Love and Latitudes

Love and Latitudes

Based In: California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah
Business Attributes: Woman Owned
Photographer: Love and Latitudes

Love and Latitudes

Based In: California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah
Business Attributes: Woman Owned

What Does YOUR Perfect Wedding Day Look Like?

Living authentically means steeping yourself in everything that’s you. So why shouldn’t your elopement day reflect your values? You’re here because you want to get married in the most ‘you’ way possible. So let’s get started on your perfect wedding day. Whether that’s hiking to your desert ceremony spot or reading vows overlooking an alpine lake, take your wedding outside, because your love deserves an amazing adventure.

Eloping means taking the expectations out of the day, honoring your traditions while making them completely your own.

Elopement Photographer + Officiant 

We’re Diana and Isiah, an elopement photographer and officiant duo. In 2019, we eloped, showing us a different, more personal way to get married. It was such a special day, I want to bring it to so many more couples who believe in getting married their own way.

Let us give you the experience you crave. We’re more than just wedding vendors, we’re partners: helping you find the ideal location, navigate permits, find vendors, and so much more. And yes—you’ll get amazing photography that you and your spouse will cherish for a lifetime.

We will help guide you through the process of having the best wedding ever. We’re based in Southern California—but as nomads and travelers—we are all over the American Southwest. While we love to travel to new places and explore everything from mountains to deserts and everything in between, the Southwest is our home, from Joshua Tree to Death Valley to the California coastline. No matter where you want to elope, we’ll capture your love through stellar photography that captures your real, authentic, and emotional moments.

So what are you waiting for? Take your wedding day outside, because your love deserves an amazing adventure.

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Diana went above and beyond for my wedding. We originally had planned for an intimate elopement in Death Valley National Park, but we were forced to move dates and locations when my mom's health took a downward turn. We had to move our date up by over 2 months and we switched the location to Sedona, Arizona. I was totally overwhelmed by this turn of events and it was so helpful to leave the location scouting to her. She picked the perfect spot and we couldn't have been happier. Our families raved about her professionalism. And of course, the photos are spectacular. Hire her!

Stephanie & Matthew
Sedona, Arizona

To say that Diana and Isiah went above and beyond is truly an understatement! We have so much to thank them for, from guiding us in the elopement of our dreams to accommodating our family last minute, they were gracious, kind, and very professional in meeting our every need. When we first approached them, we did not know what to expect other than we wanted to elope on our anniversary in Joshua Tree but had no clue where to begin. Diana walked us through the permit process, while Isiah took the time to get to know us in order to provide a special service. In turn, we shared with them our quirks and how we envisioned our day, together coming up with an itinerary for a magical day. Days away from the elopement, some close family and friends informed us they would show up, thanks to Diana we were able to reserve a spot to take care of everyone. Even before meeting Diana and Isiah, they stepped up and took care of us. When the big day finally came, it was incredibly awesome how at ease they made us feel. I am more on the nervous side, while my husband is the photogenic one. The hardest part was the constant transitions for the location in which Diana was able to help suggest locations and lead us throughout the day. It was a fairytale day, the ceremony was actually easy as Diana and Isiah provided us with an itinerary and let us adjust it to fit our needs. Throughout the day she made suggestions for poses but really caught us just being ourselves and the photos absolutely reflect our emotions on that day. We proudly share our photos with friends and family and encourage anyone planning an elopement to utilize Diana and Isiah's brilliant service. They have clients for life. <3

Janee & Ryan
Joshua Tree National Park, California

I can't say enough great things about Diana. She photographed our wedding at Burning Man and did better than I ever imagined. That environment is not easy, and she showed up on time, was prepared for anything, had a great attitude, and stayed way later than planned to be able to capture the entire event. During the photo sessions, she was great at giving directions and really tailored the shoot to our personalities. It didn't feel like basic copycat posing that can happen at weddings. She really shined when it came to editing the photos. Burning Man is a very difficult environment to photograph, and she was able to bring out all the colors while not over-exposing anything. Her editing is really true to life and highlights all the best aspects. Do not hesitate to hire Diana if you are looking for a wedding/elopement photographer. You only get one shot to get these pictures, and she will not disappoint.

Shawna & John
Black Rock City, Nevada

Diana was incredible every step of the way. From vendor recommendations to helping us navigate the national parks permit system. She was incredible and worked with the vision we had for the day as well as understanding us as a couple. Her husband, Isiah, accompanied her to help shoot our wedding and he was a true delight! In my wife's words "I would have tumbled down a hill or two without his help." We are so happy with how our photos turned out and all our friends have said it was the best wedding and their favorite wedding photos. I tend to be a bit stiff and hate having my photo taken but working with Diana was as natural and comfortable as breathing. We've already recommended Diana/Love and Latitudes to friends who are now contemplating their own California wedding! My sister lamented to me that there are no photographers with Diana’s eye or style in our region (KY/OH). Book with Love and Latitudes ASAP! Our only regret is now that we have met Diana and Isiah we want to move to California because they are truly the coolest people. Did we mention Diana made GIFs out of a few of the photos?! Truly and incredible photographer and incredible experience.

Jimmy & Steph
Death Valley National Park, California

Diana photographed our small wedding/elopement in November 2022, and we 1000% recommend her!!

We knew we wanted to have an intimate ceremony in Joshua tree national park, and a quick google search led us to Love and Latitudes. We wanted something non-traditional, but more creative and unique. After looking through her portfolio and a quick phone call, we knew we had a great match!!

I (the bride) can be very socially anxious and also camera shy, but as soon as we started, all that melted away! As you can clearly see in the photos, Diana made us feel at ease and comfortable as if we were just hanging out with a friend.

Diana was super helpful in the planning phase as well. She provided us with a vendors list for the area, and was quick with responses whenever we had a question. She would also check in with us to offer any more help we might need.

Having Isiah officiate also saved us a ton of time and worry. He even asked about what to wear to make sure he fit the vibe and it was perfect.

Diana was a joy to work with, which is just a bonus to our amazing photos. We have multiple canvas prints around the house and have already received numerous compliments on them. From our candid photos to some fun pics featuring our beloved pets, the scope and variety of the sessions was amazing. It was the best day of our lives and no one could have captured it as beautifully.

If you’re looking for creative, unique, and professional photos, you’d be missing out not to book Love and Latitudes. We will treasure these photos forever. Thank you Diana.

Roger & Charlie
Joshua Tree National Park, California

It's hard to sum up just how incredible Diana is. She is so approachable, genuine and fun. My husband and I eloped in AZ with a few friends and we honestly felt as if we'd known Diana for years with how easily she fit into our group!

Something I really appreciated about her style is that I never felt we were being posed, any direction we got from Diana was to enhance what was already there. It was really important to me that we looked like ourselves, which is exactly what we got. Everything felt very comfortable and natural, which was really nice as an anxious person who doesn't usually want to have her picture taken. I love every single one of our photos and it makes me tear up just thinking about how special the whole thing was. Not to mention that she delivered an incredible gallery from a very rare rainy day!

Diana is so incredibly talented and kind, and the finishing touches she executes are just incredible, from making gifs to editing just the right amount to offering beautiful products and generously large galleries. I wouldn't change our experience at all, and I don't think I could think of a single improvement if I tried.

Bella & Steffen
Saguaro National Park, Arizona

Diana couldn't have done a better job capturing our day. Initially we were just looking for someone to take a few candid photos but after talking with Diana there was no way I was going to have my special day captured by anyone else. During our phone consultation she answered all my questions and even brought to life some areas of elopement that I hadn't even thought of, so she really saved the day before we even started working together. With Diana you don't just get a photographer, you get a planner, second set of eyes, a confidant, and a friend. She made us feel like we had taken professional pictures before and like we knew what we were doing (we didn't). The ONLY thing I would change if I could go back in time is have her capture all the important moments in my life, past and future, so when I look at the pictures I could feel the way I did that day. And that is exactly what her photos do.

Alexis & Mitchell
Saguaro National Park, Arizona
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