An Elopement in the Fields of Wildflowers in the Mountains of Colorado

An Elopement in the Fields of Wildflowers in the Mountains of Colorado

Julia and Ross were certain they wanted to elope around a field of wildflowers. An early July elopement in the picturesque town of Crested Butte almost guarantees an explosion of flowers. We traveled to a handful of locations on this elopement day including an alpine lake, high mountain dirt roads and of course numerous fields of wildflowers where Julia and Ross hiked through, danced in (on trails), and even had a serene mid-day picnic. The day ended in town where they had an intimate and private dinner just the two of them. Are you trying to plan a wildflower mountain elopement? Read on to get all the details.

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Permits and LNT for Your Wildflower Mountain Elopement in CO

“Crested Butte is one of the most mixed lands when it comes to who owns or manages the land. An understanding and knowledge of the area and who you need to contact to get authorized or obtain permits is a MUST.

LNT principles for this location are the same as I practice in all my locations. Everything starts early in the inquiry process educating your clients about the importance of planning ahead, staying on trails, and not trampolining on the wildflowers in this case (wildflower elopement experience). Trust your photographer that she or he will get the images you want and will cherish forever, follow the rules, and be considered with everyone enjoying the outdoors.

This couple had the picnic just off a parking lot right next to a river. It is a very populated area, not in a wildflower field. I carefully placed the blanket on the ground to not be on top of any living flower; this area has a lot of foot traffic because it is a fishing river.” [Andrea, the photographer]

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Top Tips When Eloping in the CO Mountains From The Photographer

  • Take the time to really enjoy the scenery. This location is about 5 hours from Denver and people travel from all over the US. so please have enough time in the timeline to really enjoy the scenery, take it all in, don’t rush the process, and have enough time to drive around and hike.
  • Sunrise elopements here are a MUST or recommended by me.
  • Hike for your elopement, there are so many incredible hikes in this area.
  • Split the day and take a nap in the middle of the day to recover from the sunrise.
  • 12 hours timeline will be ideal for a perfect mix of driving and hiking in this location for your elopement to feel truly relaxed. The couple featured in this elopement booked me for 12 hours.

Details We Love About This Elopement

We love how this elopement surrounded wildflowers. From their intimate picnic to exploring trails through them, this elopement shows how you can really count on mother nature to come through if you’re looking for a specific vibe for your wedding day.

“They put a lot of intention into their day, anything from their wedding attire to the picnic and the candlelight dinner celebration under the stars outside their little Airbnb. Also having their little dog with them was very special for them.” [Andrea, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From The Photographer:

“They shared with me after the first part of their elopement that they can really feel how much I love what I do, the passion the sense from working with them, on the small details like caring for them so much the day of their elopement and before really made an impression on them, they were very emotional and so I was.

Their vows had me in tears. They are both great writers

I love how J was dancing and twirling her dress after the ceremony. Made me so happy.”


Photography | Andrea Enger Photography

Bouquet + Hair Accessory | Bramble & Bloom

Vacation Rental Cabin | The Love Shack 

Private dinner | Chef Emily Harwell of Crested Butte’s Personal Chefs 

Photos From This Elopement

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