An Adventure-filled Elopement at Acadia National Park

An Adventure-filled Elopement at Acadia National Park

Photography by Bridget Stephenson and Ryan Townsend

Zach and Lindsey’s love story began with the spirit of adventure and a shared passion for rock climbing. Their journey led them from a climbing gym in New Jersey to the breathtaking views and cliffs of Acadia National Park. Their relationship was built on a foundation of mutual love for exploration and the thrill of new experiences. So, when the time came to decide on their wedding day, they chose an elopement that matched their adventurous spirit.

A Sunrise Beginning

The day kicked off with a fog-enveloped sunrise hike, the mystic atmosphere setting the stage for what was to be an unforgettable elopement. As the first rays of sun pierced through the fog, the couple transformed the summit into a private bridal suite. Here, among the clouds and nature’s splendor, they shared their first look.

After the emotional summit experience, they descended to the renowned Otter Cliffs. It was at this iconic Acadia spot that the couple, after exploring and reflecting, switched gears and outfits to embark on a climbing escapade. Zach, the groom, took the lead in setting up the lines. But the sight that stood out was Lindsey, the bride, fearlessly following in her veil and pristine white outfit.

Joining Family and Love

After these exhilarating activities, they joined their guests to wander through the busier terrains of the park. Their intimate ceremony awaited them at a seaside cabin, where they prepared surrounded by their closest family. As the sun began its descent, the ensemble moved to a serene rocky beach in Southwest Harbor, ME.

The ambiance couldn’t have been more magical – the rhythm of crashing waves, an unexpected rainbow painting the sky, and the emotional vows exchanged under the watchful eyes of Lindsey’s brother, who officiated the ceremony.

Post the heartfelt promises, a luxurious beach picnic, organized by Luxury Picnics Acadia, saw them diving into a Maine specialty – Lobster, paired with champagne, under the stars.

Eloping in Acadia – Insights from Bridget Stephenson Photography

For those inspired by Zach and Lindsey’s adventurous elopement, Bridget offers some valuable advice.

  • Permit Information: Elopements in Acadia National Park for groups under ten don’t require any special permits. This ensures you have the freedom to choose any location within the park.
  • Making the Most of Acadia: Bridget’s top tip? Experience more of Acadia. Beyond its famous ocean cliffs lie hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. From wildlife boat tours, sunset sails, scenic flights to biking trails, the park offers myriad activities to turn your elopement day into a personal and unforgettable adventure.
  • A Personal Touch: One of the standout memories for Bridget was the couple’s decision to add rock climbing to their day. Lindsey climbing in her wedding veil and the surprise appearance of a rainbow during the ceremony were highlights that Bridget cherishes.

Details That Made a Difference

From a photographer’s perspective, the details always stand out. Bridget couldn’t help but gush about Lindsey’s bouquet, which added a touch of elegance against the rugged backdrop of the park.

Final Words of Wisdom

Bridget leaves couples with this advice: “Make your wedding or elopement day about the things you love. Like Zach and Lindsey, incorporate your passions and even consider it an excuse to try something new. This day should be epic – make it so!”


Photography: Bridget Stephenson Photography and Ryan Townsend
Dinner Set-Up: Luxury Picnics Acadia
Florals: Salt Farm Flowers
H&MU: Emmy Emery, @emmey_does_hair