Yana B | Intimate Weddings & Adventure Elopements

Yana B | Intimate Weddings & Adventure Elopements

Based In: Michigan, always stoked to adventure elsewhere!
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: Yana B | Intimate Weddings & Adventure Elopements

Yana B | Intimate Weddings & Adventure Elopements

Based In: Michigan, always stoked to adventure elsewhere!
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

Hey there, lovelies, my name is Yana! I am a European living in Michigan, crazy in love with the California coastline, zinfandels, ambient music and a good hearty pho. I photograph intimate weddings, adventure elopements and couples sessions worldwide. I adore free spirited couples that are stoked to share their adventures together and I would LOVE to help you find your epic landscapes and create an unforgettable adventure tailored to your vision for the day.


In the past decade, I have been working to create an inclusive brand that elevates diversity, cherishes unorthodox styles and values experiences over things. It is deeply satisfying to create meaningful, authentic, timeless imagery for couples I connect with on a personal level. Having the opportunity to be so closely involved in passionate expressions of love (whatever that might look like) creates unspeakable value and happiness in my life.

Let me guide you through this experience.


Having photographed over two hundred love stories I understand that every wedding celebration is different, so I focus on a personalized approach tailored to your vision for the day, guiding you through building a comfortable timeline step by step and helping you select your own meaningful location for your day.

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I capture unposed candid moments of your interactions full of raw affection, the split second, when you forget someone is watching, the uninhibited laugh you share with your partner. I revolt against the generic and the staged, I stand for raw emotions and candid moments captured with passion and care, as unique as your love story is, one of a kind. I simply observe and document the connection between two untamed souls wildly in love and preserve the essence of the moment in still images. 

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Need more information? Check out my website for more details! It’s filled with planning advice, blog posts, and photos of real couples that took me on their wedding/elopement journey. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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PUBLISHED ON WANDERING WEDDINGS: Adventurous Michigan elopement at Lake Superior.

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In every way Yana exceeded our expectations. We were lucky enough to secure her services with relatively short notice. We knew nothing about adventure elopement, other than we wanted our day to be unique, special and beautiful, and that it would just be the two of us. Our plan was loose, with only a general idea of where we wanted to hold the ceremony. We definitely needed some guidance. Without prompting, Yana provided half a dozen adventurous location options (and weather contingencies), including details such as hotel recommendations, how to secure flowers and makeup, and food options in each location. Yana then actively helped us narrow down our options and ultimately choose the ideal wedding spot. The day of the ceremony, Yana was punctual, considerate and thoughtful. Her demeanor was laid back and she was dedicated to making sure we were getting the most romantic and creative images. We very much enjoyed her company throughout the event. It was a fun and professional day. Finally, both the turnaround time and photo quality were orders of magnitude more excellent than we could have imagined. Colorful, expressive and bold, the photographs captured the moment while leaping from the page. Truly incredible. We have been begging to show them to everyone we see. We absolutely recommend Yana to anyone looking to elope. Amazing service, quality and experience.

Amy & Marcus

Yana is an incredible photographer, and if you decide to work with her, you’ll be left extremely happy you made the decision! We were excited to get our engagement photos done, but have never done professional photos before, and had to start from scratch. We didn’t know what the best location to be, what to wear, or anything. Working with Yana was the answer to all of those questions! She suggested we do it at the Silver Lake Dunes on Lake Michigan, and the photoshoot that ensued was nothing short of a complete delight. She was very professional and gave us plenty of directions, while also keeping it fun and lighthearted. It’s a tough task to make two people unfamiliar with posing or photography look and feel comfortable, but she did both seamlessly. We spent two fun hours doing a series of different positions, angles, activities, etc, and to say that the photos turned out wonderfully would be a huge understatement! We had high expectations since we knew that she was talented from her posts on Instagram, but she still managed to blow us away! We hoped to have the photos ready to send Save the Dates in a month, but she had nearly all of them processed in two days! Delivering that kind of all around great, considerate service, while still making it all an enjoyable experience is what sets Yana apart. So to sum it all up, like we said earlier, if you want a photographer who will capture all the love and emotions of your special moments and provide a wonderful experience, you couldn’t ask for a better person than Yana!

Emily & Marshall

I don't know where to even start. Yana is truly a beautiful being. I knew when I was looking through her website that she was the photographer for us. Not only did she deliver amazing wedding photos but more importantly she made me feel at ease. One less thing to worry about. Weddings can be so stressful! I tend to be very sensitive to energy and sometimes worry about things incessantly so of course our wedding wasn't an exception. haha. But her responsiveness and attention to detail really put me at ease. I felt she was as invested as we were in our wedding. It was never weird or awkward to have her around. She blended right in with our guests. I can't express how happy we are that we picked Yana as our wedding photographer. She was everything I could've dreamed for and more. Her vision really aligned with everything we wanted. She went above and beyond -- always had great suggestions. She knew our theme was "Romantic Boho" and even offered to bring her own peacock chair as a prop. Which was so thoughtful and outside the box. I felt that we were always on the same page and that really resonated with me. Its so important for me to feel a connection and thats what I felt when working with her. I highly recommend Yana for your wedding, elopement, etc.

Priscilla & Jake
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