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Weekly Spotlight: Issue 113

Here’s this week’s Weekly Spotlight featuring some amazing adventure photography.

Thank you to all the amazing photographers that have shared their work with us over at our Facebook community. We love your adventurous spirit, and we are truly inspired by the work you do!

adventure engagement photography.

Couples don’t need to keep it serious all the time. In fact, we love it when photographers get fun shots like this one!

Photo by Gabrielle von Heyking

“I shot this photo at Torrey Pines State Park in San Diego. We were about to finish the session when Jake turned to Brooke and told her they were going to try a crazy lift. I asked them if they could try to do the lift from Dirty Dancing, and [this] photo was the result of that. Safe to say they nailed that lift!” [Gabrielle]

elopement photography of bride and groom

It’s easy to get inspired when you are surrounded by beautiful scenery and a loving couple. 

Photo by Klaus James

“The Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness is one of the coolest places to explore, and it’s an even better place to do an adventure elopement shoot!” [Klaus]

nature and adventure elopement photography.

Capturing intimate weddings allows a photographer to capture the couple’s personality. Just look at those smiles!

Photo by Tori Sheppard

“[The ceremony] was small, and our closest family and friends were with us as we committed our lives to one another.” [The Couple]

couple at national park for photo session.

Looking at this couple, we can’t help but smile. When it comes to capturing the little moments between these two, this photographer has it down packed. 

Photo by Crystal Cousin

“Mckenzie and Liam met at the church they both go to. The two of them were so cute together, and their love for each other just shined through!” [Crystal]

engagement session on the beach.

When photographers nail lighting, we always swoon.

Photo by Christin Mortimore

“Stay close to people who feel like sunshine” [Christin]

elopement photography in Greece, Santorini.

Looking at this intimate elopement makes our team want to hop on a plane to Santorini, Greece.

Photo by Teo Frantzanas

“Azelin and Paul traveled from the States to Santorini to elope. They are a very cool couple, and during their day, they were so relaxed and excited! We took pictures over the cliffs during sunset. They then exchanged their vows in front of the Caldera of Santorini and the unique ‘Tree of love’. At the end of the day, they shared a romantic dinner under the fairy lights of their love tree.” [Teo]

elopement photography of bride and groom.

We encourage photographers and couples to try new things. Do something spontaneous, new, and wild!

Photo by Malachi Lewis

“One thing I loved about their pre-elopement adventure session was how much fun they had together! The weather was windy and cold with sand pelting us. Despite all that, they had fun, and you could tell they cared about each other.” [Malachi]

couple engagement session.

Something about these natural sessions always makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

Photo by Dani Faulkenberry

“This goes in the books as one of my all-time favorite sessions. There’s nothing I could want more as a photographer than to prompt my couples, and they just absolutely run wild with it. These are the moments I can feel the love between them! These two made it extremely easy to see their love through my lens. Not to mention, Rocky Mountain National Park is just the greatest place of all time.” [Dani]

Engagement session on the lake.

If you have a vision as a photographer, run with it and make it happen!

Photo by Ashlee Burgess

“My stepdad crafted this boat by hand as part of a vision I had for a session. After almost a year, all the details came together for this romantic session on the water.” [Ashlee]

intimate elopement wedding photography

That just married feeling gets us all the time.

Photo by Arielle Pate

“For hours before this shot was taken, it was pouring rain. As we headed out to the ceremony location, the bride said a quick prayer to her Opa (grandpa), and we all crossed our fingers. The rain let up almost the same moment the ceremony began, and all the clouds seemed to part as they said their vows. Even though it was an intimate elopement, they couldn’t help but dance and celebrate as soon as the officiant declared them husband and wife! Later, when the bride told her family about the elopement, she found out that her Opa and Oma (grandpa and grandma) got married the same day 50 years ago!” [Arielle]

couple on motorcycle during elopement.

There is no right or wrong way to elope, and that always brings such uniqueness and beauty to each photoshoot.

Photo by Kristina Černiauskienė

“We met with this couple on the day of the session. However, just a few hours later, it was clear that we will be good friends in the future. I loved their style, and most importantly, I felt a deep emotional connection with this couple.” 

boho elopement photography

Never shy away from something you really want to do. If you want to get into elopement photography, just do it!

Photo by Stetson Wheatley

“This was the absolute best experience getting the chance to photograph my very first Elopement. My dream has always been to become a worldwide Elopement photographer, and this one made all of my dreams a reality.” [Stetson]

The only limit a photographer has is his or her mind. In short, let your creativity take you to amazing new places.

Photo by Earth Below Photo

“This session with Tesa and  Alexander was taken in the suburbs of Chicago and made us feel like we were in another country. We all were stunned by this beautiful location, obviously. This is truly a hidden gem.” [Amanda Warda from Earth Below Photo]

brides dancing as they celebrate their elopement.

Spontaneous portraits always make us smile. After all, those moments are the ones we all want to remember when we look back at our pictures.

Photo by Megan Gallagher

“Dancing along the bluffs after their elopement” [Megan]

Intimate wedding photography of bride and groom.

All things considered, a wedding is about the couple. Thus, you should plan your special day how you want it to be.

Photo by Laura Pinckard 

“This wedding was so special for us. We got to know Brittany and Alex last year when we shot their engagement and elopement pictures. Their wedding was a dream and totally captured the love we have seen between these two for over a year. We are over the moon that we met these beautiful people, and we’re so lucky to have been asked to capture their day.” [Laura]

Stay tuned for next week’s spotlight. If you missed last week’s weekly spotlight, check it out here.