Abby and Chad’s Epic Iceland Elopement: A 22-Hour Adventure Under the Midnight Sun

Love knows no boundaries, and for Abby and Chad, their love story took them on an extraordinary journey. Choosing an elopement over a traditional wedding, they embarked on a whirlwind adventure in Iceland, exchanging vows amidst the breathtaking landscapes and endless daylight of the Midnight Sun. Their 22-hour elopement became an unforgettable experience filled with surprises, stunning locations, and a shared sense of adventure.

Planning the Adventure:

With just two days before their departure, Abby and Chad approached their photographer, Wedding Feels Photo and Film, with an audacious request—to transform their planned two-day elopement into a single day. Despite the challenge, the couple’s enthusiasm and the magic of Iceland’s Midnight Sun made it possible. The photographer gladly accepted, ready to capture their love story within the fleeting hours of daylight.

Permits and Leave No Trace:

While no permits were required for the locations visited in Iceland, the couple and their photographer emphasize the importance of Leave No Trace (LNT) principles. Iceland’s delicate landscape, covered in moss that takes decades to grow, demands respect and preservation. Staying on defined trails and refraining from off-roading are essential practices to protect the country’s unique environment. Hiring a photographer familiar with the area and its rules is highly recommended to ensure a responsible and awe-inspiring elopement experience.

Top Tips for an Iceland Elopement:

1. Choose the Right Season: Depending on your preferences, Iceland offers different experiences throughout the year. From snowy landscapes and ice caves in winter to the enchanting Midnight Sun during summer, align your elopement season with your desires.

2. Embrace Exploration: Take advantage of the extended daylight hours in Iceland’s summer and explore as much as possible. Abby and Chad’s 22-hour elopement allowed them to visit multiple locations, capturing the diverse beauty of the country.

3. Customize Your Experience: Communicate your expectations with your photographer to create a tailored elopement experience. Prioritize your own desires and the celebration of your love over conforming to external pressures or Instagram-worthy locations.

Working with Abby and Chad:

Photographer Wedding Feels Photo and Film describes Abby and Chad as “dream clients” who embraced the adventure and trusted their photographer’s expertise. The couple’s focus was on celebrating their love and commitment, rather than adhering to traditional wedding expectations. This allowed the photographer to provide comprehensive support, from logistics and timeline creation to location scouting and more.

Highlights and Favorite Moments:

Getting to know Abby and Chad personally was a highlight for the photographer. Chad’s inspirational journey, including sharing the stage with industry greats like Russell Brunson and Tony Robbins, added an extra layer of admiration. Exploring Iceland’s breathtaking locations with the couple and witnessing their genuine reactions brought joy to all. The memorable visit to Black Crust Pizzeria, one of the best pizza spots in the world, added a delicious touch to their elopement.

Unforgettable Details:

Abby’s sparkling gown and Chad’s tailored suit made their wedding attire stand out, complementing their radiant love.

Reflections and Advice:

From their own experience, Abby and Chad share some valuable insights. Trusting your photographer and choosing someone who genuinely cares about your elopement experience is crucial. Photographers should listen to their couples’ desires and differentiate between fleeting needs and enduring wants. For future eloping couples, Abby and Chad emphasize that eloping goes beyond stunning photos and videos; it allows for intimate moments and quality time together, where your dreams can become a beautiful reality.


Abby and Chad’s Iceland elopement was a testament to the power of love and adventure. Their decision to forego a traditional wedding in favor of an epic elopement in Iceland allowed them to create a unique and unforgettable experience. With the guidance of their talented photographer, they explored stunning locations, embraced the Midnight Sun, and celebrated their love in their own way. Their story serves as an inspiration for couples seeking a more personalized and intimate wedding experience. May their elopement under the Midnight Sun continue to shine brightly in their hearts as they embark on the journey of a lifetime together.


Photography – Wedding Feels Photography
Dress – Bridal Elegance GR
Suit and Shoes – Tom James Clothing