Ren McKenzie Photography

Ren McKenzie Photography

Based In: Washington
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: Ren McKenzie Photography

Ren McKenzie Photography

Based In: Washington
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

Ren McKenzie is an elopement photographer who wants you to be able to look back on your photos years down the road and see yourselves in them.

I want this time to be about you both, exactly as and who you are together. Your photos are not meant to be something posed or “perfect”. Your photos should be a visual echo of who you are, who you love.

My style is heavily focused on real moments.

I want this to feel and look like you, so I won’t make you do anything that feels cheesy or forced. No poses, no discomfort, no awkward half-smiles. It’s that real, authentic good stuff.

This about your moments. The ones where your lips are parted and your hands are in each other’s hair, where you hold each other close and take in the feeling of being in each other’s arms.

I hold comfort, honesty, and intimacy above all else. Don’t worry about how you look, or where to put your hands. Just close your eyes and breath each other in. Relax into the moment and let yourselves love each other

Because these photos are for you.

I photograph with your future in mind.

For you to remember the feeling of leaning on your husband’s shoulder as he zipped up your dress while you helped each other get ready.

How the warm light spilled across your wife’s face at sunset as she looked up at you, the joyful tears in her eyes.

The feeling of being wrapped in each other’s arms on your worn and comfy couch in your first apartment, the way the floorboards creaked under you as you giggled and raced down the hall to your bedroom.

I want you to remember how it was, how it felt. I want to create an experience where you come out of it loving one another more.

Because this is your love, these are your moments. This is your legacy.

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We worked with Ren for our small courthouse ceremony on Whidbey island and I was seriously blown away. She is so thoughtful, caring and TALENTED. She was very fun to work with and really wants to make sure everyone gets what they want out of the experience... but also give guidance! My husband and I both hate staged photos and were not super into the idea of professional cheesy romance photos but these are SO ROMANTIC and just pure style. Ren's style is classy and classic but also hip. We loved every moment working with Ren even though it was pouring down rain like seriously such a huge rain storm.. Ren is a trooper for sure she did not complain at all about having to work in the rain and was so kind working with us as we froze our tushies off. We loved working with her so much we hired her AGAIN like 3 days later to take pictures for us at our wedding reception. Hire her for seriously any photographer needs just do it she is the absolute best and you will not regret it!

Maya + Jack

Ren is a gem! She captured our special day, so authentically and beautifully. Our family and friends are stunned by how beautiful our photos turned out. She took the time to get to know us as individuals, our relationship, and truly listened to what we were looking for. She absolutely exceeded our expectations. I’m so grateful to have had her join us on our big day and gift us with so many beautiful memories to hold forever. I mean seriously our photos are absolutely gorgeous.

Lexi + Thomas

Ren has a warm and welcoming personality and is fun to work with! She is an expert in capturing candid moments (and those are the best ones). Fiance and I had our 1st photoshoot together and it didn't feel awkward at all! Ren goes through the effort and extra time to get to know the couple she'll be working with before doing the actual shoot.
We loved working with Ren because every communication reminded us that she cared and listened to what we wanted to convey in our photos. Thank you Ren!

Kenjie + Andrew

I don't even know where to start with our experience with Ren. From start to finish she was one of the most delightful people I have ever met.
Ren took our engagement photos on Whidbey Island, and it was honestly one of the most fun dates my fiancé and I have had together. She told us the first 15 minutes can be a little awkward, and then it would get better and she could not have been more right. We went from awkwardly laughing at each other on a ferry, to happily rolling down hills and running through fields together, and someone every single photo turned out beautiful. Ren's photos go beyond words for us and instead portray honest and real emotions. She is so incredibly talented, but beyond that she is a truly beautiful person and it shows in her work.
We feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled across her, and can honestly not recommend her enough.

Claire + Jack
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