Vow Renewal Ideas: Mountainside Vow Inspiration
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Vow Renewal Ideas: Mountainside Vow Inspiration

Elopements have become an increasingly popular way to get married. Our Pinterest board has been getting loads of attention lately, and we are so thrilled more couples are seeking unique wedding ceremony options. What happens, however, for couples who are already married? Vow renewals are also popular here at Wandering Weddings, and this inspiration will give you a first-hand experience on how simple vow renewal ideas you can easily recreate.

Tiffany Fleming, the photographer from Jekalo Photography, shared an inspirational and cozy vow renewal between this adorable couple, Damon and Sarah, in Big Bear, CA. Tiffany and her team of creatives worked hard to showcase the simplicity and beauty that can be experienced during a vow renewal. These vow renewal ideas are for couples who still want epic pictures in their wedding attire. That wedding dress was probably expensive ladies, so give your dress a second purpose and plan an epic adventure together!

If you want to get more inspiration for your vow renewal adventure, then check out the photos from this mountainside vow renewal hike.

romantic cabin getting ready for vow renewal

Photography by Jekalo Photography

Vow Renewal Ideas

A lot of couples reach out to us and ask what they should do for their vow renewal. Tiffany presents great ideas couples can incorporate to achieve a simple, adventurous, and romantic vow renewal. In a lot of ways, adventurous elopements and vow renewals come from the same concept: putting the couple first. Whatever you decide to do, we suggest following these two guidelines:

vow renewal ideas: hiking

Do Something, You Both Love

This vow renewal goes over everything you need to cover for a vow renewal including a relaxing day in a cozy cabin, an adventurous hike, and romantic vows as the sunset. Once you decide you both want to renew your wedding vows, plan to do something you both bond over. This can be hiking, surfing, snowboarding, painting, or even visiting a location that means a lot to both of you. 

Tiffany suggests couples be completely themselves, and to not stray away from it. If you both want to act romantic and forget the photographer is there, go for it. If you want to be goofy and make silly faces, then that’s ok too!

“This couple was so comfortable and so natural when we were documenting them because they were doing what they loved to do! And it showed. There was no pressure to do things they didn’t want to do or to do anything that they weren’t comfortable with. It was planned just like any other adventure, the only difference was our small crew was there to capture it. Always allow things to happen organically and the rest will follow.” [Tiffany]

sharing a cup of coffee during vow renewals

Make it a Whole Day Event and Get Ready Together

We love how these two spent their day together in this 50s style cabin, and then got ready to go on their vow renewal adventure together. We also love how simplistic this creative team kept this vow renewal. A great vow renewal idea is to keep things simple, yet prioritize the whole day to enjoy each other’s company and to not feel rushed. 

Before leaving on their adventure, the couple shared a cup of coffee and snuggled together. Tiffany tells us one of her favorite moments was when Damon put a record on and started to dance with Sarah. 

“We wanted to capture not just a session, not just a moment of the special day… but a whole day out with the couple. From start to finish. In our imagery, I’m the video… we wanted to tell a story, a story that started from the time they woke up to the time the renewed their vows as the sun was setting.” [Tiffany]

vow renewal ideas

How to Prepare for a Vow Renewal Ceremony

If you want to plan an adventurous vow renewal, we have realized that the planning process isn’t too different from an elopement. Just like an elopement, Tiffany suggests keeping the weather in mind and pack accordingly. 

Our team thinks It’s also a good idea to have a plan B, but we also love it when couples embrace mother nature’s mood swings. There is always a solution, so our biggest advice is to never freak out. If it looks like it’s going to rain, maybe try embracing it or bringing an umbrella to share. The important thing is for the couple to have fun!

“I would make sure the crew they hire to document the day is fully prepared to embark on the adventure you plan to set out for. It was interesting carrying all our gear up a boulder, down narrows paths as we hiked and traveled through the mountain, but we knew this ahead of time. Thus, we really downsized our equipment and only brought what we thought was necessary.” [Tiffany]

getting ready for vow renewal

 When to Renew Vows

We get this question a lot, so we decided to ask Tiffany. When should I renew my wedding vows? Tiffany tells us she has realized that couples want to renew their vows after something significant has happened in their lives. There are also no set rules or guidelines as to when you should or shouldn’t renew your wedding vows.

“Whether that be one year, five years, or even a month after they’ve originally gotten married. Something in their life has changed or happened, and they want to celebrate the fact they are still heavily in love, and that they made it through together. What better way to document the times then to profess their love to one another in a vow renewal?” [Tiffany]

Despite what traditions may dictate, you can renew your vows whenever and however you both want to. 

vow renewal ceremony

How to Renew Vows

If you are thinking about having an adventure together and renewing your vows, then just go for it! When a couple decides to renew their vows, they both want to remind each other of the promises they once made and set new goals and promises to accomplish. Some couples also want to renew their vows to celebrate their relationships, no matter how long they have been married. 

Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Decide what you both want to do and where you are going to renew your vows. Our best places to elope list provides some pretty epic locations to choose from.
  2. Pick out a vow renewal dress. We love these nontraditional and colored wedding dresses, or you can wear your original wedding dress.
  3. Pick your vendors and style your special day. We love how simple these two kept their vow renewal incorporating a beautiful bouquet and hiking boots. 
  4. Write Your Vow Renewals!

“When writing your story, and adding new chapters, don’t worry about the small things. Don’t put too much thought on being correct, or making sure everything’s perfect. When you love deeply, when you allow yourself to be present for both the small moments and the big ones, and when you give without expecting anything in return, everything else just falls in place. Your story is unique and doesn’t look like anyone else’s, so don’t compare it to anything.” [Tiffany]

vow renewal on scrolls

 How to Write Vow Renewals

We have previously talked about how to write wedding vows, so it’s not surprising if you are wondering how to write vow renewals. From our experience, both are similar, but vow renewals touch more upon how far you both have come from your wedding day. 

The couple in this simple vow renewal adventure had their vows written on scrolls. 

“They never heard or read each other’s vows until the actual vow renewal. As they read them to each other, you can just see the emotion between the two. It was like they were just there alone on the shore of a lake with no one else.” [Tiffany]

wife reading vow renewals

Wedding Renewal Vow Examples

To get a better idea of where you should start in your vow renewals, check out excerpts from the couple during this romantic vow renewal: 

 Sarah’s Vow Renewal Example:

“Three years ago I met you, and a year and a half ago I married you. I still can’t believe somebody so perfect for me exists in this world. Me, the ultimate planner, who wants to have everything figured out, had all her plans rocked the moment I met you. Because I knew you were worth changing my plans over. I knew it when I first met you and I know it even stronger now, that I want to share my whole life with you, and I’m thankful for a husband that desires to squeeze the most out of life, who is down to evolve his dreams, no matter how wild, into reality.

I am proud of the way you have dove into running your own business. I’m thankful for a husband who sees the beauty in others – who advocates for and is a friend to the outcasts. I’m thankful for a husband who chooses God as his cornerstone and strength, who has a steadfast faith and a soft heart along with his grit. And I’m Thankful for a husband who chooses to love me even when I’m unlovable and don’t deserve it. True love is sacrificial, and my heart has grown softer to you every time I’ve experienced sacrificial love, and I promise to always love you till my last day on this earth. I promise to never ever give up on you, no matter how hard life gets. I look forward to growing old and sharing my whole life with you Damon.”

Damon’s Vow Renewal Example: 

 “The best years of my life started when we said, ‘I do’. I’ve grown so fond of your laughter and smile. We were so in love, so quickly, and that hasn’t changed a bit. I’m so happy to call you my wife.

Our life together continues to evolve and change as we grow together. As I continue to learn more about you I fall even deeper in love with you.What an incredible woman of God you are. I’m marveled by your faith in Jesus. I’m continuously amazed by your beauty. How witty and silly you can be. Unmatched strength and courage.

I vow to make you better meals… I vow to be there for you in the tough and good times… I vow to listen to you when have a lot on your mind… I vow to be a source of reason… I vow to continue learning about you…

I vow to have your back… I vow to encourage you… I vow to support your dreams and aspirations… I vow to be your forever adventure partner… I vow to be the best husband I can be… I vow to love you all of my days… I love you so much.” 

All Vendors in This Vow Renewal Inspiration


Photos From This Mountainside Vow Renewal Hike

Get more ideas as we feature the whole vow renewal inspiration session from Jekalo Photography and her team. Feel free to jump to what you want to see most.

Cozy Cabin Inspiration

Vow Renewal Hike Inspiration and Getting Ready

Vow Renewal Sunset Inspiration

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Cozy Cabin Inspiration

Vow Renewal Hike Inspiration and Getting Ready

Vow Renewal Sunset Inspiration


If you are loving this vow renewal ideas inspiration, then you should check more styled inspiration to further inspire you to plan your special day together. 

Thank you, Tiffany, from Jekalo Photography, for sharing this vow renewal inspiration.

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