You’ll Love This Fairytale Elopement With Family at Wahclella Waterfall in OR

You’ll Love This Fairytale Elopement With Family at Wahclella Waterfall in OR

We can’t think of anything dreamier than a waterfall elopement within a forest in Oregon. Wahclella Waterfall is a gorgeous elopement spot for couples who want an intimate wedding adventure setting. Michael and Annalia included a few family members, best friends, and fur babies during their micro wedding ceremony! We love how this couple mixed together cosmic details and fashion all during their hiking adventure.

“If you take the time to figure out what you value and put that at the forefront everything else will fall into place. Find joy in the moments themselves instead of trying to curate something perfect!” [Naba, the photographer]

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Planning Your Elopement at Wahclella Falls

Wahclella Falls is within Columbia River Gorge. It’s one of the many forest sites you can explore and plan your ceremony at.

“The location itself is beautiful and very fun for couples who are looking for a little bit of an adventure. As of 2021, we didn’t need any permits for Michael and Annalia since their group was as small as it was! However, I would definitely say that the location they choose to have their actual ceremony does require a little bit of climbing. The trek to the falls itself is also about a 2-mile out-and-back hike! As for LNT information, nothing out of the ordinary for this spot- our couple only brought in flowers and we took them with us when we left!” [Naba, the photographer]

Leave no trace (LNT) is very important during all outdoor elopements and micro weddings. Remember to leave the location exactly how you found it. Please remember, permits and regulations can change from one day to the next. It’s incredibly important to double-check with not just your vendors, but the park too. Get the latest special use permit information here.

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Deciding to Elope

Micahel and Annalia tell us they actually did all their planning remotely, including picking their elopement location! They shared with their videographer they wanted to have a short hike accessible to their small group, and Wahclella Falls was suggested to them!

“We chose an elopement instead of a traditional wedding because we wanted to get married in nature. It was also during covid so we figured it would be best to do something outdoors, and why not do it at a waterfall!?” [The Couple]

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Planning a Micro Wedding Ceremony Within an Oregon Adventure

The couple admits that planning remotely was a bit stressful because they didn’t even see their location till the day of. We recommend mentioning how you’ll set up your ceremony with your vendors, who can point you in a better direction. We also suggest maybe asking your photographer to facetime you at the location a couple of days or weeks prior if they have some time in their schedule.

This couple planned a micro wedding ceremony during their elopement, included more traditional elements, and planned a post-elopement reception with their friends and family who adventures with them.

“We still wanted to include a few more traditional elements, and I’m really happy we did. We met up with everyone at a restaurant, Renata, in Portland and had an outdoor dinner and dancing. There were so many elements to piece together like the food choices, cake, DJ, drinks, etc. All that being said, my biggest piece of advice would be to visit your location in advance to relieve some of the stress and find a reception venue that is adaptive to your wants/needs.” [The couple]

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Top Tips for Planning a Waterfall Wedding Adventure

I would definitely make sure that the location is accessible for any of your members that might have physical disabilities or are elderly! This hike does have some areas that are steep and require uphill climbs. Everyone in this group was ultimately able to get there and back, but we did have some moments where the wedding party had to help grandparents in and out! So just something to keep in mind!

Another tip would definitely be to keep hydrated. It sounds so simple and obvious, but truly for any wedding during the summer and one where hiking is involved, it is something that is easily forgotten about in the excitement!

And finally- and honestly probably my most important tip! Please make sure your couple is informed and everyone that is coming with them to wear shoes that are appropriate and have traction!” [Naba, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the Photographer:

“So many favorites!! Can we take a moment for Annalia’s boots alone? Fashion forward and actually reliable for hiking!? Amazing.

I loved their first look so much. They took a moment after to hold hands and take three deep breaths together. It is something that is an integral part of their relationship outside of their wedding day to connect and ground themselves and I loved how and when they chose to incorporate that.

Another was right after their ceremony- they took off like children exploring and climbing and being in wonder of what was around them and I love that so much!! Especially when my couples talk about how important nature is to them.”

From the Couple:

“My favorite part of the experience was just spending it with my husband and the people we love. We made sure before the day started to promise we would stick together the whole day. I’m really glad we made that choice, rather than it being about entertaining all of our guests, we actually got to enjoy our time together, surrounded by everyone we love!”

Hard to pick my absolute favorite part but, the top three would be:

  1. Saying our vows in such a gorgeous location (not to mention how perfect the weather was for us)
  2. The phenomenal food Renata provided
  3. The dancing at the end of the night was definitely a highlight for everyone!

Hire a Photographer You Trust is ESSENTIAL

“It’s so important to vibe well with your photographer because you really do spend more time with them than any of your guests, especially for an elopement like ours. We sent our entire wedding party off to the reception and kept adventuring and shooting photos with Naba at our location. It was super fun! We both highly recommend setting aside time for private photos following your ceremony. Those are precious memories.” [The Couple]

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Photography | Naba Zabih Photography

Florals | Lilly and Iris
Dress | Grace Loves Lace
Reception | Renata

Videographer | Kilen Murphy

Photos From This Wahcella Waterfall Elopement


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