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18 Winter Wedding Photo Ideas for This Holiday Season

Wintertime is a unique time of year to plan your elopement or adventure wedding. 

Holiday cheer is all around us this time of year, and snow creates perfect wedding photo opportunities. Couples can add awesome details from bold wedding attire choices to faux fur coats and blankets. The possibilities are endless!

Winter, however, can be difficult to plan for. Therefore, we asked for help to give you all some ideas! Photographers over at our Wandering Weddings Facebook group took some of the following amazing winter wedding portraits.

‘Tis the season for wintertime weddings! Scroll through these gorgeous winter wonderland portraits to get ideas for your special day.

1. Go Skiing Together

winter wedding photo ideas with couple skiing.Photo by Wild Connections Photography

“Skiing isn’t just a sport – for some couples, it’s a religion, and their annual trip to the slopes is something they look forward to all summer. Hitting the slopes with a couple on their wedding day is one of the most fun things to do over the winter season.” [Cat Ekkelboom-White]

2. Make a Statement with Your Bouquet on your Winter Wedding

Winter wedding photo ideas with winter bouquet.

Photo by Marissa Yuhas

“I love shooting couples in the snow because it always makes you feel like a little kid again. You can have a snowball fight, or you can make a snow angel. You can also take a few minutes to enjoy the quietness and stillness the snow brings. For instance, the snow creates such a beautiful texture on the trees that it gives the photos a completely different vibe and style.” [Marissa Yuhas]

3. Flower Crowns and Fur Coats Bring all the Textures

winter elopement couple snuggle.

Photo by Tawny Ballard

“Winter weddings are magical. I love it when winter brides go all out and wear bright details that pop against the snow. Fur coats, and flower crowns, for example, are a must.” [Tawny Ballard]

4. Wear a Jean Jacket and Enjoy the View

“Snowy, cloudy days are absolutely breathtaking. When you’re roaming through the mountains, with the silence that snowfall brings, love flourishes. It’s amazing to see how each loving couple becomes overtaken with each other. You can truly see that for them, nothing else truly exists except this precious moment.” [Jackie Kaye]

5. Find a Frozen Inspired Castle

“Winter is harder to shoot than any other season with the cold and unpredictable conditions, but there is something about snow and ice that just creates a magical feeling!” [Elizabeth van der Bij]

6. Make a Statement with a Holiday Inspired Suit

“It was freezing, cold and windy, but we still walked up to the mountain top to reach this place! The winter wedding session is worth it! The whole winter atmosphere and the snow are breathtaking.” [Steffen and Christin]

7. Pull Each Other Close During Those Intimate Moments

“What’s not to love about winter elopements? The crisp air, the cleanliness of the freshly fallen snow, and the continuous impulse to hug each other and keep each other warm, making it the perfect time for snuggly couple sessions and intimate elopements.” [Renate van Dijk]

8. Have Fun in the Snow

winter snowfall during bride and groom portraits.

Photo by  Larsen Photo Co.

“I love winter elopements and sessions for the same reasons I love playing in the snow without my camera: it’s fun! There’s nothing like fluffy snowflakes to make you want to snuggle up with your partner, and when you dress appropriately, it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.” [Nina Larsen Reed]

9. Have a Holiday Inspired Engagement Shoot Before Your Wedding

“There is something so romantic about a winter engagement session because the couples are extra snuggly to stay warm. I loved that Cheri and Brian showed up to their session with mistletoe and a cozy blanket! It really added to the feel of the shoot!” [Emily Mathewson]

10. Brave the Elements and Travel Somewhere Extraordinary

“I think there is something so magical about winter sessions, because even though everything is dead, brown or covered in snow, or even when its 20 degrees outside, the couple’s love stands out so much more. It isn’t about epic backgrounds. Rather, it’s about the warmth and love those two humans share. Thus, when my couples are willing to brave the elements, it is always so worth it!” [Kasey King]

11. Snow Fall with Winter Coats

“The winter is the most underrated season in Portland! I love doing winter sessions because the scenery around Portland gets so moody and rainy. However, with just a quick drive up to Mount Hood, you can frolic around in the snow, like what Laura and Risa did for their winter elopement!” [Kayla Dolce]

12. Snuggle Together Watching the Snow Fall

“Snuggling in the quiet pine forest while it’s snowing must be one of the most magical moments I document…” [Justyna E Butler] 

13. Brave Through the Snow in Your Dress

“I feel like if you wear a backless wedding dress in winter, we need to show that off!⁠” [Elizabeth van der Bij]

14. Have a New Year’s Eve Wedding

“Andi and Mike decided to say their vows in Green Bay, Wisconsin on New Year’s Eve! Of course, a blizzard hit, which resulted in very memorable and very snowy portraits. They were truly walking in a winter wonderland!” [Elisebeth Rodriguez]

15. Wear a Bold Color Inspired by the Holidays

bride and groom hug in the snow.

Photo by Bailee Ward

“I love snowy sessions with couples because it gives them a reason to snuggle up and keep each other warm! It allows those authentic moments!” [Bailee Ward]

16. Pop Some Bottles

popping champagne bottles winter wedding

Photo by Sam Starns

“Winter and holiday elopements can have such a unique backdrop. It’s also an opportunity to add unique details like a fur (or faux fur) stole. It’s perfect for couples who love winter sports; don’t be afraid to incorporate those into your day! Rebecca and Jared popped champagne on Mt. Hood after their sunrise elopement, and later then went to get their snowboarding season passes at Mt. Hood Meadows.” [Sam Starns]

17. Exchange Vows Somewhere Magical

“It was cold outside, but their hearts kept each other warm.” [Rebekah de la Fontaine]

18. Finally, Don’t Forget to Accessorize

“Winter sessions are perfect for capturing babes snuggling in real close.” [Belinda Guizar]

Are you planning to have a winter wedding? Make sure to tag us @WanderingWeddings for a chance to be featured.

The Winter season is one of our favorite seasons due to the endless possibilities you can incorporate into wedding portraits.

If you decided to elope, we highly recommend the winter season if you are looking for something different and unique. There’s something magical about it being so cold outside, but still feeling so warm as you bask in the love around you.

What’s your plan? We are here to help with our Elopement Planning Resources.

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