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Yes to the Dress (Maybe): Elopement Style Inspiration for Every Couple

Gone are the days when “I do” always meant a grand ballroom and a hundred guests. Elopements today are about celebrating your love story in a way that feels uniquely you. Whether it’s amidst breathtaking natural beauty or a location that reflects your deepest connection, the possibilities are endless. Your elopement location becomes a character in your story, and your outfits have the power to perfectly complement their theme beautifully.

Sounds incredible, right? However, choosing the perfect elopement attire for your location can feel daunting. But fear not! In this article, we’ll explore some delightful ways to dress for your dream day. We’ll show you how to ensure your attire matches the setting and tells your love story beautifully.

So, let’s get started!

Adventure Elopement

  • For Him: 

The groom’s outfit should be practical and stylish for an adventure-style elopement in places like mountains or forests. One excellent option is cargo shorts; they’re comfortable, effortlessly chic, and incredibly versatile. Plus, you can easily find them on online platforms in a variety of styles that suit your taste. You can pair them with sturdy hiking boots for comfort and safety on uneven terrain. Finally, add a lightweight, durable shirt to complete this ensemble. It will keep you cool and dry during hikes or ceremonies under the sun. 

  • For Her: 

The bride’s outfit should also balance beauty with practicality for an adventurous elopement. You can consider a flowy, bohemian-style dress. It allows for easy movement and adds a touch of romance to the natural setting. With it, consider durable, stylish hiking boots. They will keep you comfortable on the rough terrain. Additionally, keep the jewelry minimalistic to complement the natural surroundings without being too flashy. 

Beachside Elopement

  • For Him:

When planning for a beachside elopement, comfort and style are key. You can consider lightweight linen pants or casual chinos that keep you cool under the sun. These choices also offer flexibility and ease of movement on the sandy shores. Pair them with a comfortable linen shirt. Then, complete your look with casual sandals that are perfect for walking along the beach. You can add some beachy accessories such as shell jewelry and a stylish sun hat. This will enhance your outfit even more.

  • For Her:

For a dreamy beachside elopement, consider a light, airy sundress. Or a beach-appropriate wedding gown that flows beautifully in the ocean breeze. For footwear, you can consider barefoot sandals or flats to walk easily on the sand. You can also wear a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection and a touch of elegance. In addition, don’t forget to add some beachy accessories. You can even coordinate them with your significant other. These elements will keep you comfortable and complement the natural beauty of your seaside surroundings.

Urban Elopement

  • For Him:

A sharp and sophisticated ensemble is essential for your urban elopement. Consider a slim-fit suit or a tailored blazer paired with stylish trousers for a refined and modern look. For footwear, choose smart shoes like loafers or Oxfords for both comfort and elegance. You can try a tie, pocket square, and sleek watch for accessorizing. They can help you add a dash of sophistication to your attire. 

  • For Her:

To shine under the city’s twinkling lights, you can wear a chic, modern dress like a mini, midi, or stylish jumpsuit. Then pair it with statement heels or fashionable flats, ensuring you stay stylish and confident. Plus, to elevate your outfit with a touch of city glamour, add bold accessories. These can include statement earrings, necklaces, and a clutch bag.

Vintage-Inspired Elopement

  • For Him:

For a vintage-inspired elopement, a classic suit with a vintage cut featuring wide lapels and high-waist trousers is perfect. Choose brogues or vintage-inspired shoes to match the timeless style. Additionally, you can also add some accessories, such as a classic pocket watch or cufflinks. They will add a touch of old-world charm to your sophisticated look.

  • For Her:

You can consider a retro-style dress with tea-length and lace details for a dreamy vintage-style elopement. Pair it with vintage heels or Mary Janes for a classic touch. Lastly, to complete your look, add vintage accessories like pearl earrings and a delicate birdcage veil. They will add a nostalgic charm to your ensemble and perfectly complement the theme. 

The Bottom Line

Your elopement location sets the scene for your love story. In this article, we explored outfit ideas for different elopement styles, from adventurous hikes to romantic beach strolls. Remember, there are no strict rules! Choose outfits that reflect your love and make you feel confident and radiant as you say, “I do.” Wishing you a happily ever after!


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