Vow to Wander

Vow to Wander

Based In: Arizona
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: Vow to Wander

Vow to Wander

Based In: Arizona
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

Hi sweet soul! I’m Maria, an adventure elopement photographer, guide, and storyteller based out of Phoenix, AZ. My heart longs for nothing more than to storytell raw emotion, adventure & cosmic connections between kindred souls. My innate ability to experience and magically capture the emotion and energy around me is what inspires what I do in all ways.
I currently travel anywhere throughout Arizona, Southern California, Utah, and beyond, but specifically specialize in Sedona elopements for the star struck lovers captivated by red rocky mountains & mystical energy vortexes.

More than anything, I’m here to inspire and empower my couples to get married the way they want to – in a way that’s deeply meaningful and authentic to who they are. Almost nothing is off limits, and I love helping my couples dream up their wildest dreams and live it out on their cosmically created adventure wedding day.

I also am ordained and offer custom ceremony writing & creation for all of my couples interested in a truly unique and authentic elopement experience.

Are you ready to dream up the most magical, empowered, and authentically adventurous elopement day possible? If so, I’m your girl — every step of the way.

Reach out & let’s see if the stars align.



Vow to Wander


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If you think you've found your elopement photographer, I am here to tell you you have. I'm not great at having realistic expectations. I have always been a bit of a dreamer. That being said Maria delivered a set of elopement photos that brought tears to my eyes.

I almost never pictured what the actual day would be like. I was too afraid I would build it up too big, only to be disappointed by reality. I want to say that there is no amount of hoping or wishing that would have made me expect anywhere near what was delivered. I can only say that there was a little bit of magic going on that day. Maria took my husband and I (two people never before professionally photographed) and made us look natural, elegant, and effortless.

We found a photographer, a cheer leader, and a connection in Maria. She was our biggest hype woman that day. Her excitement over shots she was capturing was infectious. It made our confidence soar. Everything radiated off of her was genuine and positive. I just felt true contentness. I usually run a little anxious and low energy, but my wedding day could NOT have been further from that. There's just something about Sedona itself. Then pair that with someone who has a true passion and love for their work.... MAGIC.

One of the things that stood out the most that day was when my husband and I went off without our guests to the last location. We had plenty of time so we were hanging around outside the car waiting for the drizzle to stop before we hiked up. I saw a rainbow arcing over the path we were going to hike. I pointed it out to Maria. She shot out of the car like a rocket. I yelled "what about the rain on your camera?!?" Her exact words were "forget the camera!!!" I think that says everything about the type of person and photographer Maria is. She put a perfect shot for us over the camera she makes a living with. Capturing the moment was her number one priority. I don't think you can ask for much more.

Maria thank you for making Greg and I feel like a million bucks. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your energy. Mostly thank you for delivering the most perfect elopement photos I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. They will bring us the utmost joy and pride for the rest of our lives.

Beck & Greg

Maria is an amazing soul and you will love working with her! No need to look for another photographer, she's got you! She can plan your elopement down to the hour and she is so knowledgeable about all the places to go. (You should go to Sedona, by the way) She is easy to talk to, makes you feel important, and is just fun to be around. I felt like we were friends and I didn't even meet her until the wedding day! She made the day fun and easy and made you feel like the most beautiful people! The pictures she delivered were beyond incredible. There are no awkward photos, no formal poses, just authentic portraits capturing authentic emotions. We got our sneak peek quickly after our wedding day and were floored at what she delivered. When we got our full gallery we were over the moon. Just hire her, no regrets. You'll have pictures of your story that you couldn't get somewhere else.

Allison & Clayton

Going through an elopement can involve a lot of tough decisions, but choosing Maria as your photographer is the easiest one you can make. Not only is she an amazing and talented photographer, but she is a wonderful human being. The first time we talked to her, we could tell that Maria is thoughtful, attentive, and passionate about what she does. She took the time to get to know us and what we envisioned, and was so supportive and flexible with our concerns about any unforeseen circumstances due to COVID.
The elopement guide she put together for us was such a huge weight off of our shoulders and is a big added value to the photography package (which is already reasonably priced). She spent hours researching the best locations that fit our "vision" for the day and she even puts together a packing list for you! These were things we were stressed about doing that we no longer had to worry about. She comes prepared for any unexpected events that could arise during your day. Alex was on the verge of a panic attack when her dress strap broke, but the second Maria met Alex, she helped fix the dress with the sewing kit she had brought along. We knew we were in good hands with Maria :)
And of course the photos are incredible. Maria is a one-of-a-kind talent in capturing the beauty of the moment and the landscape. We were seriously blown away when we got our sneak peek and even more so when we got our entire collection (plus her turnaround time is great!). We can not recommend Maria enough to anyone looking for an elopement photographer.

So seriously, it’s not even a difficult decision. Go with Maria as your elopement/wedding photographer, and we promise you will love her as much as we do :)

Alex & Andrew

Oh my gosh I don't even know how to put into words how thankful I am for Maria. My fiance and I hired her for an engagement session (and for our upcoming wedding!) and I'm not going to lie, I was really nervous going into this session. We have had a very difficult year filled with a lot of loss and uncomfortable change, and I was worried that this sense of loss would reflect in our photos. Oh my gosh I was so wrong. Maria has this amazing energy where she is able to truly capture the love we share. She very quickly quashed any feelings of anxiety I had about being in front of a camera, and made it feel easy. Being "Happy" with these photos would be a gross understatement... these are phenomenal and will be treasured for the rest of our lives. I cannot wait for our wedding next year. Thank you, thank you, thank you Maria!!

Emily & Joseph

Maria was amazing! My wife and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Maria was on time, responsive leading up to the day, and was able to efficiently make changes up to the last minute due to weather conditions. She was even able to help us pick a location that would be beautiful, but also easily accessible so grandparents could be there for our wedding day. And I can't forget the pictures, they are amazing, and I cannot wait to receive the rest of them. If you are planning an elopement in the Sedona area, either just the two or you, or a small group (ours was 18 people), you cannot go wrong with Vow To Wander!

Maddie & Reed

Maria is absolutely amazing. If you are planning on eloping or getting engagement photos done BOOK WITH HER NOW. My fiancé and I had our engagement shoot in Sedona and Maria was so responsive during the entire booking process. We were pretty nervous the day of, but she made us feel SO comfortable and made the day more fun and enjoyable than we could have imagined. Our photos are beautiful and captured our dynamic perfectly! If you have a vision, Maria will go out of her way to make it happen. She has the expertise, personality, and warmth that make working with her a dream!

Rachel & Matthew

Maria was a dream to work with! She helped us plan our Sedona elopement from beginning to end. She suggested locations, places to eat, activities to do, where to get our marriage license and just about everything else. She was always open to collaboration or changing plans around depending on what my husband and I needed. I think this story truly shows Maria's professionalism and flexibility:
About two weeks before our Sedona elopement Maria had to call and let us know that due to wildfires Sedona was not open to visitors and we would have to change our elopement plans. She spoke with us calmly about our options and came up with another location and plan for us in about a day. As if that wasn't enough, a few days before we left Maria texted saying that a large storm had passed through Sedona putting out the wildfires. She helped us switch back to our original elopement plan and seemed unfazed by the changes.
Working with Maria was like working with a friend and I would highly recommend her to anyone! Ou family, friends and most of all my husband and I LOVE our pictures. We could not be happier with how everything worked out with Maria.

Natalie & Alex
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