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Costa Rica Waterfall Elopement at La Fortuna

Costa Rica elopement at La Fortuna Waterfall

Photography by Zaitography

Jamie and Joey wanted something different and fun for their wedding day, so they decided to crash their photographer’s birthday and have an epic Costa Rica waterfall elopement at the famous La Fortuna Waterfall.

“They woke up early that morning, got ready separately, then had their first look down the street from their hostel at a park with a view of Arenal volcano. We walked over to a nearby bar, had a shot, and then headed over to the waterfall for a hike and vows, followed by a dip into the waterfall in their wedding clothes. The day was perfect, and I couldn’t imagine spending my birthday any other way.” [Zai, the photographer]

If you want to skip the story, then jump straight to the photos from this waterfall elopement adventure in Costa Rica.

bride and groom at park

Details From This Cost Rica Elopement

This fun elopement in Costa Rica is such an inspiration for couples thinking about planning an elopement. The couple stayed at Selina, a hostel in the La Fortuna area. This hostel is filled with wanderer vibes including fun signs, bright colors, and a cozy atmosphere with its own bar.

This Costa Rica waterfall elopement is the perfect inspiration for couples who are adventurous yet laid-back. Zai tells us that these two even kept it cool when it rained all day the day before, making the La Fortuna waterfall overflow a bit, and potentially putting a halt to their elopement destination.

“They kept so cool and said, ‘if it was closed when we arrived, we’d have no shortage of beautiful sceneries in Costa Rica to choose as a plan B.’ That laid-back, go-with-the-flow attitude really made it so easy for me to focus on the love rather than worrying about the logistics.” [Zai]

This is something a lot of couples have to keep in mind. Weather will always be a factor you can’t control for when you decide to elope. However, elopement destinations like Costa Rica have so much to offer. Get with your photographer and don’t be afraid to come up with 2 or more backup plans you may like.

“Just goes to show you can’t control everything on a wedding day, but you CAN control the way you react to it and whether you let it affect your happiness or not!” [Zai]

elopement ceremony

Tips for Eloping Somewhere Tropical

Are you thinking about eloping somewhere in Costa Rica or somewhere equally as tropical and fabulous? Zai shares 4 tips for couples to consider:

1)   Avoid the Rainy Season

In Costa Rica, the rainy season is generally from May to mid-November in most of the country. However, keep in mind there are some exceptions for some locations near the coast.

2)   Avoid the Busy Season

The busy season in Costa Rica is considered to be their dry season from late November to late April. Zai tells us avoiding the busy season is very important for a Costa Rica elopement because there are “more crowds and pricier flights and stays. Choosing a date right before the rainy season or right after it is a good rule of thumb.”

3)   Consider Light Wedding Attire

During this Costa Rica waterfall elopement, Jamie and Joey wore simple and light wedding attire. Jamie looked like a gorgeous bride with her lacey dress! With that said, it gets hot in Costa Rica! Pack your sunscreen, water, and something that isn’t your typical ball gown wedding dress.

“You’ll want to go with breathable fabrics so you’re not suffering through the heat or humidity!” [Zai]

costa rica waterfall elopement

Planning at a Tourist Spot

Zai tells us Jamie and Joey let her take the lead when it came to location ideas. The couple and Zai woke up early on the day of the elopement and headed to the waterfall right when it opened. Pro tip: Go as early as it opens, so you can avoid as many crowds as possible.

“Despite our best efforts to avoid crowds, there were maybe about 30 tourists in the area, and we were so lucky they were respectful and watched from a distance.” [Zai]

You definitely can’t even tell there were people around them from the pictures Zai captured. So if you are planning on eloping at one of Costa Rica’s tourist spots, keep in mind that you’ll probably see a few people along the way.

exchanging vows in Costa Rica

Romantic Moments During This Waterfall Elopement

We love all the details Zai captured during Jamie and Joey’s special day. Everything from them writing their vows down to taking shots together. We also enjoyed how emersed these two were in the Costa Rican culture. Pura Vida! It’s the perfect reminder for other couples to enjoy the journey to their elopement destination.

Zai loved how wrapped up in each other this couple was.

“Joey kept caressing Jamie as she read her vows. He kept rubbing her arm and hands, and it was just the sweetest little gesture. When they said their ‘I dos,’ there was a small crowd behind them who started clapping for them from a distance, and we all were just laughing and smiling so big at this moment.” [Zai]

We also love how wild and free these two were when they jumped in the waterfall together. It’s awesome when couples are not afraid to get their wedding attire wet and just enjoy the moment together.

Can’t get enough of this elopement? Check out the video trailer!

Video by Alunna Films

Photos From This Waterfall Elopement Adventure in Costa Rica

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Thank you to Zaitography for sharing this Costa Rica Waterfall Elopement session, and congratulations to Jamie and Joey!

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