Moon Honey Photography

Moon Honey Photography

Based In: Philadelphia
Photographer: Moon Honey Photography

Moon Honey Photography

Based In: Philadelphia

Hey, I’m Colin! Girl-dad, ukulele player, wannabe coffee connoisseur, pickleball amateur…
Oh, and wedding photographer/creator of Moon Honey Photography!

The Moon Honey brand was created for couples like you who don’t (and frankly don’t want to) fit in the traditional wedding mold. Lavish ceremonies filled with formalities don’t excite you? You feel awkward about being the center of attention- especially in front of a camera lens? You’re really just in it for the story, the love, and the partying? You’ll fit in just fine here.

Elopements are my favorite type of wedding because they leave out the regular wedding BS and focus on what’s important- you. My wife and I even eloped in Savannah, Georgia recently. (What better way to avoid the obligatory, all-inclusive guest list than to blame it on a pandemic?) We had the best day of our lives, my daughter and our dog included, and wouldn’t change a thing.

If Moon Honey sounds like your style and you’d like to share your and your partner’s story with me, contact me with the form below!

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If Moon Honey could be explained in one photo, this would be it.

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