A Magical Alaska Glacier Experience During Their Elopement

A Magical Alaska Glacier Experience During Their Elopement

Jon and Carolyn knew they wanted an Alaska glacier experience for their elopement. They decided to elope in the glaciers near Palmer, Alaska. Their day was moody, drizzly, and perfectly overcast. The glacier’s blue melt pools were on display for this adventure. They got ready together in a yurt then we set off on our flight. They circled around until they found the perfect spot for them to exchange vows. Emily, their photographer, signed as the officiant. Then they had some fun after the ceremony on top of a mountain with some whipped cream!

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Details From This Glacier Experience in Alaska

“I absolutely adored that Jon chose to wear a dark green velvet tuxedo. It paired so well with the surroundings. Carolyn’s burgundy and green bouquet created by Mylords Floral popped right off the blue/white background. In addition, Carolyn chose to honor her father with his blue plaid flannel jacket. It was the perfect addition to a bride’s outfit for trekking on a glacier.” [Emily, the photographer]

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Leave No Trace During Your Alaska Glacier Experience

“You will likely not see anyone else during your time out on the glacier and around. Consider this a high privilege and big responsibility at the same time. Leave everything as you found it and tread lightly for others to see the beauty in the future as well. The ice changes DAILY. A feature that is there one day may be gone the next. Soak up the visual eye candy and live in the moment. It will change!” [Emily, the photographer] 

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Top Tips For Helicopter Elopements

“A big logistical tip for helicopter elopements is to book your lodging for at least two nights in a row in the same spot. Three would be great if possible. Try to find a place as close to the helicopter take-off location as possible. If conditions are unflyable on your planned elopement day, then you’ll be closeby for a reschedule. Psst, there are cabins located right here at Knik Glacier! There are many other companies/locations in Alaska as well; confer with your photographer!

Expect a helicopter glacier elopement in Alaska to be one of the best things you’ve ever done. It’s absolutely wild, beautiful, secluded, and unique. Even if you’re not getting married, booking a flight to see Alaska from above is a choice you won’t regret. I am excited for you already!” [Emily, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“One highlight from this elopement was the moment we saw the blue melt pools below us. Our pilot wanted our input on where to land and we all looked at each other like wow is this real life? We laughed and then collaborated on finding a spot to land. We climbed out after the blades stopped spinning. It was spitting rain and the minute we saw the pool with the lush green mountains towering behind it, it was all over. It was the perfect spot for them to exchange vows and explore. The whole experience was thrilling and surreal!”


Photography |  Emily Hary Photography

Mylords Floral | @mylordsfloral

Alaska Helicopter Tours | @alaskahelicoptertours

Photos From This Glacier Adventure


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