The Miller’s Photo Co

The Miller’s Photo Co

Based In: Gulf Coast, Alabama
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: The Miller’s Photo Co

The Miller’s Photo Co

Based In: Gulf Coast, Alabama
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

About us:
-Husband & Wife Duo
-12 Years of Experience
-LGBTQ+ Welcome
-BIPOC Welcome
-Experienced Travelers
-Licensed & Insured

Abigail is:
-ADHD. So movement and adventure is my friend.
-AWKWARD. I don’t care how socially awkward you feel, I will make you feel better about yourself. If anyone’s going to face plant during a session it will be me.
-EXPERIENCED. I have been photographing weddings specifically since 2010 but have been doing portrait photography since 2008. I got my start with Seniors & Editorials so making sure you look and feel good is a well developed skill of mine.
-DOWN TO EARTH. You can rest assured that you will feel relaxed and comfortable once you get in front of my camera. Need a drink? Bring one. Have a partner that hates photos? They’ll be my new best friend by the end of our session. Like to dance? I’ve got a Spotify Premium membership and a bluetooth speaker. Plus- my TikTok Dances are phenomenal (read: subpar)

Micah is:
– DETAIL ORIENTED. He is the one who will be fixing hair strands and helping with group poses.
– WELL TRAVELED. While we both travel regularly, he’s got me beat! We always have a built in travel guru with us at all times. We can go anywhere in the World and know that he’d be able to navigate.
– HILARIOUS. Micah will be your comedian for the duration of your time with us. At least those laughing photos won’t be faked, am I right?
– THE DANCE FLOOR HYPE MAN. Need someone to liven up the party? It’s this guy right here. His proudest compliment he’s been given was from his Columbian friend who says he has Latina hips when he dances.


Like what you’re reading? Shoot us an email or hop on a call with us. We’re always down for virtual (or in person if we can make it work!) coffee or drinks!

The Miller’s Photo Co.

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Abigail and Micah are a wonderful photography team! They did our engagement and wedding photos, and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. They make it easy and fun, and all the photos are beautiful and natural. They are both delightful, talented people, and my husband and I couldn’t have made a better choice for capturing our wedding day in the way we experienced it; perfect.

Stefanie Marks

Abigail was my wedding photographer and she doesn’t fall short of amazing. If you’re looking for a photographer/hype woman/dance partner she’s your gal! She made me feel so beautiful on my wedding day and I’ll never forget that. Client for life!

Katherine Ethridge

Abigail did our engagement and wedding photos. She did an amazing job with both. Our photos were beautiful, and exactly what we wanted. My husband isn’t big on taking photos but she was a blast to work with and he enjoyed them all. We even changed our wedding plans with only a few months to spare and Abigail was extremely willing to work with us, travel, and still be our wedding day photographer which I am so great full for. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer.

Kelly Pallin

I would recommend Abigail to anyone who wants a kind, insanely talented, and attentive photographer! She was exactly what we needed and wanted for our wedding day, and our pictures are absolutely stunning. Abigail listened to everything we wanted for our day, and it shows in our photos. I told her we didn’t really want any cheesy photos, and she made sure that our photos were natural, candid, and truly representative of our day. She is so professional and amazing at her job that it made everything run so smoothly! Highly highly recommend!!

Missy Moore

No one could have captured our quirky love story any better than Abigail.
Two weeks out from my wedding, my fiancé and I had to make the tough decision to terminate our contract with another photographer. The next day fate put Abigail in our path.
She and her second shooter were energetic, creative, professional and all together a joy to work with. I would recommend this wonderful woman and her beautiful talent to ANY bride.

Deziree McGee

Our pictures far exceeded anything we hoped for... Thank you Abi for some of the most beautiful wedding pictures I've ever seen! You captured the beauty of the day and we are eternally grateful.

Sandra Richards
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