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Attire and Accessories

10 Wedding Accessories for Adventure Brides

Accessories are a Bride’s Best Friend.

Every bride needs some accessories to make her wedding day even more special. Adventure brides, however, usually gravitate towards a diversity of accessories. Brides who elope also have no rules they need to follow. Thus, they can be as creative as they want when it comes to their extra bridal gear.

We put together 10 wedding accessories that every adventurous bride should consider incorporating into their special day.

1. Veils

Wearing a veil during an elopement can be a major statement piece. Veils of every length can create fun portrait opportunities while surrounded by nature. We are huge fans of the effect cathedral veils have in pictures.

2. Capes or Wings

If you’re looking for an accessory to fit your non-traditional choice to elope, then you should consider wearing a cape. Capes are making waves from this past year, and we are loving this trend. Embrace your super bride powers and accessorize with something daring and new. No extra weight on your head is also a major plus in our book!

This bride looks gorgeous in this Ardent Autumn Elopement.

3. Tiaras

If you want to wear a tiara, then you should do it! There are many bridal headpieces that you can find at your local bridal store or online stores such as Etsy. Keep in mind, these headpieces can be as unique, simple, or extravagant as you want.

4. Hats

Maybe you aren’t a tiara or headpiece kind of gal. If you are going for a more boho and relaxed vibe for your elopement, then you should check out a hat! We love it when brides are brave and accessorize wearing different colored felt hats decorated in flowers.

5. Bouquets and Flower Crowns

Your bouquet is a must to add to your list of elopement wedding accessories. Since you aren’t having a traditional wedding, you don’t need to worry about matching a color scheme or pleasing anyone when it comes to this. You should always, even if you are having a big wedding, create a bouquet that you’ll love! This accessory will be by your side through many pictures, so it’s important to think about what you want. Take your accessory a step further and create a flower crown from the same flowers as your bouquet!

This bride, for instance, styled her bouquet in beautiful, colorful flowers in this Hawaiian Sunrise Elopement.

6. Hiking Boots or Wear Comfortable Shoes

“These boots are made for walking” should be your theme song when searching for your wedding shoes. Elopement brides are free to wear any shoe they want, but we love it when brides opt for the adventurous option and pick hiking boots. There is nothing more fun than seeing a bride in her beautiful wedding gown, hiking in her wedding boots!

Photo by Celestine Aerden

7. Backpacking Gear

If you are writing down what wedding accessories you should look for, then you may want to include some hiking gear! Backpacks are a must for adventurous elopements such as mountain elopements! We love how this bride packed her bouquet in her bag, so she can enjoy her elopement adventure!

Photo by  Zoe Steindl

8. Statement Accessories

If you are going to wear a simple wedding gown because you want to have more mobility during your wedding day, then you should look into some beautiful statement pieces such as earrings or a necklace. This bride, for example, wore golden earrings with her flowy gown during her Seaside California Elopement.

9. Fur Coats and Shawls

Is your wedding day during winter? If so, then your ultimate go-to wedding accessory should be a fur coat, shawl, or blanket. Winter weddings are gorgeous, but we highly suggest bringing something warm to cuddle with your honey. Our 18 Winter Wedding Photo Ideas for This Holiday Season covers more accessory ideas for winter brides.

10. Bridal Jackets

If you want to make a statement, then a bridal jacket is your number one best bet. We are obsessed with leather and jean jackets that have a bride’s new last name! Bridal jackets are also unique and allow your personality to show. 

These elopement wedding accessories are great options to keep in mind when planning your elopement day.

Your wedding day should be all about you, so it is only fitting that we created this blog specifically for our brides who love adventure.

Are you ready to start planning your elopement? You should also check out our other Elopement Planning Resources to help you along your journey.

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