Vintage Micro Wedding at Saguaro National Park

Vintage Micro Wedding at Saguaro National Park

Eva and Dustin decided to plan an intimate, vintage elopement in the deserts of Arizona’s Saguaro Nation Park. We love how edgy this micro wedding adventure was from their vintage camper to hanging out with 5 of their closest family and their pup!

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Planning a Wedding at Saguaro National Park

Photography by Kalena Photography

“Saguaro National Park is technically split into two areas: the East and West side. This elopement took place on the West side. When eloping at SNP, it is good to keep in mind that this is the desert and fire is very dangerous. There are restrictions on what kind of cooking fires are allowed and camping is not allowed at Saguaro National Park West. As always, do not remove plants, animals, or rocks or disturb any natural features. Saguaro cacti are protected and it is illegal to remove them on federal land (like at SNP).

A “Special Use Permit” (SUP) and a $100 fee is required to get married at the park. Only simple and quiet weddings, such as elopements, are allowed so no major decorations or set-ups are allowed. If your elopement takes place on a trail you will be limited to 18 total people. You can schedule up to 1 year in advance but the office requires a minimum of 4 weeks to process the permit. You can download the application on their website and submit it through email. The offices are very helpful and if you have any questions they are easy to contact through the phone.” [Kalena, the photographer]

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About This Elopement

“Eva and Dustin’s elopement was so relaxed and intimate. When Eva first met with me, she told me about their vintage camper trailer that they had renovated and how they wanted it included in their elopement. I loved how special it was that even though we were out in the middle of the desert, they were still able to get ready in a space that meant so much to them both. Eva’s grandma and one of their two dogs recently passed away so they had a beautiful table set up with photos and their dog’s collar to pay tribute to them. The beautiful cake they had made had the cutest tiny saguaros painted on the side that reflected the environment we were in.” [Kalena, the photographer]

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Memorable Moments

From the photographer:

“In the vintage camper when Eva was getting ready, her sister helped her put her jewelry on and it was such a simple moment but very special because I got to witness how much sisterly love they had for each other. After they said their vows, we all sat at the picnic table for dinner and I enjoyed hearing them trade stories and reminisce with Eva’s mom and sister and Dustin’s brother. It was obvious they all had wonderful relationships with each other. The sunset and as it got quieter we heard coyotes howling not too far off in the distance. It was a beautiful moment and feeling being out in the empty desert at dusk and hearing the wildlife around us.”

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Should You Elope?

“We chose to do an elopement instead of a formal wedding because we wanted our wedding day to be singularly focused on us and our commitment to each other. We have been together for ten years, this lifelong partnership is about us. We felt that only having family allowed us to celebrate the day and stress less. Our location was easy for us. My husband works as a wildland firefighter and has worked for the Forest and National Parks systems. We have always been outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. We met in the desert, both transplants, and it just made sense to get married in the beautiful wide-open space of Saguaro National Park.

My husband spent two years rebuilding a vintage camper for future adventures. I had a vision of how I wanted our wedding to look in nature and utilizing the camper as a dressing and storage space made it so easy. We love the vintage vibes and wanted our wedding to have that feel. I spent three months preparing for the wedding.” [The Couple]

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Photography | Kalena Photography
Charcuterie Board | Graze and Provisions
Florist | Good Sunflower
Cake – Star Pastry
Hair Stylist – Onyx Noir
Accessories | Olive + Piper
Ring Dish | Copper & Clay
Veil | Mabadi Bridal
Whiskey | Whiskey Del Bac
Shoes | Badgley Mischka
Suit | Madcap England

Photos From This Saguaro National Park Wedding

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