Sunrise Elopement at the Beach to Waihee Coastal Dunes in Maui, Hawaii

Planning an elopement usually means an all-day adventure for most couples. This styled Waihee Coastal Dunes elopement in Maui, Hawaii is the inspiration you need to start planning your wedding day in gorgeous Hawaii. Cadence Feeley, the photographer from Cadencia Weddings, gives us all the advice and ideas couples can use to make the most of their day.

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Waihe’e Coastal Dunes elopement inspiration in Hawaii

Photography by Cadencia Weddings

Planning an All-Day Adventure For Your Maui Elopement

Since you’re planning an elopement, that means you can do whatever you want. If that means waking up early to enjoy the sunrise and a gorgeous secluded beach in Maui as the sun came up, then go for it!

Another reason why you should plan an all-day adventure in Hawaii is the island has so much to offer. Hawaii is also a perfect destination to continue your honeymoon after your ceremony.

With that being said, connect with your photographer and ask about full-day coverage, so you’ll be able to document not just your emotional vows during your elopement ceremony, but the small moments leading up to your I do’s.

couple at beach in Maui before elopement adventure

Planning a Maui Elopement Wedding Day

Cadence tells us there are many reasons why eloping on Maui is the best choice for many couples. Imagine enjoying endless views from stunning beaches to the lush jungles. The options are endless. There is an intimate trip ready for you two to experience on the islands.

Here are her top three tips when eloping on Maui:

  • Explore different parts of the island. Couples eloping on Maui are typically ditching the big traditional vows and looking for a celebration that is as unique as their love. The trip to the islands marks the beginning of a wild, deep, and authentic journey together, and the island is a beautiful place to begin this exploration. There are various micro-climates and each ahupuaʻa (land division) has its own characteristics and beautiful sites, so plan a few days before and after your elopement to adventure!
  • Hire a local photographer who knows and respects the ʻāina (land). A local photographer will guide you every step of the way in planning your elopement. They will ensure you’re getting married in place that’s pono (right), respectful, and legal. Many places are kapu (forbidden) for cultural reasons, and having a photographer who has a relationship with the ʻāina and community ensures you and your partner are good to go! As a Maui photographer, my priority is providing the most magical experience and photography for my couples while also protecting the environment and honoring the Hawaiian culture. Your photographer can also answer your questions about activities and craft up an elopement day adventure with the best things to do on the island!
  • Start your marriage application online. The State of Hawaii has an online system so couples can log-in, fill out, and pay for their marriage license application easily. Once you arrive on the island, you’ll finalize your application with an agent, and then you’re good to go. And LGBTQ+ couples, same-sex weddings have been legal in Hawaii since 2013! The marriage application is $60, plus a $5 administrative fee.

couple at Maui beach before elopement ceremony

Popular Areas to Explore in Maui, Hawaii

During this Waihee Coastal Dunes elopement styled session, the couple explored the Dunes and Wetlands Refuge. You can easily see how picturesque this location is with gorgeous landscape views and stunning greenery all around.

However, it’s worth noting this area, and a lot of the popular spots to visit during your elopement is protected lands. Waihee Coastal Dunes and Wetlands Refuge is protected by the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust. Here you’ll find trails to explore and archaeological and cultural resources that are preserved. If you’re planning your elopement here, then please remember to respect the lands and leave no trace (LNT).

There are other places to elope in Maui, and each of these spots offers unique elopement experiences for couples.

“The southside beaches in Wailea offer perfect sunsets and expansive beaches. Haleakalā offers views above the clouds at 10,023 ft. Hāna on the east side is perfect for a quiet, lush experience. There are so many options! Whether you’re looking to be in the mountains with expansive island views, on the beach with the ocean peacefully lapping at your feet, at the top of a volcano at watching the sunset, or at a waterfall, Maui has every option for the adventurous couple.” [Cadence]

Explore some of our favorite places to elope in Hawaii.

elopement portraits in Waihe’e Coastal Dunes

Styling Your Elopement Day

Since Hawaii is a tropical, warm, and all-around gorgeous spot to elope, there isn’t much needed when styling your elopement. You can keep it as simple as this couple during this session, embracing the natural beauty of Maui, or you can team up with local vendors who can help style your elopement.

“Flower arrangements, live ukulele, romantic picnic spreads with local ingredients and fruits, a talented hair and makeup artist, and gorgeous traditional lei with native plants, Maui has some of the best wedding creatives in the world. You can go simple and affordable, or style out your elopement to your wildest dreams, there are options for everyone in Hawaii.” [Cadence]

Check out why you should hire an elopement planner to help you style your wedding day.

Waihe’e Coastal Dunes elopement couple kissing

Ready to Elope Together?

Do you want to plan an adventure like this Waihee Coastal Dunes elopement? How about something entirely different? Remember you can plan whatever wedding adventure you want when you decide to elope.

“I love to help my couples not only embrace their love through a ceremony that’s uniquely them but have an entire day focused around unguarded, wild, human connection. Elopements allow everything to fall away for the couples I photograph, and the artful documentation of this love lasts a lifetime in albums and prints to hold in the hands. Elopements are about this joyful and spontaneous space together in nature, and it’s an honor to photograph this love.” [Cadence]

couple exploring beach after maui elopement


Photography | Cadencia Weddings

MUA/Hair | MeiLi Autumn Beauty
Florals | Hawaiʻi Flora Fauna
Dress | Rue De Seine  rental from Jordan Jankun Dress Rental 

 Photos from This Wailea Sunrise and Waihee Coastal Dunes Elopement

couple at Maui beach before elopement ceremony

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