Luke Payne Photography

Luke Payne Photography

Based In: Minnesota
Business Attributes: LGBTQ+ Owned
Photographer: Luke Payne Photography

Luke Payne Photography

Based In: Minnesota
Business Attributes: LGBTQ+ Owned

Your core memories matter, and you feeling free to be your most radiant self on your day matters. I help couples who want to do their own thing, in their own unique way – usually in beautiful places in nature. If the idea of something sets your heart on fire, let’s do it 🔥



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Luke's work speaks for itself! He was great to work with, he did a great job directing us and helping us to feel comfortable and have a great time. He went above and beyond and had the best ideas! We couldn't be happier with the way our photos turned out! We will cherish these photos forever!! Thank you Luke!!

Hannah Lehman-Derhy

So I’ve been meaning to write this review for awhile, but I wanted to make sure I gave it the proper time to express just how amazing the experience was. Working with Luke was by far the best decision of my life ( beside my husband and kids lol. )

I emailed him frantically after seeing some photos of his work after looking through tons of photographers. Their work was good, I just didn’t resonate with it, but when I saw Luke’s work, I knew his style was what I envisioned. We had literally decided to elope maybe a month before and he magically had the date ( very important to us) open. I couldn’t believe my luck. I thought there would be a huge upcharge for such short notice, or that It would be rushed planning and not get everything I had hoped. Was I wrong, when I say Luke is a fairy godmother, I’m not kidding. He answered every email promptly , helped me pick out some looks, and found amazing locations in an area that was important to us. He never made me feel silly for my ideas and let me dream big, and he was available for phone calls if I needed.

The day of I was a nervous wreck, we had gotten to the cabin later than we had planned and I was rushing writing my vows when he promptly showed up at the agreed time.( Promptness means a lot to me.) Instead of getting upset( this is after I forgot to tell him about the back entrance and he hiked up several flights of stairs ) that we were not ready he rolled with it and spent some time talking, getting to know us more and snapping some candids. He could have turned it into a stressful moment trying to stick to a timeline, but instead he just sort of radiated calm and let us know it was OUR day and we just roll with it and that the most important thing was to just enjoy the day.

My now husband has terrible social anxiety, like so bad even if you known him for years he still takes some time to get comfortable and he told me multiple times that Luke didn’t make him feel on the spot or pressured and that he was a really cool guy ( very true) and that it just felt like hanging out with a friend who happened to be taking pictures. My husband was very concerned about having someone with us on such an intimate day ( literally just us and Luke, he even officiated for us with the most amazing speech ever!) but when he got the sneak peaks he nearly cried. He said and I quote “ I was so worried , I ruined the pictures but I look good! I didn’t think I could look this good “ ( and he does look good, like I saw the pictures and was drooling over how good my man looks. ) I don’t know if there are any How I Met Your Mother fans out there but my husband usually pulls a Marshall when it comes to pictures, and Luke made him realize his inner Barney for the day.

The thing I loved most and that everyone can just see is that he really was able to capture the love between my husband and I, in such a lovely way, I just really feel like it captured OUR love and that it wasn't staged, forced or posed. It was just us, dorkiness and all, and he captured that pure happiness and uniqueness. His eye is amazing and he just really made the day magical and fun.

Are there cheaper options out there, probably, but I say this with 10000% honesty Luke is worth every single penny. If you want a truly magical, but also laid back experience with a photographer who will capture you and your partner's unique love, someone who is just truly kind and cool and will deliver stunning photos then look no further. It is one of the most important days of your life, and picking someone to capture it is a tough decision, but rest assured your search is over. Hire Luke, you will laugh, you will cry ( he officiated for us and that speech he wrote for us, it honestly felt like he knew us for years, you can tell he cares about his clients, he nailed it, I was a blubbering mess.It was beautiful ) you will walk away with photos that are truly art. We can’t wait to hire him again, we already talked about it for our 5 year anniversary! Truly a wonderful person and experience.

Ashley Perry

My husband and I booked Luke for our elopement in Wyoming! Best decision ever. Luke was amazing and scouted out the area for us ahead of time. We are so happy with how our day turned out and the photos as well. It takes a special person to be there for you on one of the most intimate days of your life!

Abbey Huettner

instagram and fell in love with his style. He flew out to Joshua tree and we hired him from sunrise to sunset. He stopped by the day before and it instantly felt like we’d known each other for years. He made us comfortable and it felt like we had an old friend shooting our wedding. The photos are stunning and perfectly captured our personalities and our wedding day. He was comfortable with our families as well and was able to get some adorable sneaky shots of our parents and nephews. Luke was open to any and all of our ideas and got every shot we requested however he also had ideas for locations and had a plan for the entire day when we needed direction. He also had knowledge of the park and area so that we could trust him to location scout and not have to worry about it. In addition he is so creative and captured some amazing pool and lantern photos, coming up with ideas on the spot in different locations that ended up turning out great. I want to relive the day and I’d hire him again in a heartbeat. Thank you!! 🖤

Emily Haase

A photographer for us is/was one of the most important vendors on our day so choosing the right one I did not take lightly. I waited months and months writing each one down that I liked and had the same aesthetic that I was looking for. When it came down to the process of elimination, I knew right away Luke was going to be the one. We started our adventures in Duluth, and he made it so enjoyable. Luke is hands down one of the most real, raw, and kind people we have ever met, and it was such a pleasure to be able to work with him. He seriously captured every important moment and then some but not only that but he also proved time and time again why we chose him to be our photographer. His work is just breathtaking. From there we decided to take our adventures somewhere other than MN and traveled to Oregen for another photoshoot! Because of Luke and the magic he creates I just had to go. Major core memories were made, and I will never forget them! Then came our wedding. Everything went so perfectly. Luke made it so easy and effortless and fun. You can just tell he loves his job and that makes it so easy to work with him. He hyped us up which helped make some amazing artwork and because of that we have so many STUNNING memories captured. Our house is going to become a shrine of all our adventures because we can’t pick our favorites 😂 We are so blessed to have worked with THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER and hope that our paths will cross again in the future 🖤 We are seriously so grateful for you Luke!

Samantha Anderson
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