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15 Places to Have Your Engagement Photoshoot

15 places to have your engagement photoshoot

Photo by Jessi Cavey

Engagement photoshoots are exciting and give us all the feels!

Before couples start to plan their wedding day, a lot of them decide to take engagement pictures first.

There are so many different places in the world to take your engagement pictures, especially if you both love going on adventures and plan to elope. However, with so many places, it becomes hard to pick just one.

Thus, we asked for help to give you all some ideas! Photographers over at our Wandering Weddings Facebook group took some amazing photographs at the following 15 locations.

Maybe you will get inspired and take your pictures at one of these beautiful spots!

Photo by Zoe Steindl

1. Oregon Coast

“We got a late start on this hike, and it was a bit more challenging than we thought it would be. But the Oregon coast did not disappoint. We made it to the end when golden hour was ending, and we only had about 30 mins of shooting until it was just too dark. It was amazing when the fog rolled in, and we had the whole place to ourselves.” [Zoe Steindl]

2. Joshua Tree National Park in California

“We adventured with Kelsey and Mason in Joshua Tree National Park. Their love is absolutely contagious, and it truly just felt like a freaking double date. We got to run around the desert like it was ours and soak up every last little bit of light together. If only this day could happen over and over again.” [Steph and Taylor]

3. Fernando de Noronha in Brazil

“[For their engagement photoshoot] we went to one of their favorite places, Fernando de Noronha in Brazil. And all they wanted was to have forever these moments of full connection, no distractions, all the laughs and love…Being one with nature!” [Klayne Rolader]

4. Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas

“The forecast had predicted  thunderstorms all week for the day of this engagement photoshoot. When we arrived, there wasn’t a thundercloud in sight! We started out hiking to Bear Cave, which had nice light, but when we got to the overlook, it was the best sunset I’d ever seen at Petit Jean State Park! [I feel] blessed to have captured the light so perfectly around them. The passion these two had for each other as they gazed was just the icing on the cake!” [Monisa J. Photography]

Photo by Monica Leavell

5. Max Patch in North Carolina

We love when a couple decides to plan their engagement photoshoot surrounded by the beauty of mother nature while popping a bottle of champagne. This couple took pictures at Max Patch while they celebrated their beautiful engagement.

Update: North Carolina’s National Forest is requesting the public not to use this location and to check with them prior to planning an elopement. Check out North Carolina’s National Forest site for more updated information on rules and regulations for events in NC. We encourage everyone to practice LNT (leave no trace) practices, so more couples can enjoy these areas.


Photo by Ruslan Pastushak

6. Big Sur in California

We can’t get enough of these two and their engagement photoshoot at Big Sur!

“Once upon a time I became yours and you become mine, and we’ll stay together through both the tears and the laughter. Because that’s what they call happily ever after.” [Ruslan Pastushak] 


Photo by Drzazga Photo

7. Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio

“Sarah, Conner, and I were exploring a part of Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, when we came across this little hidden treasure (hidden entrance and everything) at the Virginia Kendall Ledges!” [Carly Drzazga]


Photo by Jessica Cooke

8. Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Drinks with a view! Running around Rocky Mountain National Park with Alex and Josh was such an adventure, so of course we had to soak up the last few minutes of sunset with some brews!” [Jessica]


Photo by Jessica Notelo

9. Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere

“This was a very special styled engagement session! We ventured to an abandoned mine about 2 hours out of the city and did a nomadic/desert styled shoot. The funniest memory was my assistant, Leigh, setting off the smoke bombs for the first time – fumbling around trying not to get burned and eventually just throwing it on the floor and running for the hills!” [Jessica]


Photo by Jess Leigh

10. Banff National Park in Canada

“Nikita and Nishant travelled from Montreal, Quebec on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend for a beautiful chilly stay in Banff National Park. The snow fell before their engagement session to create such a serene backdrop for us to explore! The wind and the snow during this session made everything exceptionally cold, but these two braved it all with only a couple of car warm up breaks!” [Jess]


11. Dolomites in Italy

“Jeremy proposed in the most romantic way ever. During a trip to the magnificent Dolomites in Italy, he surprised Katrina by writing her a song about starting a new chapter of their lives together. After we’d all dried our eyes, we jumped in to one of the rowing boats on the lake. The water was so incredibly clear and just in those moments, in the middle of the lake, everything was so peaceful.” [Cat Ekkelboom-White]


Photo by Marissa Yuhas

12. Boise, Idaho

“We chased the golden sunlight in the hills of Idaho while they told me all about their love for each other. I also loved that they spent the session telling me all about their tattoos and what some of them mean to them.” [Marissa]


Photo by Bettina Vass

13. Reykjavik, Iceland

“Larisa and Alex got engaged during their Iceland road trip. We met 2 days after their proposal, and I took them to a still hidden but epic location close to Reykjavik, which is also a Game of Thrones filming location. It was a really great experience to work with them. I was focusing on capturing their emotions and the in between moments but still include the epic landscape in the shots.” [Bettina Vass]


Photo by Jessi Cavey

14. Mount Rainier National Park in Washington

“I loved learning more about these two during our hike [and engagement photoshoot] in Mount Rainier National Park. All the details about how they met, how Greg proposed, seeing pictures of their family, and hearing about their celebrity sightings of Jason Momoa at a LA concert, and Miranda Lambert in Hawaii!” [Jessi Cavey]


Photo by Josh Durham

15. North Georgia Mountain

“This engagement session was secretly a proposal disguised as a styled shoot. She had no idea he was going to pop the question. An awesome hike up followed by the sweetest proposal!” [Josh Durham]


With all this engagement photoshoot inspiration, are you ready to start planning yours?

Remember, wherever you decide to take your pictures together, just have fun and be yourselves.

The beauty of all these pictures is you can easily see the love between the two who were photographed.

Where do you want to have your engagement session? Are you planning on traveling somewhere fun, or do you want to plan something locally?

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