Simple Winter Mountain Elopement Inspiration in The Canadian Rockies, CA

Simple Winter Mountain Elopement Inspiration in The Canadian Rockies, CA

Sometimes all you need to do is put on your wedding dress and travel to the Canadian Rockies for your elopement. You don’t need to bring a bunch of guests or decorations with you. Keeping things simple is the perfect way to have an amazing winter mountain elopement experience. Get all the details from this session from the photographer.

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Details From This Winter Mountain Elopement Inspiration in CA

Photography by Glimpse of Adventure

The best part about this styled session is the simplicity of it all. This couple explored and enjoyed the gorgeous winter wonderland around them with their husky by their side the whole time. Instead of a big reception, they snuggled by the fire together and shared a personal charcuterie board.

“We wanted to embrace the freedom and minimalism of eloping. What inspired us was the nature we are surrounded by and so we incorporated elements of evergreens, wood, and earthy colors. Our friend’s husky Maverick tagged along as well and we hope that we inspire and encourage more couples to spend this important day with their furry friend(s).” [Martina, the photographer]

Tips When Planning a Winter Elopement in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Martina tells us even though this elopement inspiration is simple and effortless, there is some planning couples need to consider as they prepare for their elopement adventure. Even though winters aren’t as crowded (you only need to hike a few minutes away to find a remote spot from crowds). Another thing to remember: sunrises in the Canadian mountains are the best. However, in Summer, sunrises can be around 5 AM, so prepare yourself to get up way before then to arrive on time.

“Summer is short, it starts late and finishes early. If you want to witness those famous turquoise blue lakes, then plan to elope between mid-June to mid-October. Some higher elevation lakes can be still frozen at the beginning of July, so if you’re thinking of getting a bit higher, then plan for mid-July – mid-September. We get first snow and freezing temperatures really early on some years.” [Martina, the photographer]

Another tip Martina mentions is booking your accommodations ahead of time to ensure you get a good getting ready location near your elopement ceremony spot.

Why is Minimalism Such a Good Thing For Elopement Planning

We see it all the time, big elaborate wedding days covered in floral arrangements and fog machines. Even elopements can be very elaborate if a couple truly wants them to be. However, we have learned that keeping things simple, will always result in a less stressful experience.

“I love to say: less things – more experiences. If you focus on experiences instead of stuff and fluff, your day could be a lot more flexible and relaxed. A lot more focused on what really matters – you two. The logistics of your elopement will be much easier if you have less people and less things involved. Plus eloping in a thoughtful way can be more gentle on our environment and to your wallet too.” [Martina, the photographer]

Details From This Winter Mountain Elopement Inspiration

Even though this inspiration is very simple, there are still plenty of details to appreciate. From their elopement announcement sign to the bride’s beautiful elopement dress.

“I love the dress from Durand Bridal – its sheer long sleeves and flowy fabric was so perfect paired with the snow and blue glacial water. Our florist Natasha created such a beautiful set of flower decor that brought romantic elements to otherwise earthy rustic vibes of the elopement. It was great to have a such an easy going real-life couple Grace & Merrill from Calgary. They were braving the cold day with laugh and were up for anything. ” [Martina, the photographer]

“My favourite part of this shoot was that we worked with all these small local vendors. Just to name a few, we featured Heartprint Threads’ blankets which are perfect to keep you warm in the mountains, and we matched it with their bandana for our good boy Maverick. Nella’s Signs and Designs did a great job designing custom wooden signs for us, and Gather and Graze created platters that were hard not to eat before we took all the pictures!” [Kate, the planner]

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Why do you Love Capturing Elopements?

For photographers, helping couples explore their options to reveal their real dream wedding is part of the main reason why they love what they do, according to Martina.

“I make my couples dig deep into their soul and I make them question everything about their wedding. Do you need that cake? Do you need this and that or do you want to have it/ do it just for the sake of a tradition? I love getting to the core of what they truly deeply desire and the rest is easy. Sure, getting married at an epic location, during sunrise on the top of the mountain, certainly is a bonus, but what’s more important to me is that my couple is enjoying their day and feeling like ‘Yes, this is so us!’. And that’s my mission. Create and capture the best experience for those two souls in love that they will remember forever.” [Martina, the photographer]

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Photos From This Winter Mountain Elopement Inspiration

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