Gorgeous Fall Elopement in NH’s White Mountains

Gorgeous Fall Elopement in NH’s White Mountains

A larger wedding didn’t feel right to Sam and Nick. Instead of following society’s standard of what a wedding should be, they eloped somewhere they felt alive and could focus on each other. This White Mountain elopement will make you want to start planning your wedding day in beautiful New Hampshire in the Fall.

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Details From This White Mountain Elopement in NH

Sam and Nick wanted to elope in the mountains, see a gorgeous waterfall, and hike under 6 miles. Kelsey helped these two plan their day starting at sunrise to see the incredible fall foliage. They had an intimate first look by a waterfall and set off to the sunset ceremony hike later that day.

Sam and Nick’s day was filled with intimate vows, tears, laughter, and everything a couple would hope to have during their wedding day.

“They watched the sun go down as they read cards from their families and had a little DIY picnic on their blanket. To end the night, they put a song on and had their first dance. It was literally the most perfect day.” [Kelsey]

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couple reading letters from family on the white mountains of NH

Top Tips for Planning Your Elopement at New Hampshire’s White Mountains

The beauty of eloping in New Hampshire’s White Mountains is it’s so big and has so much to offer. The best advice is to team up with a vendor who has experience documenting and/or planning an elopement adventure in the White Mountains area.

Hiring a pro can also ensure you have a more intimate elopement since a lot of the trails do become crowded if not taking the time of day and season into consideration.

New Hampshire is beautiful year-round, but it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each season when planning your elopement. This elopement shows the gorgeous colors you can if you plan a Fall elopement in NH.

“Take some time to think and daydream about what you are hoping to have as your view for your ceremony and portraits. Is it mountains, lakes, waterfalls, lush greens? All of these are possible. However, remember getting around the White Mountains can take a bit of time. If you are trying to fit in a little bit of everything, try and find locations that are less than 20 minutes from one another. If you don’t do this research ahead of time, you could easily be driving for 45 min to an hour to your next location!” [Kelsey]

couple at a waterfall within the white mountains trails in NH

How to Familiarize Yourself With Trails in the White Mountains

With more couples realizing what it means to elope, comes more couples exploring (which we love). However, it’s important to quickly talk about the importance of safety, research, and leaving no trace during your wedding day.

Kelsey recommends browsing All Trails if you aren’t sure what type of trail you want to explore. Obviously, asking your photographer and other vendors is also a great way to learn more about a trail, but All Trails allows you to filter for your skill level and preferred distance.

“You can find images to see what type of view you’d get throughout the trail to the summit, as well as read the reviews! Even as a moderate trail in the White Mountains, note that the trails are pretty straight up and can be strenuous, especially when you’re carrying all your elopement attire! If you aren’t used to hiking in the Whites, keep these tips in mind when planning your elopement trail – the trails can be steep and very rocky (we are the granite state!).” [Kelsey]

If you’re trying to squeeze multiple locations, then Kelsey recommends splitting your day into an easy hike and a moderate one. You want the day to be a good mixture of adventure and fun while also being relaxed and in the moment, Kelsey tells us.

Once you picked your trail(s), then just remember to respect the land your exploring. Remember to pick up after yourself and stay on the trail.

view of fall foliage at an overlook in NH

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

Kelsey tells us her favorite thing about Sam and Nick’s elopement day was how in the moment they were. We love when photographers tell us this because THAT is what a wedding day should look like.

“They said their intimate vows while the sun peaked out over the cloud and shed light over the stunning New England fall colors. They were both emotional, but after they were done and had their first kiss, they both just turned around together and looked out at the view beyond them. It was truly a moment I’ll never ever forget. I love that they were able to build a day that felt completely them. They wanted seclusion and to have an adventure.” [Kelsey]

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Ideas To Include During Your Elopement

So if you’re loving the details from this White Mountains elopement and want to start planning your own, then you’re in luck!

Kelsey tells us her top three details couples can incorporate during their adventure together…

  • Include your loved ones, even if they aren’t there. With Sam and Nick, they brought their letters from their family up the mountain to read after their ceremony. You can also have one of your family members get ordained to marry you. You can absolutely have the day you want while still incorporating those you love.
  • Religion is sometimes a big factor why people don’t elope. But more couples are incorporating those traditions into their elopement ceremonies and dinner parties! It’s all 100% possible!
  • Food! Food is something that can be super important to couples, and with elopements, a lot of my couples incorporate their favorites into their day – including their favorite drinks!

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Couple holding custom wedding mugs during their elopement picnic

Should You Elope?

So what are you loving about this White Mountains elopement? Are you loving the gorgeous fall mountain views? Or are you loving the quiet moments between these two as they exchanged their vows during their commitment ceremony?

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“Elopements focus on quality in all forms – quality time with one another and their closest loved ones, quality experience in a place that’s important to them, and truly just quality relationships. With elopements, if the couple decides to invite others, you know these are some of the most important people in their lives. Every couple is different, which means that I get to help build a day that feels true to them and no one else. I have couples who decide they want to be in the mountains, a place they feel their best selves. Or even in their backyard where their grandparents lived for their whole lives.” [Kelsey]

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Photos From This Fall Elopement In White Mountains

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