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How to Choose the Perfect Elopement Location [Issue 1]

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: (1) you've officially ditched all traditional wedding plans, (2) you couldn't be more excited to elope, (3) you're completely overwhelmed by the question of WHERE to elope. The possibilities are endless, and we understand how daunting that may seem - you could literally say "I do" ANYWHERE in the world. So how do you know when you've found the perfect location? We asked real couples to share how they chose their epic elopement locations, and now we're passing their stories on to you! 1. Romantic Views & [...]

5 Valuable Tips for Announcing Your Elopement [Issue 1]

Wondering how to announce your elopement? Losing sleep over what the response might be? We are all for keeping your nuptials an intimate experience, especially when saying "I do" involves a little adventure, but we also understand that the news is not always well-received. To ease your fears and help prepare you for the big announcement, we asked real couples to share their thoughts and personal stories. Now we're passing their advice on to you! 1. Mount Sproatt Elopement in Whistler, British Columbia Tara Lilly Photography Melissa from Waterdown, Ontario shares... "We [...]

5 Reasons You Should Consider Eloping [Issue 1]

Torn between planning a traditional wedding or keeping things intimate with an elopement? We asked real couples to share why choosing an elopement was the best decision they ever made. Now we're passing their stories on to you! 1. Radiant Intimate Wedding in Moab, UT Angela Hays Photography Taylor from SLC, Utah shares... "…as I started the planning process, I was inundated with all the wedding ‘must-haves’. The wedding industry is so huge and overwhelming, and I found myself getting caught up in all these little – not to mention pricey – [...]

5 Things You Should Know Before Eloping [Issue 1]

Intimidated by the wedding planning process? We asked real couples who chose an elopement or intimate wedding to share the #1 thing they wish they'd known beforehand. Now we're passing their stories on to you! 1. Romantic TreeHouse Point Elopement in Fall City, WA Rosendahl Photography Katie from Fall City, Washington shares... "Eloping is a couple's opportunity to have a beautiful, sacred ceremony either alone [or] with close friends or family. That said, so many people are excited for you and want to be a part of your special day. When you elope, [...]