MAKE / Adventure Stories Photography

MAKE / Adventure Stories Photography

Based In: Atlanta, GA (+roaming Tennessee, the Southeast, and beyond!)
Business Attributes: Black Owned, Woman Owned
Photographer: MAKE / Adventure Stories Photography

MAKE / Adventure Stories Photography

Based In: Atlanta, GA (+roaming Tennessee, the Southeast, and beyond!)
Business Attributes: Black Owned, Woman Owned

You’re amazing, you know that?

You’re out here, searching around, figuring out how to get married differently. 

You haven’t let other people’s ideas dictate the rest of your life, and have no intention of sliding over while tradition and expectations take the wheel now.

You’d like to steer this thing yourself, thanks (maybe literally🤭):

Also, it may feel like a lot of leg work to pull this thing off.  Can I help?

Whether you already know want to adventure with a heli and toast your union with glacial melt, or you only have a few shimmering words in mind like “Belize” or “expanse” or “fall colors” –

– the exact wedding you want is absolutely possible.

As your elopement concierge, I help you turn your spark of an idea into packed suitcases and an itinerary in hand.  

Then, as your photographer, I take gorgeous photos of your adventure. 

You’ll already remember down to your bones what this day felt like, and epic photos will help keep those memories bright.

By the way, I’m Kate.  😉  Nice to meet you!  I was a mainstream wedding photographer before I realized that some people get to their wedding day only to feel like stagehands in someone else’s show.  We won’t let that happen to you.  Everything you want is do-able, so I don’t want it to throw you off when –

Ideas need logistics.  

How do you find THE right mountain top view?  Where do you wrangle a heli pilot?  What if you want to elope in another country, but have no idea where to start?

And what if you genuinely want some loved ones to be there who can’t hike or other mobility concerns?

Not a problem.  Here’s how we’re going to do this thing: 

〰️ I hear out every single idea you have, and encourage you to lean into everything that sounds amazing for your day.  I’m totally serious when I say your wedding should be everything you want, and nothing you don’t.  That means we say yes to every “Could we…?” and draw it out even more, encouraging you to dream as big as you want.

〰️ I also listen for things you can’t quite say yet – every wish, every hard-to-articulate element that you want to be part of the day.  I get it. 

〰️ We also discuss any particular puzzles you need to solve like how to include folks you want to be there, or, how to explain to others and hold firm that you’ve decided that this adventure will feature only the two of you.

Then I hop down my research rabbit hole, and come back and present concrete ways to make your elopement vision happen.  I usually start with location, and build out from there, presenting you options, listening with intent, as we narrow down and refine what feels best.

Before you know it, you’re there.  In the moment.  Eloping in a place you maybe didn’t even know existed and can’t believe you get to experience.


What elopement are we going to come up with for you? 🤗

If you want someone who will comb a turbo-charged version of Google Earth to find jaw-dropping spots for dreamy golden hour sunset vows, or to track down secret hot springs in Japan to round out an unforgettable ceremony & celebration, you’ve found the right person!

Click HERE to set your free Brainstorming Call with me!

But, if you’re still gathering info, that’s perfect too!   I have one tiiiiiny piece of advice, if I may: 

If you want to keep the crew small and complications far fewer, you’re gonna need someone who can play multiple roles, not just take gorgeous photos.

As your elopement concierge, we become a tight-knit team, and that lets me become an easy and fun addition to your adventure as I photograph your wedding. I’m a friend, wearing LOTS of hats:

…Ensuring we’re prepped on permits, location legalities, and planning for Leave No Trace from the very beginning.

…On-the-ground go to for your rad vendor/adventure guides.

…Prepared with snacks, extra gloves, sewing kit, first aid supplies, boob tape AND bear spray, lol.

…As an ordained officiant I can also legally sign for your wedding.

….And, your travel buddy because I don’t add travel fees onto any of my full-day packages – as my industry mentor says, I’m Amazon Prime baby, I ship for free!

All this to say:

I am fully in your corner to make this the best adventure you’ve ever had.

I know you don’t just need to hear that, you need me to prove it, so I’d invite you to hop over to my website to read more about how I work and see real elopements.

Get married on your terms!  I believe in you and your ideas. ❤️️

If the thought of someone else taking on the leg work and handling multiple parts of this adventure and ensuring you have stunning photos sounds like relief – let’s talk. 

Send me an email using the form below, or let’s hop on the phone for a quick, free, brainstorming call (you can schedule that right here!).  I bet within the first 2 minutes, you’ll know if I’m the right fit.

Talk soon!



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When Robin and I decided to get married, we knew that we wanted "something different" than the normal, traditional wedding. We are both adventurers and adventurous at heart. But we weren't quite sure what steps would be best to take to plan and partake in the ideal adventure wedding...especially because our families were more comfortable with the traditional wedding. In truth, at the start, we had not even really heard of an "adventure wedding."

As the conversations started, Robin and I soon realized that an adventure wedding was perfect for us. We had both been married before, and the first weddings were the traditional-style weddings. As wonderful as those can be, we deeply desired a more intimate experience...

Kate engaged us in an ongoing dialogue and relationship in which she asked great questions and got us storytelling... She also inquired thoughtfully about the family and friends who would attend, what their expectations might be and, eventually, she coached us about how to share with them the nature of our adventure wedding so that they could best understand why we were designing this experience the way we did.

Our sense of relief and excitement about the ideas and implementation of our wedding skyrocketed thanks in no small part to Kate. She helped us explore our thoughts and feelings about our shared vision for the wedding, and she helped us craft the details of the day, so many of which we were initially unsure about because we had only ever experienced a traditional wedding previously. We wondered - and worried, to be honest - what the day would look like minute to minute, and Kate helped us picture, plan and execute on all the details - from hotel, to food and beverage (which has to be toted in, of course), to flowers and clothing, to timing of the sunset, to developing contingency plans for weather possibilities, to the proper footwear that meets the needs of hiking and wedding photos!

Throughout the journey, Kate was an outstanding communicator...

On the day of the wedding, Kate helped manage the parents and family as things came up... All of the images are stunning and record not only the events but the true emotions and exuberance of the adventure experience.

While the business side of things was expertly handled, it very rarely felt like a “business transaction” because Kate always concentrated on making it about the adventure, the experience, and the love-centered story of us.

And just in case you missed it, the photos are incredible! We are so blessed to have these memories available in picture form. Even more importantly, though, we are so blessed to have taken this adventure-wedding journey with Kate in the navigator’s seat.

Bo and Robin
Elopement Vision: "Waterfall elopement with Family"
a collage of three images shows mountains and rolling hills in the foreground of one with a tiny UTV on a trail. The second image shows a bride and groom who just eloped in the mountains in wedding clothes walking across a skee slope towards an abandoned mine and ruins. The third shows a bride smiling big at the back of her UTV covered in dust with her bouquet propped up jauntily in the back.

Adventure Elopement Photographer for *ANY* Elopement you can dream up in the South, Southeast, across the US *and* Alaska, or, the world!!!

Stoked to help you build elopement, engagement, anniversary, or, 'just because' adventures perfect for "You Two," or, "You Two + The Crew!", all with NO PHOTOGRAPHER TRAVEL FEES added. Wherever your adventure takes you, I'm ready! ❤️️

Wandering Since 2019
MAKE / Adventure Stories Photography

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