Unleashed Elopements – Wyoming

Unleashed Elopements – Wyoming

Based In: Portland, Oregon
Photographer: Unleashed Elopements – Wyoming

Unleashed Elopements – Wyoming

Based In: Portland, Oregon


I bet you are considering eloping if you wandered here. You are absolutely brave and definitely extraordinary to make the choice of eloping and creating an authentic wedding for you and your partner!Β  I’m here to dream, craft, create, and of course – document your ultimate elopement experience – because you deserve it! You deserve to say “no” to the traditional way of marriage and choose to “unleash” you inner desires as a couple for your most important day. You get to decide on where you go, how you will adventure, who you want to celebrate with, and when to say “I do”!

If you are a lover of all things outdoors and don’t mind getting your wedding attire dirty to have an adventure – I’m your gal to hike up that mountain with you or play in the ocean with you and your pups. Unleashed Elopements is much more than providing love story documentation. I’m here to guide and help plan every step of your elopement process because I want to give you the most amazing photography experience. After all – it is your special day to cherish for a lifetime and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect and authentic to *YOU*

Your wedding day should be full of meaningful memories, experiences, and unique traditions that shine who you are as a couple. I’m your elopement photographer and planner who empowers couples to let go of the traditional way of marriage and create their ultimate authentic wedding adventure.Β 

Why Experience the “Unleashed” Way of Eloping?

Letting go of traditions can be scary – especially if eloping involves you “excluding” family or friends that you value. I’m here to let you know that eloping isn’t selfish, standard, or less real than a regular wedding. In my opinion, eloping is 100% more REAL and MEANINGFUl than a traditional wedding and I’m here to empower and help you with any challenges you may face. Couples that are brave enough like you to “let go” of the standard way of getting hitched is the reason I created this business and hope we can change the World to be more authentic.

Not only will I be your biggest supporter and love story documenter – I will also provide you will a full elopement experience. From detailed questionnaires to find your values as a couple, to creating a personalized timeline your perfect adventure with timeless images for you to value for a lifetime – I will be much more than just your typical photographer.

– It’s about time to provide you with the most amazing and adventurous wedding day that is completely yours to unleash

Why I Choose Only to Photograph Elopements

Have you ever woke up at the π•”π•£π•’π•”π•œ 𝕠𝕗 π••π•’π•¨π•Ÿ to the blue & black sky to set out for a day full of exploration? This doesn’t sound like “fun” to a lot of people..but it’s something I itch to do almost daily. There’s nothing like bundling up in your hiking gear and hiking up a silent and crowd-less trail at 5am.Β  After the few to many hours of listening to the rocks crumble beneath your feet, and watching your cold breath move out of your body – you can finally feel the warm, waking sun touch your face a you reach the summit of the mountain.

As you sit down to enjoy the amazing view of luscious, green evergreens and rolling clouds over snow-topped peaks – you take this time to reflect on your life, the world around you, and whatever else your heart desires. That’s type-two fun – my idea of a “perfect” day. I know for many of you out there experience this same feeling. Now, can you imagine doing a similar adventure with the person you are choosing to love for a lifetime – in your most favorite or desired location in THE world?!

That’s why you deserve to ditch those traditional ways and create something that is your kind of fun!

Although I have always been a romantic and planned details of my wedding day from a young age, the traditional way of weddings and receptions never felt right for me – and it definitely wasn’t for my partner. We SO wished outdoor elopements were more popular when we got hitched and is why I am 𝕀𝕦𝕑𝕖𝕣 passionate about helping couples choose to “let go” of what others want and make their own adventure. Growing up in Idaho, the outdoors have always been a huge part of my life from catching grasshoppers and fishing in childhood to camping as a family, and so much more – but choosing to specialize in outdoor & adventurous elopements isn’t about me.

It’s about having a photographer and friend that is able to understand your “crazy” desire to hike, swim, cliff jump, etc. on your wedding day. It’s having a photographer and guide that understands the outdoors on a deeper level than Pinterest and someone who is up for documenting any type of adventure you desire.Β  As your elopement photographer who doesn’t want to invest their time into traditional weddings and ONLY focus on outdoor elopements – you can rest assure that every resource and step of the process will be customized and authentic. Just like you!

What’s Your Next Step?

Because I value authenticity – I do believe that our values should fit like your favorite pair of jeans! So if you value hand-crafted experiences that are catered to exploring the outdoors with the people (and pets) you love – I’m your person. Feel free to message me here, email me at: [email protected], or fill out my contact form here to get started today!

Happy adventuring – I can’t wait for you to let go of the pressured traditions of a big wedding and create an adventure for your relationship!

xoxo – Sharlee

In the meantime, grab your FREE copy of “How to Leave No Trace for Your Outdoor Elopement” here

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Unleashed Elopements – Wyoming

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