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All The Benefits That Come With Your Wandering Weddings Base Membership

If you’re here, then you’re probably wondering what the benefits of a Wandering Wedding’s base membership are. Whether you’re brand new to our community of vendors or have been here a while, we want to break down why our yearly membership is essential for your business’s growth. While there are other wedding blogs and directories out there, Wandering Weddings focuses primarily on elopements and intimate wedding adventures. This focus makes Wandering Weddings an awesome tool to buckle down and target your “ideal couple”.

We have and always will focus on the value we provide to our members and the couples we serve. Let’s break down why $200/year for our base membership is a great investment.

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As a new business, building your domain authority is key to start building up your Google rankings. Higher Google rankings = more organic (FREE) traffic to your website. When you create your profile with us on our site, you instantly get a backlink from us, which is a total win since Wandering Weddings has a TON of keywords ranking on the first page on Google.

Why is domain authority and building backlinks important for your business?

Building solid backlinks will help with your domain authority and overall SEO. As your domain authority increases, Google will pay more attention to your website’s home, blog, and other relevant pages to rank for certain keywords. Not to mention, since Wandering Weddings is already well established within the elopement niche, our backlink is basically telling Google you’re relevant too!

Check out what you need to know about SEO for your elopement business.

Blog Submission

Did you know we source all of our content for our website directly from our members? We decided to do this because we wanted to provide as much value as possible for our members. This also gets more eyes on your work.

Our blog focuses on multiple areas when it comes to planning an elopement or intimate wedding such as location guides, planning resources, engagement planning, and elopement stories to help inspire couples who plan.

When you have a base membership with us, you automatically get the exclusive right to not only submit your elopements to us for a potential feature, but we also source specific content from our members through our members-only Facebook Page.

Why is it worth submitting to our blog?

Not only do you get more eyes on your work, along with some awesome social features, you’ll also get another backlink from us (and you know Google loves another good backlink)!

If we ever use any of your work, we always let our members know. We’re pretty good at sending you updates about that!

Have you submitted to our blog? Submit your favorite elopements here.

Social Media Features

Another exclusive opportunity our members have is to submit their work to feature on our social media.

Why is this important?

Everyone is on social media, including your dream client, so being active on social media on your end and submitting for a feature on our end is ESSENTIAL to your business growth.

We share almost ALL of our blog features on all of our social channels. Rather than having a separate submission form for social, we encourage you to submit to our blog. If/when your submission is accepted, we will also share that feature and content across our social channels that get over a million monthly impressions!

Exclusive Partner Discounts

We said it before, and we’ll say it again. Your growth is our priority. We want to see all of our members succeed and book more elopements. In order to ensure your growth, we’ve partnered with key brands to offer you discounts to apply to your business.

Some of these discounts include a killer SEO course (our team has taken it, so we think you should too) and a discount for Flodesk because email marketing is still very important for your business growth. It’s also a great way to share your blogs with your new and past clients.


Members-Only Facebook Group

Wandering Weddings has two main Facebook groups, a general Wandering Weddings FB group and a Member-Only one. Being active in both of these groups is great for not only sharing your work but connecting with like-minded people in your niche too.

We especially encourage our members to be active in our members-only group. This group is used for 2 main purposes. 1) To keep our members updated and in the loop. 2) We post in this group when we are looking for specific content for upcoming resources. Staying active in this group and sharing your work with us in just ANOTHER way to get your work featured on our blog (and potentially our social media).


Becoming a featured vendor – MORE LEADS!!

We created this resource because we wanted our current and future members to understand the overall value your base membership at Wandering Weddings has. The question many members ask us; however, is how many leads and elopements will I book through my base membership?

While you can absolutely book elopements, post elopement adventures, and engagements, through your base membership with us, it’s important to talk about our overall growth.

If you’re looking for something above and beyond just being part of our community and the benefits listed above. We would strongly suggest inquiring about a featured vendor spot. Approximately 76% of the leads that we see coming through our site to our members are going to featured vendors. This is due to the premium placement of these featured vendors. Becoming a featured vendor gets your listing shown first in our directory for the location you are featured in. It also gets you exclusive placement on all of our top resources for each specific location. This is something only Wandering Weddings offers as far as we know. We want our vendors to be seen as much as possible, so why limit showing our amazing vendors in directory results only? Organic search traffic is where 74% of our website traffic comes from. And these pages are where we are displaying our featured vendors!

Please keep in mind these are premium placement spots and availability is limited. To become a featured vendor, you must first hold a base $200/yr membership.


What questions do you have about your Wandering Weddings membership? Connect with us in our Facebook group or send us an email!

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