5 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Post Elopement Photoshoot
Post Elopement

5 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Post Elopement Photoshoot

Have you considered planning a post elopement photoshoot together? For some couples, even if they plan an elopement, they may find themselves worried they didn’t have enough time to take a lot of wedding portraits during their special day. Check out these 5 reasons why you should plan a post elopement photoshoot together. We even included this awesome post-elopement adventure in Death Valley to inspire you!

“Theresa and Bryan explored Death Valley at sunrise the day after they eloped. Theresa’s van provided the ultimate ‘getting ready’ spot, with all her nooks and cranny’s delicately upholding their responsibilities. Coffee on the stove, and giddy smiles in anticipation.” [Rose, the photographer from Matlai Photography]

Ready to plan your own post-elopement adventure? Search elopement vendors in the area you’re interested in exploring.

You Don’t Have Enough Time For Portraits During Your Actual Wedding Day

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Photography by Matlai Photography

Even if you plan an intimate elopement, time has a way of going by super fast during the happiest moments of your life. Maybe you have a bunch of spots you two plan to explore, or you planned a unique activity together like a hot air balloon ride or skiing.

A post elopement session allows you to spend the whole time just focusing on each other, without the extra activities on your timeline. This is especially true if you include any family and friends or if you plan a traditional wedding.

“Like any large or intense moment in life, time has a strange way of passing. Moments rush by and often the experience becomes consumed in one big emotion. One way of ‘reliving’ an experience of such joy is to find a way to celebrate it in pockets over time. A great way to do this is to play dress-up. Put on your fancy clothes and find somewhere significant to you for some photos. It’s not only much more relaxed, but why not! Celebrate your love and the times you are together.” [Rose, the photographer]

You Planned a Traditional Wedding And Want The Elopement Experience

Sometimes couples want to plan a traditional wedding with all their family and friends, and that’s ok! Despite planning a bigger wedding, however, a lot of couples may crave the elopement experience. Planning a post elopement photoshoot allows you to have the best of both worlds.

“Elopements are a manifestation of values- with a focus that tends to be on experience over tradition, with a deep emphasis on intentionality. My background in storytelling is the foundation for this passion because my job is to tell your story, as best I can, with the moments we share together. Combine that with a dash of outdoor adventure, some delicious food and drink, hiking boots, and you’ve got yourself an ideal day in my opinion.” [Rose, the photographer]

You Want an Intimate Adventure Without The Stress of a Timeline

Sometimes couples get overwhelmed thinking of all the things they need to do during their wedding day, including their ceremony. All these activities add up during their day, and some couples may find themselves craving to get more time together without really doing anything. Wanting a more intimate adventure without the stress of a timeline is a great reason to plan a post-elopement photoshoot together.

“Theresa and Bryan have known each other since Middle School. Their love has followed them over the years, and together they decided to elope in one of the most magical, wild places on earth. We went to several locations throughout this magnificent park, and made the most of a full day elopement opportunity. From the Badlands of the park to the Sand Dunes at dusk. The endless scenic opportunities in Death Valley continue to amaze.” [Rose, the photographer]

You Want to Explore Somewhere Epic Together

Whether you want to further explore the area you two eloped, or if you want to explore somewhere completely different, this is a great reason to plan a post elopement adventure. Post elopement sessions allow you to explore places where you may not be able to explore during your ceremony together due to regulations and permit restrictions.

“Death Valley is such an incredible place, and unique in almost all ways. Seasonality is huge, with temperatures in the summer months reaching exceptional heights. In fact- just this last week in July, Furnace Creek broke the world record for the highest overnight low- a whopping 109 degrees! So what does this mean for portraiture? Either very early starts or dusk rendezvous- ideally in spring or late fall. Depending on where you are in the park, sub-sea level, or 5000 ft above the valley, the environment is precarious and it’s important to be prepared.” [Rose, the photographer]

You Want a Spontaneous Adventure

When you decide to have a post elopement photoshoot, you’re also agreeing to have a spontaneous adventure. You may have an idea of how your adventure is going to go. You may even map out what trails you’re going to explore. However, you won’t be able to control things like the weather or spontaneous change of plans.

“The original day we scheduled for this photoshoot a wind storm blew up 1000 foot high walls of sand, so being outside was nearly impossible. Having flexibility is huge, and being aware of the quick pivots in weather is also important. Lastly, as a Leave No Trace photographer it is highly important to consider the environment- especially in landscapes where things appear dead, even though they are very much alive.”[Rose, the photographer]

Are you thinking about planning a post-elopement photoshoot? Where would you two want to explore? If you rather say no to tradition completely, then plan a multi-day elopement experience! Check out our top 10 reasons to elope to get more inspiration.

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