Based In: Denver, Colorado
Business Attributes: Woman Owned


Based In: Denver, Colorado
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

WILDLY IN LOVE is a destination elopement planner who partners with wildly in love couples to create adventurous, elopement experiences around the world!

After 8+ years in the wedding and event industry, I finally found my true passion – creating adventurous elopement experiences for wildly in love couples. The real, genuine love story moments are why I do what I do. While I’m all about aesthetic vibes, dreamy elopement locations, and creating efficient logistical plans, at the end of the day it’s you being wildly in love with your person, I care about the most.

One of the reasons I love elopements so much is because it gives couples the freedom to truly focus on their love story and how they want to celebrate a life long commitment to each other.

So let me use my creativity, attention to detail, and passion for adventure to plan one of the most memorable days of your life. Let me hold your bouquet while we climb to the top of a mountain for you to exchange vows. Let me figure out the best local spots in a foreign country to explore after you say “I do”.  Let me help you with the tricky parts of the elopement planning process, while you enjoy being WILDLY IN LOVE!

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There aren't enough positive adjectives in the world to complete this review. We, like many other couples, had to cancel our dream wedding after a year and a half of planning and on top of that, my husband had lost his father to COVID. We got married in a small backyard ceremony in October as a way to put some positivity into our families' lives after such loss, but it wasn't what I had wished for. At the time, we still thought we'd have our big wedding so I didn't wear my dress or veil, I didn't get my hair and makeup done, and I let so many things slide that took away from my enjoyment of the day. On top of that, the last-minute photographer I hired to capture this day was less than ideal and we didn't end up with practically any good photos. When I reached out to my original wedding photographer about planning a destination elopement to get my "princess" moment in the dress and veil, she immediately recommended we reach out to Sydney. I'll admit, at first I was apprehensive. Why did we need a wedding planner for just one day of photos and a vow exchange? We thought that it didn't make sense to spend the money, and we could figure it out with our photographer alone. I respect and trust my photographer, so I wanted to at least take the meeting and hear Sydney out, so that's what we did. I was immediately taken by her enthusiasm and genuine concern about making this day the redemption we deserved after facing such a bad 2020. She had amazing ideas right from the get go and was more than willing to work within our budget and make sure the day entailed everything we thought we missed out on. When we got to Hawaii, she arranged to go pick up from the florist herself and hair/makeup people were coming to me so I didn't need to worry about a single detail. On top of that, Sydney was already there scouting all the locations and making sure everything was perfect. I am SO thankful she took the time to do this, because it ended up that most of the locations we had picked beforehand were either closed to the public or not ideal for photos. She was up late the night before our shoot working her butt off to make sure the backups she had previously planned (because she's a super pro and extra prepared) were going to be just as breathtaking, and she DELIVERED. We spent the ENTIRE day with her and my photographer driving all around Oahu to the most gorgeous places I have ever seen and getting our dream photos. She was an absolute pro and made sure we didn't lift a single finger, even though it wasn't even our wedding day. My husband and I could not stop smiling the whole day, and when it was all said and done, we were both speechless. I literally could not believe how impressed my husband was. After the initial awe wore off, he couldn't stop talking about how grateful he was that we ended up hiring her and how perfect the day was. Obviously I felt the same way, but to hear him (someone who thinks everything in the wedding industry is overpriced and can be done DIY) repeatedly say it made every cent worth it. If you think a planner isn't necessary because you're so laid back and low maintenance about your day, THINK AGAIN. Never in a million years did I think I would need a planner for my big wedding, let alone an elopement, and I could not have been more wrong. Sydney made that day the best one of my life and I will be working forever to pay the debt I owe her for that. HIRE SYDNEY NOW. DON'T EVEN THINK TWICE.

Andie G.

Sydney from WILDLY actually planned TWO weddings for us! because of covid and several different variables, we ended up having to plan two totally separate ceremonies. the ceremony and reception we ended up having was absolutely perfect! we had no idea what we were doing, and sydney was totally willing and ready to help answer any question we had. from the beginning, Sydney thought of everything. she has such an expansive, talented community that she had a great relationship with every vendor we had which made coordinating the whole team so effortless. on the day of our wedding, i don't think anything went not-as-planned. if it did, she made sure it was solved before i could have ever stressed about it. it was a dream. i was able to just sit back and soak in all of the joy and excitement of my wedding day. every time i saw a new part of our day (the alter, the dinner table, etc.), my jaw fell on the floor. it was so much more beautiful than i could have ever imagined. it honestly wasn't how i pictured my wedding day at all, but now i cannot imagine having it any other way! we are so thankful Sydney made it such a special day for us!!

Madison G.

Prefacing this review by saying that my fiancé (now husband! ) decided to “sign papers” in March 2021, exactly 1 year from the day that he proposed. Our engagement happened right when quarantine started, so needless to say, we did not do any wedding planning with all of the uncertainty around us, for the last year. We are still planning on having a ceremony in the future, but more towards 2022, and this day would be the day we celebrate our marriage just the two of us, and be legally married in an intimate setting. We met Sydney through our photographer who mentioned that Sydney had a lot of great experience with smaller intimate ceremonies and elopements. At first, we were of course, like many of you reading this review now, skeptical about the need to have a planner for a wedding, let alone a “paper signing” event with just me, my fiancé, and our photographer. I will tell you right now that we would not have had a successful day without Sydney there. Sydney isn’t just a planner. She is the designer, the coordinator, the budgeter, the negotiator, the visionary, and the friend that you’ll need in preparation for your day (whether it's a wedding, an elopement, a vow renewal, or even just a special day for you and your partner). You might think that you can do it all on your own- I thought the same thing. In reality, having a confidante like Sydney as part of your team for your special day, will ensure that you will not only have the day you want, but also will give you the breathing room to remember to enjoy the day yourself, which a lot of us forget to give ourselves. Our photographer caught a photo of Sydney holding my rain jacket and covering my backside while I was adjusting my shoes, when we were out in the pouring rain in Washington, D.C. which was truly just a small glimpse of the type of person that Sydney is- thoughtful, genuine, proactive, creative, detailed, and kind- just to name a few of the words that come to mind. If this review made you think an extra minute about looking into a planner, take the time to checkout Sydney and her brand, Wildly in Love. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Alice An

WILDLY IN LOVE is everything you would want in a wedding planning service! My fiancé and I got engaged and connected with Wildly In Love to plan our perfect spring wedding soon after. Once COVID-19 hit, we quickly learned that we had to say goodbye to our dream wedding and decided to create a new Plan-B. We worked with Sydney throughout the entire process as new government restrictions required us to come up with a Plan-B, then a Plan-C, then a Plan-D… It would have been so easy to get discouraged in this process, but working with Sydney completely changed our perspective. Sydney was quick to come up with new, beautiful plans and remained claim + encouraging throughout the entire process. It was impossible to get stressed about the ever-changing situation with Sydney on our side. Our day ended up being an absolute dream and we would not have had it any other way. Everyone wants to work with people they can trust as they plan their perfect day, and it was so easy to do that with Wildly in Love. 10/10 would recommend, and now through this, I feel like I have a friend in Sydney for life!

Taylor T.

Sydney planned and designed the most magical day for us complete with a picnic in the wildflowers up in the mountains we love so much. She seriously took care of everything, made it all flow so seamlessly, and made us look/feel like absolute rock stars! Cannot say enough good things about the experience, how great she was to work with, and how beautifully everything came together!

Caitlin A

Initially I was a bit skeptical in using a wedding planner but Sydney proved me wrong. From the day we started using her, she helped my now current wife, tremendously, planning out the logistics of the day of the event and utilizing her network of vendors that we used for our event. This offloaded a lot of stress for both of us. She was also decisive as well and gave us plenty of options. On the day of the event, when our scheduled location to take pictures was no longer available, her quick thinking and knowledge of the area lead us to an even better location to take pictures at. The day was very memorable and we will not forget it. I would definitely consider using Sydney event for any event.

Paul Cho

Sydney has the incredible ability to dream up something beautiful and bring it to life! For mine and my husbands 5th anniversary, Sydney planned and styled the most special sunrise vow renewal. She set the vision, picked out our outfits, and planned the entire shoot to represent us in every way. She even woke up in the 3’s to sit with me at my house while I got ready that morning. Working with Sydney will truly feel like hanging out with a friend, and give you so much confidence about your day. Not sure of your vision? Don’t worry! Sydney has the ability to make any environment look cool — i mean, who thought DC could look edgy. She’s simply the best!

Maddie H.
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