, Texas is remote and known for its low light pollution and beautiful stars at night, with a small town, quirky vibes. As an added bonus it was still a few hours driving distances for us. We wanted to step away from our day-to-day without needing a long day of travel. It gave us a chance to unplug and Marfa felt like a world away.” [Shannyn, the bride]

Details About This Elopement We Love

This El Cosmico wedding is probably the most romantic, chill, and unique elopement experience we have seen. From their epic accommodation they got ready in to their matching sunglasses as they exchanged their vows. Jessica, their photographer helped the couple take care of all the details and even doubled as their officiant for their ceremony.

“We decided we wanted a low-key, quirky experience- with lots of colors, some good food, and a slow, stress-free, relaxed vibe. Of course, our two rescue dogs would be with us, and having them included was a must. Together, we planned a beautiful day- our vows were made in front of the tiny Cowboy Church in Marfa, we danced around on a dirt road with smoke bombs, took a load off with some virgin margaritas and ate enchiladas, and finished the day off with our first dance at sunset and cut our strawberry raspberry lemon cake in front of our yurt before retiring to relax with our pug and Boston Terrier and taking in the stars.” [Shannyn, the bride]

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Memorable Moments During This Texas Elopement in Mafia

During their elopement at El Cosmico in Mafia, the couple loved how they were able to step away from their daily lives and celebrate love and life in the retreat of a remote place with a stunning sunset.

“Being able to slow down, and enjoy the desert with just the two of us was a beautiful respite after a crazy year. Being able to enjoy a painted sunset while glamping at El Cosmico, take our first dance and share a slice of cake felt like a piece of time we got to snatch just for us.” [Shannyn, the bride]

For Jessica, one of her favorite moments was watching them get ready together.

“Music was playing in the background and they would just pause and look at each other and say the sweetest compliments to each other. She would be touching up her makeup and he would just look at her and say, ‘God you’re beautiful!’” [Jessica, the photographer]

Are You Ready To Elope?

Shannyn tells us that while big events are great, being able to step away and share an intimate day to focus on the connection between them was exactly what they needed for their wedding day.

Intimacy like this is one of the many reasons why so many couples are deciding to elope now.

“Every couple is so different with their styles and level of adventure and it is so amazing to be able to experience it. I feel such a personal level of involvement with being there to help plan and come up with ideas that you normally wouldn’t have with a traditional wedding.” [Jessica, the photographer]

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Photography | Where the Wild Things Wed
Venue | El Cosmico Marfa
Ceremony Venue | Faith Alive Cowboy Church

Flowers | Teal Truck Flowers 

Cake | Alchemy Bake Lab

Dress | Flutter Dresses From Etsy

Suit | Limatus Bespoke

Hair | Salon Coterie

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