Outdoor Chronicles Photography

Outdoor Chronicles Photography

Based In: New York and regularly photographing elopements and weddings in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Alaska, and Tirol, Austria.
Business Attributes: LGBTQ+ Owned, Woman Owned
Photographer: Outdoor Chronicles Photography

Outdoor Chronicles Photography

Based In: New York and regularly photographing elopements and weddings in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Alaska, and Tirol, Austria.
Business Attributes: LGBTQ+ Owned, Woman Owned

Hi! I’m Molly and I’m based in Upstate New York smack-dab in the middle of the Adirondacks and the Catskills. When I’m not in New York, I can be found hiking or skiing all across New England. Being outdoors is where I feel my most confident and most free to be myself – maybe you feel the same?

If you are anything like me, you want something different when it comes to your wedding day experience. You want an experience that is tailored to you and your hun- one that is truly memorable. When thinking about getting married in front of a huge group of people, you just want to run away. Or maybe you are way more excited about planning your honeymoon than you are about planning tablescapes and where everybody will sit.

Let’s Talk About Adventure

I like to use Merriam Webster’s second definition of “Adventure”:

Ad·​ven·​ture (noun): An exciting or remarkable experience.

Whether you want to get married at the courthouse and then go skiing or you want to get married on top of a mountain in the middle of a week-long backpacking trip, I am here to make your wedding dreams a reality. And yes, you can have your family and friends there if you want to!

The biggest thing that I offer my clients is freedom and time. Freedom to do what you want, when you want it. Freedom to be intentional in every wedding decision you make. And time to be with each other without other worries or stresses. Time to make memories. Time to be present.

I document real feelings and my style reflects the mood of the day. I am all about the in-between moments. When capturing you making your memories, I think about what you will think when you look back fifty years from now. I want you to remember all the emotions that you felt on that day.

All of my intimate wedding and elopement packages include:

1. Planning Assistance (Especially helping you find locations and vendors that align with your values)

2. Wedding Timeline Creation

3. Unlimited Access To Me & My Expertise

4. Adventure Buddy With All The Things!

5. Sneak Peek Within 24 Hours

Because nobody likes waiting to see photos from their epic, joyful day!


So, What’s Next?

It’s really easy!

  1. The first that that we will do once you contact me is get on a video call with each other. I want to hear more about your wedding plans and make sure that we are all a good fit for each other.
  2. If it’s all a go, I will send you a contract. A flat fee retainer will be due to secure your date and my services.
  3. We begin planning your adventure! As part of this process, I will help you dream big. Approaching your wedding day should be a lot like approaching your perfect date together…just more epic.

A Bit About Me- Your Wedding Guide, Experience Curator, and Trusted Friend

I’m an elopement and birth photographer at home in the outdoors, whether it’s hiking year-round or breaking out my skis or snowboard when the snow falls. In fact, I’m a licensed hiking guide! I got married at the courthouse and followed that up with an elopement a few months later surrounded by my family in Austria. I grew up hiking and snowboarding in the German and Austrian Alps and then had a 15-year career in the arts producing live events and, later, working with young artists. I now love helping my couples plan their elopements from location, to budget, to answering any old questions they may have! And, of course, hiking and playing in the snow nearly every weekend. I’m based in Upstate New York and will travel anywhere with mountains.

Are you thinking that you might want to have a multi-day event the same way I did? As a US and EU citizen, I can work in both places. So if your dream is to get married state-side with your family and then go abroad for a private elopement, I’m your person!

A New York Ski Wedding
A New York Ski Wedding
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Molly was simply the best we could have asked for!! Not only did she come to us with a clear aesthetic and vision, but she also really listened to us about what we wanted for our photos and had some excellent ideas for making them beautiful, while also feeling authentic and natural. She managed to capture every moment of joy - there were many - and numerous moments of humor and silliness for the WHOLE DAY. She came to the salon for some wonderful getting-ready snaps, and stuck around to capture all of the dancing. Having Molly & her cameras felt like having another beloved wedding guest (she's a delightful human, photography talent aside) who managed to capture our big day in a way that was both gorgeous and candid. 1000% would recommend.

Alix and Becca

Molly is simply amazing. My husband and I had no idea where to start with choosing a photographer, and Molly was recommended to us by a close friend. We reached out to her about 5 weeks away from our wedding, and she responded right away hoping to get to know us. We met via Zoom, and our conversation was delightful; it was like catching up with a friend, rather than meeting a new person for the first time. She knew what questions to ask to truly get to the heart of my husband’s and my relationship. My husband isn’t exactly chatty, either, so it was impressive that she got him to speak, and (sigh) express his love. Molly had so much in common with us that by the end of our first chat, we couldn’t wait to meet our new friend in person. Molly’s only mistake was that she offered to help us in whatever ways she could, and we called on her for everything. She’s an elopement specialist, and her recommendations were wonderful. For the people out there who haven’t decided on a small wedding yet, I urge you to consider how lovely and intimate a smaller ceremony can be. I adore my in-laws, and my family of origin has been through some difficult times, so the union of my husband and I was a moment to be celebrated. We both have such large families, that I’m not sure we could’ve expressed our sentiments to the people who mean the most to us if we were trying to say hello to all of our guests. We still plan to have a party in the future, but we were excited to do the darn thing! Molly also does her homework! My hubby and I wanted to take a hike with our dog on the morning of our wedding, so Molly offered to join us and photograph it. One might think that she researched the hike on AllTrails, but no, not Molly. She went and did the entire hike the day before the wedding to check conditions, etc. Then she went to the venue the night before the wedding, checked it out for the lighting, met our families, and even joined us for a glass of wine. She truly went above and beyond any expectations that we may have had. On the day of the wedding, Molly was nothing short of fantastic. She brought us warm beverages and was so thoughtful with everything that she did. She made the effort to get to know us and our story, and she was able to memorialize our favorite moments. Our families felt comfortable with her, which made for some amazing photos. Perhaps most importantly, Molly was able to capture the pure, unadulterated joy that we were feeling. The photos are absolutely gorgeous. We consider ourselves so lucky to have beautiful wedding photos, and a fabulous new friend.

Bethany and Corey Dempsey

Absolutely incredible! There is no way the day could have been more perfect. Molly is outstanding at what she does, and she makes you feel so at ease throughout the entire process until the very end. And trust me, the day she planned was so amazing we didn't want it to end, and you won't want yours to end either! Truly a wonderful experience. Extremely professional photos, wonderful vendor recommendations, and overall a wonderful person to spend the day with. 5 stars do not do justice, as Outdoor Chronicles Photography is superb!

Joy and Caleb

I highly recommend Molly and Outdoor Chronicles Photography. From start to finish, Molly was an absolute professional in every sense of the word. She was easy to communicate with and listened to us on what we wanted out of our elopement. She worked with us to develop a schedule that gave us the exact day we wanted. When a small hiccup occurred, she handled it before we even became aware of it.

Our elopement was absolutely perfect, and it is in no small part due to Molly. All this doesn’t even touch on her skills as a photographer (she's an amazing photographer). I feel like there would always be some worry with eloping and how your family will react. When our family saw the photos, they were ecstatic. She did an absolutely amazing job with our elopement photos and we could not be happier. Seriously, hire her.

Michelle and Craig

Molly's photography speaks for itself!

When you think back on your favorite memories, you may conjure up a familiar scent, sound, or setting that brings a smile to your face. If you dig deeper, you may realize that the people you were with on that particular snapshot of time is what makes these memories complete. When I reflect upon my memories, I know for a fact that it is time spent with cherished families and friends that makes it extra special.
This is why I am so thankful that I had Molly be the one to capture one of the most special days of my life!

I’ve had the honor of working with Molly for what I thought was a ‘couples photoshoot’. Little did I know that my bf (now fiancé), has secretly gone and planned out a proposal plan with Molly without my knowing! Our couples photoshoot ended up becoming an engagement proposal photoshoot, and Molly was on board immediately, with full enthusiasm and support.

Molly has a talent for capturing fleeting moments of subtle love- split seconds of delicate love gestures exchanged between the couple by just a glance of the eye or a hint of a smile flickering of admiration. Not only can she capture them, but she also has the magical ability to bring out these intimate moments between the couple. She makes it fun by providing prompts that allows us to be our silly, weird selves!

I love her ability to capture the playfulness between Colin and I- one of the qualities I value most in our relationship. No words are needed when you see the photos she captures- you can feel the joy and love emanating from the photos themselves!

It’s been almost a week since our photoshoot, and I’m still elated from the experience. Molly is such a genuine and caring person you can’t help but feel like you’ve known her for years! She makes you feel comfortable throughout the entire process, and is incredibly generous with her time. She brought champagne for the photoshoot, but she also brought one as a congratulatory gift for us to enjoy after the shoot! How sweet is that??? The amount of thought and care that went into her photoshoot was incredible, and Colin and I are eternally grateful for the gift she has given us- not only for the beautiful photographs that we will cherish forever, but also for her friendship and kindness.


Planning a wedding during COVID is hard, planning a destination wedding for a year and then having to cancel a month prior due to COVID is even worse! We were left with a blank slate as travel to North Carolina would not be happening in the near future and we had no plans for an Upstate New York wedding! We originally decided to hold off on making any plans – it truly seemed unbearable at first. After about a month, we realized it was crazy to push it off any longer – at the end of the day we just wanted to be married and we were going to make it happen. In fact, we decided to dream up and plan an entirely new wedding within one month. It is crazy how things work out!! Our wedding day was absolute perfection and more “us” than the original wedding we planned! One major and significant reason for that was due to the amazing vendors we had the pleasure of working with (and of course the help from our family and friends). I came across Outdoor Chronicles Photography by chance and I am so happy I did. Molly is absolutely fantastic, she made everything so easy! We reached out to Molly on 9/24 and we were getting married on 10/17, I knew there was minimal time for us to get to know each other and get a plan in place but after our first Zoom discovery call with Molly – we had absolutely no reservations. She asked all the right questions, she wanted to know our history and our relationship so that she could best support us. She is sweet, funny, professional, personable and damn good at her job! She was there for every posed photo that we swore to her we would not want taken, she encouraged us to take time as a couple after the ceremony to let sink in that we just got married (and Drew was so against it at the time but actually mentioned to me after he is so glad we did that), she captured all of the candid emotions that truly helped see our wedding through our guests eyes. She put us at ease during a very stressful time and we are so grateful for that. We could not have asked for a better person / photographer to work with and we will be sure to keep her up my sleeve for any future photography needs!

Kaila & Drew
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So much more than just your photographer.

Here to not only photograph your perfect day, but helping you get the experience you dream of.

Wandering Since 2020
Outdoor Chronicles Photography

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