Katie O’Docharty Photography

Katie O’Docharty Photography

Based In: Denver, Colorado
Photographer: Katie O’Docharty Photography

Katie O’Docharty Photography

Based In: Denver, Colorado

Hi! I’m Katie. I’m an elopement photographer based in Colorado.

I’ve had a passion for photography since I was a little kid and my parents bought me my first Polaroid Captiva for Christmas. I’ve lived in New Hampshire, California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, and Colorado. Throughout a life of what sometimes felt like too much movement, photography has always been my constant. My camera was my friend when I was the new kid. We grew pretty close.

So, how did I get into elopement photography? Well, that’s because of my older brother, Jason. My brother is my hero. Jason died of Leukemia when he was only sixteen. He was very sick for a long time, yet he always smiled, was positive, and appreciated every day he had. Even when he was hospitalized, he never missed a chance to flirt with his favorite nurse! He lived his life to the fullest, even though he was dealt an unfair hand. I will always love him and admire him for that.

Jason’s journey and attitude towards life has instilled in me that life is too short, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, and all we can do is appreciate today and make as many incredible memories as possible. I believe that eloping embodies these values. It’s not about the table cloths, or if the steak dish is up to Uncle Bob’s standards, or hours of re-arranging seating charts. It’s about finding a location that is beautiful and memorable and meaningful. It’s about committing yourself to someone not because “you’re the right age and it’s time to think about starting a family”, but because you love them so much in this moment that you know the rest of your life will be worse if they’re not in it. It’s about love, and everything else is secondary.

These are ideas that I believe in. I like to think that I convey that in every elopement image.

I have a beautiful wife, Alice, whom I love to travel the world with. I will play poker with anyone who thinks they can beat me (they can’t). I love animals and have two dogs named Henry and Archie. Oh, and I live for the outdoors.

What I can offer you: Creating the ultimate elopement experience! I include an incredible elopement guide and location guide in all of my elopement packages, access to my amazing vendor suggestions, permit guidance, a custom timeline and anything else you need! I also offer an add-on picnic equipped with a charcuterie board and champagne (or a non-alcoholic substitute if you aren’t a drinker) to any of my 4 hour plus packages.

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