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What to Wear for Your Adventurous Engagement Photos

     Photo by Adventure and Vow

You’re Engaged, Now It’s Time to Plan for Your Engagement Photos

Congrats, you’re engaged! Now that you have officially decided to get married, you have to start planning for your engagement pictures! Since you are on our site, we assume you both love adventures, and you are considering having an adventurous elopement!

So what should you wear? Lucky for you, our team are pros when it comes to what to wear for your engagement photos, especially the adventurous kind of photos! We put together 12 tips you both can consider when planning your outfits.

what to wear for engagement photos

1) Wear Something You Feel Comfortable in

Even though it is a photoshoot, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear something fancy. If you don’t feel comfortable in a ballgown and a suit, then don’t wear that. We love it when we see couples dress cozy and cuddle up with each other.

2) Wear Something That Reflects Who You Are

Your engagement pictures should reflect 100% who you both are as a couple. If that means wearing jean overalls and hiking boots, then do it! You should be able to look back at these photos and relive the adventure.

“Anna’s studio is out of the loft above their custom-built barn house, which overlooks their ranch where her horses play. Keaton is a skilled carpenter and just completed building their stunning home, which is attached to the barn where their three horses live. It is evident that together they have created a very meaningful life in Pemberton, BC, on their ranch together with their horses.” [Natasha Costigan, The Photographer]

sweet engagement photos

Photo by Francesco Rossi

3) Include Fun Accessories

When you’re planning what to wear for your engagement photos, you should plan to include some fun accessories. Accessories such as hats, scarfs, statement earrings, and necklaces will give your portraits more personality and fun photo ops. This couple, snuggled under this blanket as it started to rain during their session.

romantic engagement session

Photo by Makala Towner

4) Wear a Mix of Textures to Create Dimension

Some couples want to wear neutral colors in their engagement pictures. An easy way to make your outfits stand out is to simply mix in different textures. Textures such as lace, suede, satin, and jean are some awesome options to mix your neutrals with.

adventurous photo session for engagement

5) Incorporate Props to Compliment Your Outfits

Do you both love doing something together? We love it when couples plan their engagement photo outfits around props such as bikes, motorcycles, or surfboards.

“An engagement session with old cruiser bikes to show their love for cycling together. This couple loves adventure and having fun, and this shoot showed just that.” [Morgan Walton, The Photographer]

what to wear for winter engagement photos

Photo by KC.Photography

6) Consider the Season You’re Taking Your Pictures

If you’re planning to take your engagement photos during the winter, you shouldn’t feel obligated to wear something fancy. Winter engagement photos are adorable and super cozy when couples wear thick sweaters and hats as they cuddle in the snow. Are your pictures during the summer? Rock that swimsuit during your photo session with your honey!

sunset engagement photos

7) Wear Something Bold

Don’t be afraid to make a statement. You don’t have to wear white because you’re getting married. Wearing a bold color can create beautiful contrast in your portraits with nature’s beautiful scenery as your backdrop.

“Joshua Tree is always a sure bet for a gorgeous outcome, but this couples impeccable taste in outfits, paired with a dreamy cotton candy sunset, made this shoot beyond special.” [Nikki Rivera, The Photographer]

unique engagement photo outfits

8) Embrace Your Birthday Suit

If you’re planning an elopement, then you should have a unique engagement session. Why not work with what your momma gave you?! We love it when couples go back to the basics for their outfits and end up in the birthday suits at the end of their engagement sessions. Some might say it’s one way to become “one with nature”!

“One thing they wanted to have captured in these images was the depth of their oneness, intimacy, and vulnerability that was secure in the safety of their relationship, something that isn’t too easy to come by or to capture. That evening we arrived at the location and begin the shoot innocently enough. And as the evening went on, the layers peeled back, and the rawness of their love shone through.” [Nancy Breedveld, The Photographer]

unique engagement photo ideas

9) Take a Non-Traditional Spin and Do Something You Love

If you’re both adventurous, then maybe plan your engagement session outfits around an activity you both love doing. You can hike, swim, ski, or relax in a hot spring.

“Rather than having these two get all dressed up for more formal photos, we found a secret little hot spring that we knew would be perfect for their photos.” [Sheena Shahangian, The Photographer]

10) Wear Something Elegant

Just because you’re having an adventurous engagement session, it doesn’t mean that you can’t dress fancy. When you think about what to wear for your engagement photos, we think you should go for the outfit you feel the best in. Flowy, elegant dresses, suits, and collared shirts are great options even when planning an adventurous photo session.

“He twirled her round and round in her long, red dress, and then he pulled her in for a kiss. They slow-danced listening to Taylor Swift’s song ‘Lover,’ and nothing else mattered in those moments.” [Jessi Cavey, The Photographer]

canyon engagement photo ideas

11) Bring Options!

If you aren’t sure what to wear for your adventurous engagement session, then bring at least 2-3 options! Even if these aren’t completely different outfit options, we suggest bringing an extra jacket or another accessory to change the look of your portraits. Since you’re planning an outdoor engagement session, plan for the weather to change without notice.

engagement photos outdoors

Photo by Autumn Marshall

12) Compliment Each Other, But Don’t Try to Match too Much

Some people may tell you not to wear two different patterns, but we think it creates such a fun look for adventurous engagement sessions. Don’t try to match so much, and let your personalities shine through your outfit. If you need inspiration, then take this moment and go through some old photos of you both to get some ideas!

“When shooting Hunter and Keylen’s surprise proposal and engagement session, they told me they wanted to get photos out on their land. So we raced to the top of this hill at sunset where they said, ‘one day we want to build our home here.’ What a beautiful start to a happily ever after.” [Autumn Marshall]

So what are you going to where for your engagement photos?

We would love to know how your elopement planning is going, or if you found this blog helpful! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

If you need some help planning your elopement, then check out our Elopement Planning Resources or Elopement Blog.

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