Micro Wedding Ceremony at The Hunter Houses in the Catskills in New York

Victoria and Gino decided to elope in upstate New York with just a handful of family members present. This micro wedding ceremony at the Hunter Houses is the perfect inspiration for couples looking for an intimate New York getaway. After their ceremony, they took their portraits at Kaaterskill Falls.

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Photography by Par La Mer Photography

Picking A Elopement Location

There are plenty of options besides New York City when planning a New York elopement. When most couples think of a New York elopement, they instantly think about skyscrapers and lots of people, but this is not the case at all!

“When envisioning our ceremony we wanted the natural beauty of nature as our backdrop. Living in southern Connecticut, the mountains of upstate New York were both to die for and easily accessible. They also boast some magnificent views like the Kaaterskill Falls. With a small group of guests, we were also able to forego the traditional hall setting and choose a beautiful house in the middle of a reserve for our ceremony and reception!” [Victoria]

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Tips When Planning An Elopement in Upstate New York

Kaaterskill Falls is a gorgeous elopement destination to consider, but there are a few things to consider, according to Tonya from Par La Mer Photography. Deciding when you’re going to elope is a big one. The Catskills mountains can be icy and snow-covered even in April. This is why it’s important to team up with a photographer who has experience in the area.

The trial is only 1.5 miles to the falls, but it’s very steep at some parts, so bring a change of shoes to wear instead of your heels. Tonya also tells us this spot is very popular during the Fall, so plan a weekday adventure here, or ask your photographer for the best times they recommend.

Details From This Wedding Ceremony at The Hunter Houses in New York

Victoria and Gino’s wedding day was as intentional as it gets. We love all the details from their wedding at the Hunter Houses to their romantic mountain getaway. This is the perfect Airbnb wedding venue for intimate wedding ceremonies. There are so many gorgeous details in the house, perfect for getting ready photos.

Victoria hand-painted the wedding invitations, they included a handful of family members and even had a handfasting ceremony.

“Their joy and love was palpable and honest. There were tears for departed family members and there were laughs for antedotes included in their handwritten vows.It was the type of wedding that had me crying along with everyone else.” [Tonya]

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Memorable Moments During This Elopement

Intimate weddings are filled with memorable moments because the couple has more time for themselves. Other than the ceremony, Victoria and Gino tell us they loved their adventure hiking up the mountain for their wedding portraits at Kaaterskill Falls. They also received positive affirmations from fellow hikers along the way. “Once we got to the falls it just really felt so magical and in the end was the perfect fit to our adventure in the Catskills!”

“In their vows, they highlighted how each one had made an impact and bettered the other. They really value each other and it was evident, not only in the words and promises they said to each other but just also in the little caring actions they showed each other throughout the day. Another highlight for me during our portrait session at the falls. I had asked them to climb up on this boulder for some height, and I put them in what I described as a titanic pose. Gino started singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ with all these other hikers around and I got some of the best photos of the day!” [Tonya]

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Should You Elope or Plan a Micro Wedding?

Elopements and micro weddings provide a whole new level of intimacy for couples. For Victoria and Gino, they knew they didn’t want anything big for their wedding day. They also didn’t see themselves spendings tens of thousands of dollars either. So having a small intimate ceremony at The Hunter Houses in New York was the perfect plan for them.

Advice From the Couple:

“We would highly recommend anyone who is considering an elopement wedding over a traditional affair to just go for it. There are so many things we would never have been able to enjoy if we had 100 guests to accommodate. Our vows were able to be intimate, our photos in a unique destination, our space was warm and inviting, our food wasn’t mass produced, and we were able to enjoy everything without spreading ourselves and time thin. In the end, we were able to focus on us and our commitment to each other with none of the hassles that go along with a huge production.” [Victoria]

Advice From the Photographer:

“I feel really connected to my couples and really humbled that I get to play this huge role in the best day of my couples lives. I’ve shot elopements where I also sign their marriage certificate as their witness, and really, that’s a huge deal to me. A big wedding can sometimes steamroll a couple, where they are doing things that they may not necessarily want to do. With an elopement, couples can really focus their time and money on the things that are the most important to them.” [Tonya]

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Photography | Par La Mer Photography

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Photos From This Catskills Micro Wedding Ceremony at the Hunter Houses


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