Based In: NM
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Based In: NM

Hi! We’re Paul & Katie!  We are an award winning elopement photo+video couple. We specialize in helping couples plan, curate, outfit & document other-worldly adventure elopement experiences throughout the Four Corners.

Our home is in the furthest northwest corner of New Mexico which has afforded us the opportunity to develop a special expertise when it comes to navigating this area. Of course we’re willing travel anywhere but our 3 kiddos keep us pretty grounded to the Four Corners. 

 We are probably remembered most by our ability to become “fast friends” with couples. This hopefully shows through the natural, candid style in our photos and video work.

We are conservative, with Christian family values & rely on our faith to shape the ultimate outcome of our lives. We look for divine inspiration in all that we do but especially when taking couples in to these most awe-inspiring, sacred landscapes on their Wedding day.  We work hard to “Leave No Trace” and to preserve the integrity of the Earth’s majestic beauty. 

Do you find yourself resonating with any of the following adventures?

  • Deep dive into the most remote parts of the New Mexico desert
  • Exploration of the upper mountain sanctuaries throughout Colorado
  • Soaring through the arches & Mars like landscapes found throughout Southern Utah
  • Roaming the euphoric & breath taking vortexes of Arizona

If you feel a magnetic pull toward the Four Corners, and your relationship is 100% about SHARING EPIC EXPERIENCES, then we are DEFINITELY the right camera folks for you. You can partner with SHUTTERFREEK to be your Trusted Adventure Architects during one of the most significant experiences of your life!

Please visit our site and let’s begin a dialogue. We will follow these steps to help you curate the experience of a lifetime:

  1. First hone in on a date range.
  2. Help you decide on a location (if you haven’t already). We’ll show you full galleries of adventures throughout the Four Corners just to get the wheels turning.
  3. Once we’ve landed on a date and location we’ll formally book with a deposit and begin creating and “Adventure Menu”.
  4. Your Shutterfreek Adventure Menu will consist of a list of possible accommodations (Glamping options, Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Yurts, VRBO’s, RV, etc.), possible adventures in the area (horseback rides, hot air balloon, river fun, paddle boarding, hikes, climbing, repelling, biking, onewheeling, etc.), and lastly location options for your ceremony and dusk photo session.
  5. Once we’ve developed an itinerary for your trip, we’ll start connecting you with all the required vendors needed to execute the experience (this includes locking down all necessary permitting if required).

Price-wise, to hire us for an Adventure Elopement Photo+Video package with 2 shooters will start around 5K and range up to 8K (depending on travel & the duration of coverage).  1 shooter packages are an option.  “Photo only” or “video only” packages are also an option. Budget for the remainder of your trip will be determined by the accommodations, adventure, food and travel you chose. (100% Turn-Key Adventure trips where all you do is show up, are an option ranging from 12k-20K)

We can safely say that what we are doing in this space, and even within the Wandering Weddings site, is extremely unique. No one else really does what we do, the way we do it. After being at it for 15+ years you’d hope have learned a thing or 2 about how to execute these complex experiences. The learning curve was MASSIVE!  🙂 Hopefully you’ll see that expertise in our work. (Which BTW, all our work on this site is most likely outdated.) 

Please visit our site or BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR INSTA!

Thanks so much for taking the time to research our work. Congrats on your Engagement! Let’s work together to create an experience & story of a lifetime. An Adventure Elopement your friends & family won’t possibly be able to comprehend, until they see the photos & video.


New Mexico & Utah adventure elopement photography & videography duo
New Mexico & Utah adventure elopement photography & videography duo
New Mexico & Utah adventure elopement photography & videography duo
New Mexico & Utah adventure elopement photography & videography duo
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Shutterfreek is unlike any couple we’ve ever worked with. They pull off with two people what would normally require a large team. If they’re available, book this couple immediately you won’t regret it. Authentic story telling at its finest.

Raymond & Wesley

Amazing experience working with Shutterfreek! Everything was just incredible and exactly what I was dreaming up in my head. They are amazing at what they do, seriously the most impressive people I’ve met. They felt like family after it was all over. Might elope again just to hang out with them! Yes

Carolynn Caprizzi

I couldn't have asked for more magical photos! Katie and Paul were able to capture us perfectly in the photos- joy, fun, and more importantly the bond that my husband and I share. They made us feel so comfortable, and instantly knew that these would be gold!

Belinda Ng

Oh my goodness the videos Paul and Katie made were amazing!!! When we showed them at our hometown reception after having a micro wedding, the whole room was crying! People who weren’t at the wedding said they left feeling like they were there! People who were at the wedding said the videos were better than the wedding, because they were able to see different things and hear from different people! We will always treasure these! Thank you so so much! Paul and Katie, you are incredible!

Nathan & Ashley Johnston
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New Mexico & Utah adventure elopement photography & videography duo

We are Paul & Katie.

We are stoked you're here! We've been married for 15 years, have 3 kids and ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR LIFE. We were meant to do film and photography. it's been a part of DNA since childhood. Little else professionally gets us as fired up as filming couples on these intimate elopement and wedding journeys. To us, the beauty, contours and austerity of the Four Corners landscapes provide a uniquely honest backdrop for these holy passages, and drive us to continue down this path.

Wandering Since 2017

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