Love Beneath the Tetons: Christine and Chace’s Elopement Ceremony at Mormon Row

Love Beneath the Tetons: Christine and Chace’s Elopement Ceremony at Mormon Row

After connecting with their photographer on our Wandering Weddings’ elopement directory, Christine and Chance planned an intimate elopement with the breathtaking backdrop of Grand Teton National Park behind them. This couple had their ceremony at Mormon Row, surrounded by their closest friends and family.

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Planning Your Elopement at Mornom Row at Grand Tetons

Kaylie shares valuable insights for couples planning a similar elopement in Grand Teton National Park, including Mormom Row:

Permits and Leave No Trace: Obtain a wedding permit to ensure a positive experience. Rangers monitor ceremonies to make sure all guidelines are being followed.

“I’ve been told by rangers that you can walk around at the ceremony locations, making sure to not trample over the brush/flowers and staying on the durable dirt areas and shorter grass you should be fine. For the other portrait spots, we stayed in walkable areas. The terrain out there is very dry and sagey with lots of packed dirt between.” [Kaylie, the photographer]

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Parking and Logistics: Carpool if possible, since popular locations have limited parking. Research and confirm your chosen ceremony site at Mormon Row.

Timeline Planning: Account for travel time between photo locations, as the park’s scenic spots may be a short drive apart (15-30 minutes from each other).

Wildlife Awareness: Respect wildlife, maintaining a safe distance. The park is their home, and interference is strictly prohibited.

Reserving Mormon Row: Make sure you’re reserving the right one! This couple eloped at Mormon Row North.

There are designated ceremony site locations where you are allowed to get married within Grand Teton National Park and they can and do fill up, so if you know it’s a place you are interested in getting married, I recommend applying for your ceremony permit as soon as you can! Schwabacher Landing is typically the first one to fill up.

Specifically for the Mormon Row ceremony locations, there are 2 ceremony sites, North and South. Sometimes people can get confused as to which one they actually reserved, so be sure to do your research when booking your site and make sure you’re having your ceremony at the right one!” [Kaylie, the photographer]

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About This Elopement

Christine and Chace’s vision for their wedding was for it to capture their love and commitment before God and each other. The Grand Tetons were a bucket list location for both of them, so they decided it would be the perfect place to get married. They road tripped out to Wyoming from Nebraska, where they live, and were able to explore the Jackson area for a couple days before the big day.

On a beautiful August day, their closest friends and family gathered together along the historic Mormon Row to witness their exchange of vows and see them become husband and wife. After the ceremony, Christine and Chace ran around the fields beneath the Tetons for portraits. The sun poured through the mountains and the clouds danced around the sky on this truly beautiful evening.” [Kaylie, the photographer]

Embracing Nature’s Decor

Kaylie admired Christine’s custom hat, a perfect touch of Western charm that added a unique flair to her bridal ensemble. She also appreciated how the couple prioritized the overall experience over minute details, letting nature be their decor.

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

There was a really cute moment that I didn’t include photos of, but can if you’d like me to, when we were taking portraits where a little girl came up to Christine and you could just tell that she was so blown away by seeing a really bride, especially out in the mountains. It was like she was talking to a Disney princess, it was so cute! Christien kneeled down and talked to her for a little while.”


Photography | Kaylie Sirek Photography

Ceremony Location | Grand Teton National Park – Mormon Row
Dress Boutique | David’s Bridal
Bride’s Hat | Burning Heart Hats
Hair Stylist | Carrie Lekel
Makeup | By the bride, Christine
Florals | Albertson’s
Bouquet Leather Wrap | Open Range Life
Groom’s Attire | Emsud’s Clothiers
Officiant | Pastor Jesse Randolph
Wedding Cake/Catering | Tiny Town Culinary 

Photos From This Elopement


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