Lexi Foster Photography

Lexi Foster Photography

Based In: New Hampshire
Photographer: Lexi Foster Photography

Lexi Foster Photography

Based In: New Hampshire

I’m Lexi! I specialize in documentary-styled elopement photography focused on an honest approach to your day. It’s my priority to deliver you breathtaking images you’ll be in love with for years to come, but also have an unforgettable experience on your wedding day. Chances are you’re browsing elopement photographers because you want more of an epic experience to remember + that is more important to me than your images even are. With me, you don’t have to pick one or the other.

If you’re unsure of what you want to do for your elopement day, that’s totally fine! If you reach out to me with absolutely no idea (date, time, location, etc) of when you want to elope, I help with all of this! I will narrow down our options, seasons, etc. through a discovery call and questionnaire that goes through your interests in your elopement day as a couple!

Here’s a recent raving review from a destination wedding couple in Banff National Park just last week:

“So where do I even start?! Lexi and her husband Arthur (and their little man, Wes) are an amazing team and so much fun to hang out with! From the beginning Lexi made everything very laid back and easy and from our first phone call I just knew we would get along great.

From almost day one of dating, I had told Nunzio I didn’t want a huge traditional wedding. I wanted something for us, something fun that we would enjoy and not be stressed about….but I still wanted jaw-dropping, timeless photos we wouldn’t eventually just put in a box in the attic. Fast forward to him proposing with the help of a dolphin on one of our many vacations and I knew eloping was the perfect thing for us. After a whirlwind of a 1st year of engagement (job changing and house purchasing) we began talking seriously of eloping. I knew I want to incorporate either the mountains, we enjoy hiking, or the ocean (my degree is Marine Biology and it ties in our engagement)…but I didn’t know where to start to narrow down locations! I had joined a bunch of elopement groups on Facebook and decided to post an incredibly vague ISO post for a photographer who had availability in the beginning of 2023 and I was open to going almost anywhere…I received a TON of responses almost immediately. So a couple days after making the post I started the tedious task of going thru everyone’s websites and galleries. Right off the bat I was drawn to Lexi, her website was easy to navigate and her photography style was exactly what I was looking for. I sent a message and crossed my fingers I would hear back. She responded almost immediately and we scheduled a call to talk details. She had availability in the PNW area at the end of March and even mentioned Banff as a possibility. Having Banff National Park on my bucket list I was immediately drawn to there. After some hemming and hawing and going through inspiration photos we decided on Banff and began the real planning as we had just about 3 months to put it together!

Throughout the whole planning process and booking of flights, rental cars, and hotel rooms, Lexi was a great help and a priceless resource. She had suggestions for all parts of the trip and even helped me find a hair and make up artist willing to come to the hotel before sunrise so we could try for sunrise photos one day.

While in Banff Lexi’s excitement and passion for adventure and our photos was contagious. Even after 2 full days of photos and driving all over for those epic areas, I never once wanted to truly wrap it up. Yes, naps were inevitable when getting up at the crack of dawn but I was always excited to continue to the next location.
And speaking of epics areas…by the end of day 2 of photos Lexi ALREADY had a sneak peak album put together for us of about 300! photos!!! I was absolutely blown away by the photos and even if we didn’t have 1 more day of photos would have been perfectly happy with what she had already captured for us. Seriously. Lexi completely blew my expectations out of the water with our photos…the fact she also had the complete album to me the day after we arrived back home was mind-blowing!

By the end of our long weekend together Nunzio and I both considered Lexi and Arthur (and of course Wes!) close friends and our guest room will always be available to them on their many adventures “

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