Winter Elopement In The San Juan Mountains, CO

Winter Elopement In The San Juan Mountains, CO

Colorado mountain elopements are a popular pick for couples who want to elope somewhere in this mountain state. This Winter elopement in the San Juan Mountains is a great area in Ouray, CO, and it’s beautiful when it snows there. Tafadzwa and Tiauna went on an adventure near Million Dollar Highway in their snowshoes after their intimate wedding ceremony with their parents. Get all the details below.

“We wanted to have breathtaking mountains in the background and that’s about it. We gave Safeena complete artist control on our big day, all the way down to the activities! She chose Ouray, Colorado, and we absolutely loved it. It had small-town vibes with big scenic views. The morning of our wedding, we were welcomed with about 1 foot of fresh snow, which made our pictures come out great!” [The couple]

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Tips During Your San Juan Mountains Winter Elopement Adventure

Safeena, the photographer, tells us everything you need to know when planning a snowy Colorado elopement in the San Juan Mountains. During winter elopements, safety should be your primary concern. Make sure to rent a car that drives safely in the snow and ice–– think snow tires and all-wheel drive.

“The Million Dollar Highway is particularly dangerous, lacking guardrails with steep drops, so a capable and confident driver is super important too! Have a solid, well-scouted plan for the day…and then also a plan B, C, and D to account for road closures and a million other unknowns the mountains can throw at you.” [Safeena, the photographer]

This is a huge reason why teaming up with a professional elopement vendor is essential. When looking at vendors, a question you should always ask them is what experience they have photographing and planning elopements in the location you’re interested in, especially if you’re considering a winter elopement.

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What To Bring During Your Winter Elopement in Colorado

Tafadzwa and Tiauna tell us their planning was very minimal. They relied on their elopement photographers and then planned a small reception with their close friends and family back in Dallas the next day.

As far as packing your winter elopement in the Colorado mountains (or any winter elopement), Safeena tells us warm layers are key among other survival items.

“I’m a big advocate for wool leggings under the dress, thick socks (and a dry spare pair to change into), and a cute puffy coat. If you want to take advantage of the environment, bring snowshoes and a sled! We rented both at Ouray Mountain Sports. We also kept a jetboil in the car to warm up with hot cocoa between stops. Anytime we drive over a mountain pass like this, places without cell service, or in freezing conditions, we keep other “just in case” survival items in the car in case we get stuck–– sleeping bags, extra layers, water, snacks, battery-operated charger.” [Safeena, photographer]

About This Elopement

Safeena tells us Tafadzwa and Tiauna were high school neighbors whose paths diverged and then reconnected years later! During their wedding, they frolicked in the bright, glistening snow along the Uncompahgre River. Then they drove further down toward Silverton to go snowshoeing and enjoy some jet-boiled hot chocolate amongst the evergreens. They were knee-deep in the snow so many times and even had a failed attempt at sledding, but overall it was a magical day!

“We wanted our day to be about us. We wanted to spend the day how we wanted to and only focus on making each other happy. When we were planning our formal wedding, we were bogged down in who to invite, decorations, food, and input from EVERYONE. We took a step back and choose each other and eloped.” [The Couple]

Memorable Moments During This Winter Elopement in The San Juan Mountains

Tafadzwa and Tiauna tell us they loved the laughter between everyone during the mishaps during their San Juan Mountains winter elopement. From everyone sinking waist-deep into the snow to getting stuck trying to slide down a snowy hill while walking in their snowshoes.

“The couple has a really special relationship with their parents. They were the only guests in attendance at the ceremony. Nobody was from Colorado or had been in that kind of harsh environment before, and they were absolute champs and very supportive. Having ‘down’ guests is so important for adventure elopements!” [Safeena, the photographer]

They made a spontaneous stop on the Million Dollar Highway on their way back to town. They just danced and took photos on the (empty) Highway with the headlights for extra light. It’s always those very last spontaneous photos that end up being the favorites!

Are You Ready to Elopement?

This elopement has everything from an intimate wedding ceremony with loved ones to endless laughs in the snow. This elopement story is perfect for couples who are considering eloping.

“I love the dynamic of creative trust between my couples and I. The more trust I have, the better photos I take! I love the downtime I get with my couples, whenever we’re resting between activities/photo locations. The rapport built, laughs shared, and conversations had is my favorite part of the day.” [Safeena, the photographer]

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