Raini Rowell Photography

Raini Rowell Photography

Based In: Scotland
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: Raini Rowell Photography

Raini Rowell Photography

Based In: Scotland
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

Filled with folklore, ancient roots, and wild landscapes – eloping in Scotland is special because of how a place can make you feel.

A local Scotland elopement photographer

Hello! I’m Raini, a Scots lass living in Edinburgh, photographing elopements and couples in the wilds across Scotland. I work alongside my expert Highland-cow-spotting husband, Dave. We’re just a pair of daft romantics who are hopelessly in love with this place.

When we got married, we wanted to avoid having a day shaped by what a wedding ‘should’ be – it was a celebration of the weird + wonderful things that brought us together. For us, this included our shared passion for ancient Celtic traditions, drums, fire and ceilidh dancing!

This is why we enjoy nothing more than helping to guide couples to a meaningful and unforgettable elopement, which feels like an honest reflection of you as a couple. Focused completely on the connection only you two share and infused with the magic + heritage of Scotland.

Choosing Scotland

There is something truly magical about Scotland, which is hard to put your finger on. I can only think to describe it as having an “old soul”. It’s a place that instils wonder and a sense of belonging at the same time.

No matter where we travel to, Scotland always welcomes us back home with those feelings. And despite a lifetime of exploring here, we’ve still got many mysteries to uncover in its vast landscapes and cobbled streets.

People often tell me that experiencing Scotland leaves a lasting imprint on you – calling you to return time and time again. Combining this with a wedding day that is focused solely on the deep connection you share is bound to make for a truly unforgettable elopement.

What it feels like to elope with us

Here is what you can expect if you choose to elope with us…

An experience and images that feel true to who you are as a couple
Getting to know you in the run up to your elopement is a big part of what helps us create honest beautiful images of your day. (It also means that on the day, you’ll feel relaxed having about having us Rowells there!). We tailor how we photograph you and how we tell your story so the images you receive feel true to you. No awkward cheesy posing, just images of you enjoying being fully present with each other.

A local planning sidekick
Having grown up here in Scotland – I’m your local insider, your eyes and ears on the ground, your hidden-gem seeker as we go through the planning journey together.

I’ll be a solid touchstone every step of the way. (Because, let’s be honest, getting married is kind of a big deal and it’s handy to have an experienced sounding board!) This means helping you find an awe-inspiring location and creating a relaxed timeline which feels right for you. I can also pop you in touch with other talented local suppliers for the day so you’ll have an amazing team behind you.

Leaving only footprints
We’re certified ‘Leave No Trace’ photographers meaning you can rest easily knowing that we’ll help you have an incredible adventurous experience whilst minimising our impact on the places we visit. Respecting and honouring the land protects them so you can enjoy returning time and time again. But we want to do more, so when you book us we’ll have trees planted in the Scottish Highlands, to re-wild the Caledonian rainforest, in your name.

…and a whole lot of fun!
Our hearts melt for those soft quiet intimate moments but couples often tell me they were surprised by just how much fun they had on their elopement day. Imagine a relaxed day, where you feel completely as ease to revel in the unbridled happy moments and open to some joyously tearful ones too.

And last but certainly not least… we’re photographers for ALL love. No matter what age, gender-identity, race, sexual orientation, faith or body type you are. We’re here for it all. ❤

Hope you’ll get in touch if you decide to elope to Scotland!


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Our Scottish Knights in shining armour… well maybe woolies and wellies! Having to change many plans as a result of COVID Raini & Dave were willing and able to photograph our day for us and what a day it turned out to be! We had an amazing, laughter filled, emotional and magical day that we will remember for the rest of our days! Made all the better by the knowledge these guys have of Glencoe and the surrounding area.

Raini & Dave made us feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera and were great with our two dogs (even when the dogs were misbehaving!) From the moment they showed up until the time they left us they were professional, friendly, fun and well prepared for the Scottish weather and anything the day was likely to throw at us! They are both sound as a pound and great photographers!

Christie + Mark

Raini Rowell is genuinely one of the most wonderful people my husband and I have ever met. And, to boot, she’s a bloody fantastic photographer, with a great sense of humour and a love for all things animals. My husband and I had to rearrange our wedding plans due to COVID-19. I’m Canadian and my family couldn’t come, so we decided to elope instead and postpone our reception indefinitely. We were both tired of wedding planning, and Raini took the reins! After a few Skype chats — where we, two introverts who hadn’t left our flat in months, were delighted to find that we really enjoyed just chatting with Raini - Raini planned for us the perfect elopement to the Isle of Arran. She, and her second photographer, Dave, went absolutely above and beyond.

They gave us the most magical day we could have asked for, even chauffeuring us around the island and sharing cupcakes with us! We genuinely had a blast, talking about nu metal, Nickelback, and highland coos, and felt like we were among old friends. We were so pleased with our photos. We struggled choosing favourites because they all turned out so, so, so well. Moreover, we asked Raini if they could film the ceremony for our loved ones who couldn’t be with us, and they surprised us with the most beautiful wedding video ever.

If you like highland coos (or sheep or dogs) and you like Scotland and you like funny, warm, kind-hearted people with nostalgia for the 90s and 00s music, please hire Raini. She’ll make your wedding day absolutely perfect. We hope we get to work with her (and Dave!) again, when we eventually hold our reception (and vow renewals) in a post-COVID world. Thank you so much, Raini. You made our wedding day — despite the pandemic —more special than we could have asked!

Emily + Paul

Having our photos done by Raini and Dave was like having two professional photographers who also happened to be old friends (even though we had never met before). They were calm and sensitive to what we wanted and how we were feeling. We felt so comfortable and reassured by them. It was lovely having them as company as it was just the two of us eloping. Raini did a short mindfulness exercise with us on the day which helped us connect with the moment and each other. We felt like Raini and Dave blended seamlessly into our intimate elopement and were such an important part of it. They laughed and cried along with us and shared our joy and love, and we felt like we had found two long lost friends who we had known forever.

Raini was more than just an "on the day" wedding/elopement photographer, she was so supportive and sensitive with lots of good advice on eloping. At first we were nervous about just the two of us at an elopement being photographed all day. It was so important to find people we felt comfortable with. We got to know Raini in the lead up to the elopement and really felt comfortable and happy around her. Raini listened to our hopes and wants and created the perfect itinerary for us weaving in some beautiful ideas and Scottish traditions she had suggested to us. Raini and Dave also travelled out of their way to explore our venue as we were not able to visit beforehand. Raini is not only an extremely talented photographer but also the organisational Goddess you need for an elopement!!

We absolutely love our photos and our wedding film. They really capture the essence of the day so perfectly which was so important to be able to share with our friends and family as we had no guests at our elopement but still wanted to capture the special moments to share with our loved ones. People keep telling us they are the most beautiful wedding photos they have ever seen and we have to agree that Raini and Dave are very talented!

For other couples looking for a photographer, we think being comfortable with the people you are working with and feeling a trust in them is so important. Raini and Dave were those people for us and we would recommend them to anyone wanting an elopement or couples shoot.

Kelly + Ed
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