Morgane Raposo Photographer

Morgane Raposo Photographer

Based In: Switzerland
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: Morgane Raposo Photographer

Morgane Raposo Photographer

Based In: Switzerland
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

Hi, I’m Morgane, and let me tell you a bit of who I am.

I’ve often felt like I didn’t belong. Like the way most people do things wasn’t really made for me. When I discovered the world of elopements, I was blown away. Finally, a wedding day where you can do wathever you want, and feel completely free and relaxed! This is what I want you to embrace when you hire me. I want to offer you a safe space to be completely yourself, no matter your gender, sexual orientation, race, skin colour, body type, or any other peculiarity that makes you YOU!

I live in the heart of Switzerland, at the feet of the Alps, I’ve always seen nature as something magical. I mean, have you have been in a forest at sunset, when everything starts to wake up, and at the same time go to sleep? I feel hugely inspired by nature and the mountains, and to me there’s no better place than that to get married. Caring and protecting the environment has always been a big value of mine. By taking you to those beautiful places, I hope you can see what I see : a place of wonder and awe, and a world so beautiful that it is worth saving and fighting for.

What you’ll get if you book me :

A day completely tailored to you.

Your elopement is YOUR day, and it should be cattered to your needs. If you want to hike to one of our beautiful swiss alpine lakes that’s great! If you want to experience the mountains in a less sporty way, wander in flower fields and enjoy a pic-nic in the sun, it is also completely ok. I’ll be there to scout the best hidden gems for you, and to help you plan a timeline that aligns with your energy, wants, and the light, so that you get the best memories from your day.

A local expert.

Searching places on Google is never the same as having someone from the country to help you with location, and connections to other experts in their fields. As someone who was born and bred in Switzerland, I can help you find whichever vendor you need, such as a florist, a makeup artist, or even a restaurant to eat something comforting after a day of adventuring. I also make sure to work with the tourism board, to be sure to get the latest infos on hikes and weather conditions, for your safety and mine!

Someone with an eco-conscious spirit.

Caring for the environment is engrained in my mind and soul (thanks Mum!). I know we can’t always do everything perfectly, be we can always strive for better. I am a certified Leave No Trace aware photographer, which means that I do my best to leave nature as it was when I arrived, and encourage you to do the same. I also incorporate that into my process, by recommending you eco-friendly options (when available) every step of the way.

And of course, the memories of your day.

Last but not least, I’ll be there to guide you and capture the beauty of every instant on your big day. I promise you a spontaneous, kind and relaxed approach, so you can enjoy our beautiful nature with your partner, and don’t feel like it’s a neverending photoshoot… Because it’s not! The story of your elopement deserves to be told, in a natural and emotional way. I can’t wait to create those memories with you ♡

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