Justin Kunimoto Photography

Justin Kunimoto Photography

Based In: Baltimore, Maryland
Photographer: Justin Kunimoto Photography

Justin Kunimoto Photography

Based In: Baltimore, Maryland

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a wedding? Probably the traditional, lavish (think pinterest), over the top celebration that somehow loses the initial purpose of a wedding.

Now let me ask, “How would you want to celebrate? Who do you want to be there? Where does that take place?” All of this is probably 1000x different than what society may see a wedding as – and yes – that is awesome! Don’t fit the mold! Be different! Celebrate however you want to!

With this basic foundation and mindset, the possibilities are limitless. Elopements and intimate weddings provide so much more flexibility and allow for more ‘go with the flow’ type of mentality. Do you want to hike up a mountain? Do you want to go on an adventure and explore a new bucket list country? Would you like to celebrate your culture and heritage? We are not bound to a specific timeline, agenda, or idea.

I’ve found elopements to be much more emotional and meaningful as well. You can be yourself and not have a million eyes gazing upon you. It holds significance and purpose. I genuinely am able to capture peoples personalities. I get to know you two on a personal and friendship level which goes much more beyond the photos. I strive to be able to build that type of connection in life and with the people around me. Photography becomes the way I express that connection.

There is so much that can be shared about elopements and intimate weddings, so feel free to reach out to me! I promise, I do not bite!

Feel free to check out my work on my website: Justin Kunimoto Photography or contact me about specific questions.

I currently reside in the Washington DC and Baltimore area. I travel often but due to COVID-19 most elopements and intimate weddings have been limited to the DC, Maryland, Virginia area or any neighboring states.

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Justin exceeded our wildest dreams. TLDR; He is lightning fast, amazing to work with, and - most importantly - a brilliantly talented photographer. I reached out to Justin initially because, from the list of recommended vendors of our second (but not eventual) wedding venue (thanks, covid), Justin was the only one in ANY vendor category who had **HIGHLY RECOMMEND** next to his name. I also was looking for someone who could span the range from the formal portraits my mom wanted to the artistic shots I cared about, and after obsessing over the images on his site and social, I knew I'd found the one. Okay ... so did Justin live up to the hype? OMG YES AND YES AND YES. From our first interaction, Justin made me genuinely feel cared for and cared about. I think at a few points we had live conversations going through email and IG at the same time. And despite several changes in date, time, and location, Justin made them all work. What struck me the most about his style is that Justin is somehow laid back and hilarious while still delivering a world-class experience. The day of our wedding, Justin was impeccable. He made everyone feel at ease, which is not an easy feat, especially during COVID. What stands out the most from the day of is how FAST he was. To be clear, I never once felt rushed. He was just incredibly efficient. For example, family shots after the ceremony took 15 minutes. Whaaat?! And (spoiler alert) the family photos came out beautifully. How?! Justin can afford to work so quickly because he has such a clear plan and is literally that talented. For us, the pace meant that we were able to enjoy our guests AND get amazing photographs. Okay, so about the photographs. First, he sent us 100 shots within 24 hours and the full set in under 2 weeks. Second, the photos are more than I could ever have hoped for. Th same man delivered beautiful family portraits, natural candids of moments I had no idea happened, and gorgeous, epic shots of me and my husband up on the mountain, including some long exposure shots with a drone. I asked for it all and I literally got it all and then some. If you can't already tell, I fangirl HARD for Justin Kunimoto. I cannot wait to have another excuse to hire him and, in the meantime, am honored to call him a dear friend. THANK YOU, JUSTIN!!!


Our experience with Justin was beyond what we could have hoped for. He was incredibly professional and responsive, amazingly talented, and a wonderful person on top of that. Each and every communication we had with him made us feel confident and excited about our choice. We interviewed several photographers, and he was by far the most organized and knowledgeable. We loved hearing the story of his journey into photography and could really hear the passion he holds for his work when he spoke. My wife and I are camera shy, but he had an infectious ease and humor about him that made us feel very comfortable in his presence. He was not hesitant to take command and instruct us on how to stand and pose but also took many candid shots that superbly captured our happiness. We were laughing and smiling so much that our cheeks hurt at the end of the session. Our pictures were stunning and reflected perfectly the emotion of the day as well as the beautiful scenery that surrounded us. We could not recommend Justin more and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future!


We asked Justin to do a destination engagement photoshoot in Yokohama, Japan. Truly AMAZING in all aspects. His pictures are needless to say perfect (I can tell he puts in a lot of time and energy in his photography), but his character is what brings out the best experience. My fiancée is pretty shy and usually doesn't like being photos taken, but he broke the ice in seconds. We were very comfortable during the photoshoot, and he was quite flexible with everything going on, especially considering we were in a traditional kimono and had some restrictions in the Japanese Garden. Overall, great experience and would definitely recommend Justin.


Justin was the very first aspect of our elopement we picked. I found his work and knew I had to have him as our photographer. I emailed him and got such a quick, fun and friendly response that I knew I had picked the right person. We scheduled our elopement around his schedule and he helped us think of beautiful places for the photo session. He was so supportive and fun and easy to communicate with throughout the months leading up to the event. On the day of he was early, and spent time scouting locations before he arrived. We were so comfortable with him and he made us look so much less awkward than I thought was possible! If we had photo ideas he was happy to try them, but if we wanted guidance he could do that too. When I got back our photos I was THRILLED. They were even better than I could have envisioned. I also want to note that since this was an elopement, other than the officiant, he was the only person with us on our big day and it felt really perfect. He even had pizza with us after all the photos were done and it was lovely to just hang with him to celebrate our big milestone. In short I would (and have) recommend(ed) Justin to everyone.

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Ditch the Traditions - Be Yourself and Have Fun!

Couples should make their wedding day unique! Elopements and intimate weddings provide the space and ability for a different take! Let's talk plans and your vision for the day!

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