Dorothy and Gonzalo’s Elopement in Hanauma Bay & Kahana State Park, Oahu

Dorothy and Gonzalo’s Elopement in Hanauma Bay & Kahana State Park, Oahu

Photography by Adventure Amore

The Magic of Love and Adventure

From the moment the first stars appeared in the dark sky to the golden hues of the sunset painting the Hawaiian mountains, Dorothy and Gonzalo’s elopement was a day full of love, adventure, and the sheer joy of being alive. This love story, which blossomed amidst two diverse cultures, was celebrated in the exotic locales of Hanauma Bay and Kahana State Park in Oahu, Hawaii. With Adventure Amore capturing every single moment, the couple’s wedding was as colorful and spirited as their lives. A picture-perfect Hawaii elopement.

How it All Began

“We had a pre-planned trip to Hawaii when we started talking about getting married. Being from different countries, we were concerned about logistics, and that’s when we decided to elope,” Dorothy and Gonzalo shared. With Dorothy hailing from Kenya and Gonzalo from Colombia, coordinating a traditional wedding with family from two continents seemed daunting. Eloping in Hawaii was the perfect way to celebrate their union intimately while still incorporating their unique heritages.

The First Light and Vows

The day started before dawn, with Dorothy and Gonzalo sharing a first look at the soft glow of park lights. They then headed to the dock to enjoy a few quiet moments under the stars before the sky started to brighten. As the first rays of sunlight touched the ocean, the couple was joined by their closest family and friends for a simple yet deeply touching ceremony.

“Being married at sunrise was like a dream. It felt as though the universe was blessing our union,” Gonzalo said, reflecting on the moment.

Adventure and Acai Bowls

As the newlyweds celebrated with their friends, the sense of adventure was palpable. “After the ceremony, we wanted something casual and fun, so we all went for Acai bowls at Jamba Juice,” says Dorothy. “Then it was time for our hike.”

Both Dorothy and Gonzalo are avid nature lovers. “We wanted a hike that wasn’t too strenuous but had breathtaking views,” Gonzalo adds. The couple chose Kahana State Park, offering them a variety of stunning landscapes and the peace to simply be in the moment.

Personal Touches and Shared Values

The wedding was not just about the couple but also a celebration of their roots. “We brought our Kenyan and Colombian flags,” says Dorothy. Adam from Adventure Amore, who documented their love story, described this moment as one of the most impactful of the day. “It was powerful to see them hold their flags with such pride. Their love was a true union of two worlds.”

Planning and Tips for Couples

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of planning when it comes to eloping in Hawaii. “Securing permits and observing local regulations are crucial,” notes Adam, who also advises considering the timing and location carefully to avoid crowds.

The couple could not have been happier with their choice of Adventure Amore to capture their special day. “Just a few minutes into a video call with Adam, we knew he was going to become a very important part of our love story,” says Gonzalo.

Final Thoughts

Dorothy and Gonzalo’s elopement was a magical combination of love, adventure, and cultural pride. From the quiet pre-dawn moments to their delightful hike through Kahana State Park, their day was a celebration of who they are and what they cherish most.

Hawaii, with its stunning landscapes and deep cultural roots, provides the perfect backdrop for couples looking for an elopement filled with meaning and beauty. Just remember to follow all local guidelines and respect the sacred lands you are stepping on, as Adventure Amore wisely points out.


Photography: Adventure Amore
Officiant: James Chun
Makeup Artist: Remy Reed