Tessa N. Brediger Photography

Tessa N. Brediger Photography

Based In: Sandy Springs, Georgia
Photographer: Tessa N. Brediger Photography

Tessa N. Brediger Photography

Based In: Sandy Springs, Georgia

I’m twenty-six, living in the Black Hills of South Dakota, married to my best friend Jake, and a lover of : a good and smoky single malt Highland scotch, beautiful light, inclusivity, and punk rock. I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like (same goes for most cats). I don’t believe there’s a limit to the number of bowls of pasta one should consume. I quote Letterkenny way too often. Cooking is my favorite activity. I absolutely love, love.

I’ve been photographing weddings for over six years now. Before love called me to this beautiful job, I studied photojournalism in college. The very first bullet point in the photojournalism code of ethics is to respect truth, however it presents itself and however it plays out.

Respect truth. Isn’t that just so beautiful? I’ve always thought that’s what photographers should do. In my six years of wedding photography, I’ve found so much of the industry only focuses on the pictures that get the most likes, the ones that are the most trendy, the ones with the most money, the ones with the biggest names behind them. That shouldn’t be the center of one of the biggest days of your life.

Love, should be the center. Honestly and truth and authenticity and freedom — those are the center of your wedding.

Eloping allows you the freedom to be yourselves in a places that makes you feel truly alive. Whether in Yosemite National Park or a state park where you had your first date, I truly believe that nature brings us back to what makes us, us. It reminds us of what’s really important in this life.

You, in nature, with the person you love. That’s what matters. I’ll be here to document your day with honesty and trust and authenticity. Whatever makes you feel that magic, I’m here for it. I’m here for you. Let’s do this.

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